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  1. Was that Michael Gambon’s voice? I’ve never played an MMO, but I get excited about anything concerning The Elder Scrolls. Looking forward to it.

  2. Nice CG. Voice acting superb. Strong sound. The video game industry always using a hollywood style ad to promote games.. actor with the strong voice, music with strong presence, seconds or minute in pure CG.

    Leave the CG for the Pixar.. is boring watching what is impossible to play in a real time level, when the time comes, just show the game.. do not repeat the same ad, just using a CG. The yesterday logo already done the job to inform.

    Show the meat! we need feeling starvation!! give us motivation to BUY MORE MEAT!

  3. I think this was a great idea. Its what people asked for every time an elder scrolls game came out. Just two questions.
    1. Will we be able to explore all of Tamriel? (I wana finally see Elsewyr)
    2. That looked like a dragon, were there dragons in that period?

    • People asked for an MMO Elder Scrolls. Not WoW 2.0, and utterly devoid of everything that makes The Elder Scrolls what they are.

    • It’s what the xbox/WoW generation asked for every time an Elder Scrolls game came out. Almost all of the core Elder Scrolls fanbase was completely against something like this.

  4. Was that Ian Mckellan on the voiceover? Sounded good anyway. Still not sold on the concept, MMOs are always pretty weak IMO but hey. I’ll try it a couple of years after release, might have the bugs ironed out by then 😛

  5. A CARTOONY TES GAME.,, it’s an insult! A colorfull monstruosity!!! Yes, it’s hurts the eyes. And destroy the hearts! I feel sorry by Todd and the real ES team. Zenimax Online are not capable of capture the essence of the game. I have only recognice an ordinator! Only that of a dozen screens. This is not TES! TES IS BETTER THAN THAT!!! Sorry my english. But I need, I really need, express my angry

    • Prepare rockets put me in state of Rage® mmmm… and after Rage® i cant think in the word Rage® again, because i remember all people saying Rage® texture sux! I hate Rage®!! i am in Rage® again!!!

      Try this – Invega™

      Now making Doom 4® new attacks of Rage® involving my day, because of the damn MegaTexture™?®? mmmm… because this damn thing, need half of the building just for hard disks, to work uncompressed in my network… mmm… and i hate Virgin® always get the first place in XPrize™?®?

      But there a more low cost way, for me is a punch on Tim Willits, just open the day… mmm… you have little brother? a little friend? hit them! hit them with a bat!

  6. all I really want is a Dawnguard trailer, or at least a screenshot, do you not think a photoshopped promo pic thats already been used is a little bit of an insult. give us something to talk about.

  7. is there any way we can convince you guys to release more info on dawnguard?….who do I sell my soul to?

  8. YES! I just hope this is done well because this IP makes me all warm and fuzzy every time a new one is released.

  9. What… no info and just a video of a logo? this is getting old Bethesda… im excited by the announcement of TES-O and i was expecting you would give a little more info about this game, bringing a trailer with no info at all after the announcement is pretty much useles.

  10. This can’t be good. It will affect all singleplayer experiences (if there will be some after that) in a negative way, because it sets the design of rest of tamriel in stone – takes ist away from the original devs and will criple the lore and the world as one. I love the elder scrolls and i don’t want this to happen. I strongly doubt that a mmo can life up to an elder scrolls game gamplaywise and in terms of atmosphere (bunch of people running around stupid and dancing akward in towns and everywhere …). I can’t see how all aspects of the singleplayer (stealing, housing, go and do what you want, first person and direct controls, every object moveable and placable how you think fit) which makes the elder scrolls what it is can be transferd to an mmo. Sorry – try to convince me, but you’ll have to walk the planes of oblivion and back in doing that. I’ve never bitched about any of the new things in the games but this – I can’t take it.

  11. I won’t be playing this, but if any of this game spills over into the Skyrim DLC and TES VI, heads will roll.

    • Heh yeah I know what you mean, luckily the two games are seperate by wholly different engine architectures, world creation tools, and report to different managers under different studio subsidiaries of Zenimax. All that and the 60 miles between the two buildings should help at least make it inconvenient for the twain to mix.

  12. Classic
    – Sandbox (Nope)
    – First-person (Nope)
    – Real time combat (Nope)
    – Huge streaming world you can go anywhere you see (Nope)
    – Freedom to develop your character using any skills available in the game (Nope)
    – Lore (Yep)
    – Highly interactive environment (Nope)
    – Player decisions alter the game world (Nope)
    – Player centered story (Nope)

    – Radiant AI (Nope)
    – Radiant Story (Nope)
    – NPCs and critters with daily schedules (Nope)

    What’s left? Standard fantasy RPG with familiar names and MMO gameplay.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for co-op TES, as long as it retains every single aspect that made TES what it is.

  13. Is very early for conclusions.

    People complaining of some creatures, why? I think Tamriel is coming to be completely online, right? a massive world, much of its flora and fauna can be expanded, you will be able to see beyond the concentrate for single player.

    There no colored absurd, giant weapons or exaggerated cartoon style, the main change is to reduce the number of polygons of the characters, because online gameplay asks for some sacrifice. The few images online show a competitive product for the MMO market, IF the leaked images are TES Online!

    Anyway, the images show a amazing visual. Gameplay and mechanics, need a footage.

  14. I already read Gameinformer article…

    The game seems interesting, for an MMO… But if I understand correctly my favorite race (Imperials) will not be playeable since Cyrodiil is gonna be everyone’s bi*** in the PVP end-game.

  15. Fuck yeah, I’m looking forward for this.I’m so excited.The teaser is great. Though some people think negatively of it but I think it will be just great and innovative. Something like Morrowind it was very innovative and set new RPG standards. Now I hope that The Elder Scrolls online is gonna set new MMO standards. Bethesda Softworks always make my hopes come true, I hope Zenimax Online Studios will do the same.

  16. The pics totally looks like TES, it does not look half as good as Skyrim but not that bad either… maybe they can give make the graphics look a little more real and they will have a winner.

  17. This will be interesting. Although its a shame that there will be no release for xbox 360, it would be a hit. And I have it hard to believe that Zenimax will fail with this, because Bethesda would never risk such a successful franchise!

    Looking forward to this!

  18. Zenimax just destroyed this MMO.

    It could have been so good! With realtime fighting
    attributes and a free universe and graphic in the look of TES.

    Now we get delivered another pice of standard MMO which default combat, default factionsystem, default PVP and the worst engine avaible at the moment, limiting max players per map to 10.

    Why have you permitted this garbage? Just why.
    This 200 dev-team could have used the engine of oblivion for instance and added a good netcode. That would be way better.

    Im disappointed of this.

  19. Seriously, people need to stop making awesome mmos, im running out of money. Guild wars 2, swtor, and now this? And this is not including the other awesome games like diablo 3.

  20. Why, why? Age of Conan came out 2008 and looks a million times better and most important, seems to get the atmosphere of the Elder Scrolls world almost perfectly. But what do we have here? Another kiddy game? At least it looks like it.

  21. Really disappointing. TES Online is a spit to the soul of your truly fans. Spin off or not, no matter. TES always were something ABOVE all that cheesy MMOs. What’s next, guys? TES Mobile? I’ll definetely ignore all this.

    *dreaming of warm sands and foggy swamps, you know that i mean… 😉

  22. Ok… I just may make an upgrade to my computer now. Please tell me this is not a monthly pay ordeal. And… yes, traveling to other places of tamriel would be nice, and having some roleplay with other players would be amazing.

  23. Oh… and I remember a certain game, (Yes, I am going to let you figure this out) allowed players to upload a area they have created over certain teleport areas that are empty. Is it possibly you will do the same?

  24. Great…. does this mean we should anticipate a new lack of single-player ES games? Way to bray like sheep and take away everything that made ES worthwhile. It was too good to last. Way to go Zenimax/Beth.

  25. Damn it, why does everything have to become an mmo? Swotor failed, and this will unfortunately fail also, from the details released, it seems like just another WoW clone. It has some elements of TES, but more from WoW. This is disappointing.

  26. All my comments are gone. In fact, all the comments calling this the travesty it is are gone.

    This is ridiculous.

  27. No. This is not acceptable. THIS IS HOW GOOD GAMES DIE!!!! TeS is a single player experience. Always has been, always will be. Any MMO of this sort will not be true Elder Scrolls. First in foremost, Bethesda and their parent company ZeniMax need to focus on Fallout 4. Then you can continue TeS VI. Not this MMO heresy. MMO greed may of killed KOTOR, but it will not kill Elder Scrolls.