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  1. This is awful. People wanted Skyrim the MMO. Not another warcraft knockoff. This might as well be named Generic MMO #123. At least that way this crap wouldn’t tarnish the good name of TES.

    I honestly thought this was a joke initially. I was right. This game is a joke. They’re just messing with us right? It’s april fools trolling?

  2. Looks Good To Me And i’m Sure I’ll Play And Love it once it’s Released. Thanks You Bethesda For your All Your Awesome Games.

  3. Hey at least we know why skyrim DLC hasn’t come out yet. Bethesda has waisted their time on a wow clone. Great job Bethesda!

  4. I don’t see why everyone’s getting so annoyed from ONE screenshot. We haven’t even seen one SPECK of gameplay and people are brushing the game off as a WoW clone just based off its graphics. For all you know the gameplay could be a revolution in MMOs. Just because you see this screenshot’s graphics that doesn’t mean you should go “AHGUIEAGHUIABFIBFIA BETHESDA IS EXPLOITING AND RUINING TES SERIES OMG THIS WILL SUCK WOW CLONE WOW CLONE WOW CLONE THIRD PERSON THIRD PERSON THIRD PERSON”. Wait until Bethesda shed some more light on this before you start calling it a WoW clone.

  5. this looks like a ‘carebears’ version of skyrim

    best if the work on a fallout mmo first to work out the bugs then do elder later

  6. the guys at bethesda are carrying a lot off weight on thier shoulders. dont screww this up cause skyrim is almost perfect
    (except from the glitches and freezing)

  7. Hmmm, based just on the graphic quality, the game looks very subpar to the newer MMOs just released, let alone the ones releasing in the very near future. Tera, FFXIV, Guild Wars 2, ect., graphically, look far far far superior to this. I am not impressed at all.

  8. A MMO focus on PVP is Ok, but I do not see the point of using the TES franchise. Sure, you can attract some fans of the series, but the difference in gameplay will also create haters from the fanbase which are mostly fans of single player action RPG with freedom to explore and modding support (and those feature are very unlikely to show up in a PVP focused MMO). So the game might end up with less number of players (PVP lovers minus the haters), and bad publicity by going TES.

  9. Go to hell bethesda, at least change the damn name of the title, its not a tes, its a wow copy so call it properly.

  10. -_- I am pretty well disapointed! Elder scrolls is a class of its own and now they are srewing it up! >:C
    I have no problem with an online elder scrolls… but serieously, just take all the countries, put them together, make servers, put in weps, classes, lvl’s, etc and down freaking screw with the elder scroll series.
    The idea of making this in the way this image potrays is pretty retarted and low for Bethesda. They know that if the game is like the image it will tarnash them! WHY BETHESDA?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I hope this image is a false leak or a troll! -_-


  11. Not very excited at the prospect of yet-another dull-as-dirt sword and sorcery MMO, regardless of what name it carries. Even less excited about the prospect of it diverting resources from arguably the best singleplayer game franchise in history. Color me suspicious, bored, and slightly disappointed.

  12. As long as its not like a bloody point n click like 99% of mmos and the game relies more on swordplay than stats, it cant be bad.

    But who knows…

  13. Even if the online will be amazing, this screen shot DOES NOT advertise what the TES people love. They like unique, original and open world games, this just looks like a shitty, blocky, linear representation of another 3rd person MMO.

    Make something that has never been done before! Live up to Bethesda’s name! What you make us think is that you believe mediocrity is alright in the gaming industry.

    Make a good, first person MMO with lots of character development and player interaction. Do things like have player control kingdoms and guilds and compete with enemies and allies. Dont introduce some shitty picture showing two idiots fighting a poorly modeled atronach or what ever the hell that is.

    Show us something we want from a game because we cant find it anywhere else, that is why people love you bethesda, because you make games that other companies can’t. Anyone can make a shitty MMO, you dont have to.

  14. it looks like a wow clone but wait till we get some game play before you start hatin and maybe theyll get there heads out of there asses next time and make the next Elder scrolls one either Co-op or multiplayer right away, in fact i think they should make this Co-op before they try to do online to see if it works correctly

  15. This game is NOT BEING MADE BY BETHESDA, the developers, their times, their money is not being used. Can people stop complaining about Bethesda on this?

    ZeniMax Online Studios is the developer and they have a whole new team from the ground up. I am sure some members of Bethesda have been consulted as it is their IP but development is NOT BY BETHESDA.

    • erm who do you think owns bethesda?

      ah yes thats right its zenimax

      but yes it looks like rubbish and will almost certainly fail

  16. For the love of Talos, this looks awful:
    1Generic rock-magic monster
    2Terrible armor for the characters(codpiece?)
    The magician´s clothes look terrrible
    I mean it looks like any MMORPG out there, the characters look afwul and dont look anything like the Elder Scrolls characters, the thing about The Elder Scrolls is the detail, the sence that every culture has his smithing style and techniches to build the armor, this just look like a random armor and the clothes of the magician look like brand new, nothing like Skyrim…

  17. Awful, absolutely awful.Not just the screenshots, but the details already released about the game makes it sound like such a generic MMO.According to the developers, the purpose of the game is to complete quests handed out by NPCs until you’re a high enough level to do raids with other players, or just pvp.Now what does that sound like to you, oh gee, I dunno?Every MMO in the world that’s been made since WoW?If you don’t believe me, look up the details about the game for yourself, everything points to it being just another MMO.

  18. Just so you know this is the exact same engine as SWTOR….so it’s going to have the same limitations. They’re just trying to make some quick cash off the elder scrolls name. Also, this is a subsidiary of Bethesda, so yes, you can complain to Bethesda about this.