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  1. A CARTOONY TES GAME.,, it’s an insult! A colorfull monstruosity!!! Yes, it’s hurts the eyes. And destroy the hearts! I feel sorry by Todd and the real ES team. Zenimax Online are not capable of capture the essence of the game. I have only recognice an ordinator! Only that of a dozen screens. This is not TES! TES IS BETTER THAN THAT!!! Sorry my english. But I need, I really need, express my angry!!!

    • Agree. Although we have to keep an open mind that it’s a different game. Nonetheless, my first hopes and excitement was “OMG Skyrim MMO”. But this isn’t a Skyrim MMO. It’s going to be a million miles away from Skyrim’s simplified UI and immersion. It’s a bit disappointing because there is room to make something very different.

    • Spit out the Fallout MMO too, yeah! show your hidden things. The public dont deserve lose money traveling to see inside E3 or QuakeCon, the future wounded dreams!

    • … You do understand that this is only the first screenshot… and that an MMO will require hundreds of people to be on screen at once. If the graphics were anything like the actual Elder Scrolls games then your system would choke, and ignite into a smoldering pile of burning ashes. I may a console guy, but this console guy is also a Computer Technician… and we -know- the physical limitations of these things. Now… would the graphics potentially get better? As guaranteed as the Schrodinger’s Cat’s death, maybe.

      But if Graphics are all that make games to you now… then I feel sorry for you son.

  2. TES was all about being the “chosen one”. How will they accommodate having hundreds of thousands of “chosen ones”?

    TES was also all about modding. For me, at least. How will you allow modding for an MMO?

    • They might go back to a TES 2 DAGGERFALL formula where instead of being the “Chosen One” you are a unknown citizen among the countless population of the empire. You may do great deeds but they might only effect those in your surroundings. So you could be the great hero or vile villain of a small town but beyond that no one has ever heard of you. Also certain weapons,armor,clothing might only be available in certain areas which could mean some looong traveling opening up possible adventures along the way.

      As for the screenshot looking great! Love the colour and the amount of detail which seems like THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE will run on many systems. Hopefully there will graphic settings to up the detail if one wants.

      Thanks for the imagination exploding eye popping mouth uncontrollable quivering at earthquake levels awesome screenshot 😀

      • Hell says: “They might go back to a TES 2 DAGGERFALL formula where instead of being the “Chosen One” you are a unknown citizen among the countless population of the empire”.

        The best resolution, close to my attempts!

        People lost the sense, this crazyness shows a paranoic level. There are a move to speed up the game online, happens to everyone, a little more lowpoly, you see this in all types of MMO. About the TES world, the concepts show the region of Skyrim, Morrowind and some ruins close to the the imperial capital, the characters have a very good design.

        I stop here! my stamina is low for this massive attack of trolls.

  3. Oh look, another generic looking MMO. Can’t you see loyal fans are upset with the direction you’re going into, Bethesda? This will bomb hard and you’re going to learn a lesson.

  4. Ok now, I hear a lot of people whining about this.
    I actually don’t really like the idea of it either, but then again, MMOs are not really something for me.

    I’ll have to see some more before I can decide whether I like it or not.
    But the idea is not really appealing to me.

    Anyway, I hope you guys can make a great game out of this!

  5. It’s going to be ok guys. Todd and the team are not pulled from what they do and contribute. There will most certainly be more of the good stuff from them. Just don’t play it if you don’t like it. It’s a popular franchise and like many, would like to expand on something that has less risk than new properties. MMO’s operate on much more dynamic processing and are typically much larger so graphics tend to get scaled down. Personally, I’m curious to see what they expand on and how it’ll all work and I don’t even play MMOs.

  6. Oh god… now were gonna get bitching here…

    Listen; there is no way in hell these Screenshots look legitimate. There’s no reason to even judge it AFTER IT WAS FIRST ANNOUNCED

  7. This makes me so sad.

    What have you done Zenimax? You’re destroying a such-beloved franchise.

    At least when you handed the keys to Fallout: New Vegas to Obsidian you made them keep it in the same basic mechanics.

    The worst part is, there’s no reason beyond trying to clone WoW that they couldn’t have a gritty MMO with real-time combat and skill-based progression. If you look at current MMOs like Darkfall and Mortal Online it is perfectly possible to have Skyrim’s combat system in an MMO. Game Informer lied about that one.

  8. You gotta be shitting me. This looks like a beta screenshot for Morrowind.

    Warcraft has pretty lousy graphics by today’s standards too, but this looks… after how gorgeous Skyrim was, this looks like an insult.

  9. THIS^^^
    NOT EVEN MANTAIN THE ART STYLE!!! At least mantain the Art Style!!! This is not TES! TES IS BETTER THAN THAT!!!

  10. Sorry gstaff.. is the “leaked” have more images.

    People say resemble to Morrowind?

    You guys are crazy…

    • All those images can be summed up in one word: YAWN.

      Honestly, Bethesda, what are you trying to do here? Just cashing in the trademark? We have seen this a million times already. And it’s been done to hell and already much better it’s called AION, or TERA or whatever else will come out long before ES:Online does. It’s ALREADY done. No amount of “special interesting skills, combos, new twist on the skillbar/crafting/younameit” is going to make a scrap of difference.

      Give us an immersive experience like Skyrim.

      NO GUILDS to separate players.

      People band together as in-game PRE MADE guilds like the Companions, a sort of allegiance.

      Minimal UI.

      Action Combat like Skyrim is just fine. Just improve it.

      Skyrim is a sandbox, how about a MMO sandbox? One where the goal is not to get to level 99 as fast as possible, but one where people can BUILD things like SecondLife? Build cities or houses?

      Come on, you already have a housing system in Skyrim that is a wonderful time sink all of itself and could have been improved for an MMO.

      Let people build dungeons like EverQuest 2.

      Let them live a life in a Skyrim sandbox, with friends.

      Do something DIFFERENT.

      You want money? Just look at how people are insane about modding this.

      Make money selling in game modifications: clothes, make ups, hairdos, weapons, house decorations, dungeon building, …

      And why not

    • Nice to see some decent screenshots, the graphics aren’t really that bad after all.

      Why didnt Bethesda put up some higher res screens? The ones up here on bethblog look like they were scanned out of a PC gamer magazine in the “game rumors” section.

      All i can say is that this game better have some revolutionary game play mechanics or i wont even consider it. And by revolutionary I mean tera-esque combat, and crafting that isn’t a boring as fuck grind like in wow. Im just so bored of button mashing auto-attack combat, i want something more engaging in an mmo.

  11. seriously this is an mmo not a single player game show me one massive open world mmo without shitty graphics. Zenimax finaly gives us what we were asking for and all people can do is complain about a game that actually seems to have nice graphics for an mmo.

  12. Pull the plug now and start over. This is not what your fans want or what they have been waiting for. This is an insult.

    This is not TES! TES IS BETTER THAN THAT!!!

  13. Oblivion are the beggining of the crash, ugly and full of bugs. Skyrim is all about graphics and bugs. Both with regular story. TES lost structure after Morrowind.

    This is not an insult, is just the franchise falling in parts.

    • Can’t disagree with you anymore. If you can’t figure out how to install a few minor patches and think the only reason people play it is for the graphics your obviously beyond help. Find a new default argument other than visuals and minor glitches. Maybe try expanding into actual gameplay mechanics and then people might take you seriously.

      Also, Sorry Bethesda but I do not want.

  14. In my opinion a spin-off doesn’t hurt anybody…

    I mean, there is that iphone version of Elder Scrolls (TES Travels), and nobody complained about those games. They even have their own addition to the lore, which most people (like me) totally missed.

    And I’m fine… My life is still complete.

  15. Why people say Todd Howard this and that?
    This project probably start together with Skyrim, the guy knows of course!

    Hey, remember $$$$$$ or shutdown the company!

    Crying Babies! kill all babies!

  16. Guys, don’t start whining until you know how the game REALLY looks, and how fun it actually is. You literally know next to nothing about it thus far and you’re essentially “judging a book by its cover”. If you never give it a chance, there is no plausible way that you would enjoy it, regardless of its true quality. Remain neutral and calm, and let everything play out. It’s no big deal. Really.

  17. I don’t get the complaining, but personally, I don’t mind the “cartoony” graphics. For a multiplayer game like this, I think it’s valid. concentrate on content and gameplay than on the awesome graphics. Leave that to the other Elder Scrolls games. But that’s just me. I’m no one.

  18. Nobody pays attention.

    The id software case: the group knew that id software today, is just a old guy with some medals, with nothing to return to its revolutionary origin ($$$). They know the reality of Rage “the game sux”. So the notorious id tech 5 became proprietary, because sux “the best loo..” shame. The visual during the marketing campaign completely change close to the launch, some screenshots appear with bad texture. The entire campaign was based on the “fathers of the FPS” highly emotional.

    During the same Quakecon 2011, Bethesda talk about multiplayer, MMO, why not or maybe yes… is all a controled situation, they know the present, but the audience receive as future or improbable. And more music and keynotes.

    A MMO takes time, this game and Skyrim probably have a close development start, maybe, in my theories, this is the cause for the lack in quality inside Skyrim, the bad level design and lack of ideas. Bethesda have a overflow, because TES is a project impossible for Zenimax Online take care alone.

    The worst case scenario? all this sacrifice for nothing.

    I think Doom 4 is the next [email protected]#$ thinking in all that manipulation the game industry uses. Probably with better texture, but extremely huge and limited in gameplay, tech and ideas. This game are in development before Rage!

    Remember the Mass Effect 3 campaing? the actors express her opinion about “this is amazing” nobody are prepared for this! just wait! yeeeaaah…..

    Better than this recognition as an art, a law more rigid for the ads and events inside the gaming industry, this thing became a beer.

    • “A MMO takes time, this game and Skyrim probably have a close development start, maybe, in my theories, this is the cause for the lack in quality inside Skyrim, the bad level design and lack of ideas. Bethesda have a overflow, because TES is a project impossible for Zenimax Online take care alone.”

      The MMO was being worked on by a different 250 people, in a seperate Zenimax subsidiary, in a building 60 miles away using an entirely different engine (Hero Engine). The engine architecture, world building tools, physics package and almost everything else used making the MMO requires familiarity with a different technology than Skyrim. You can say the samething about iD and Rage too. It would not be of much use for them to have mixed up the teams at all beyond maybe concept and texture artists even if that’s how studios like this worked (and their jobs are mostly done very early in the development.)

      If you didn’t like some aspecs of Skyrim that’s a perfectly fine opinion, but they are no more related to this project than any defficiencies you may have seen in Rage had to do with Skyrim or Starbreeze’s The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. Some of the things people complain about most in Skyrim have been things people have complained about to some degree in Bethesda games since Daggerfall. Take it as a hazard of large open-world games, their particular managment and development style, or blame grizzly bears if you like.

      • I expressed my opinions. Rage for me is a bad game, an example of brute force + media to sell close to adequate, using the magic of “multiplatform”.

        Skyrim is good, i do not consider it a bad game, but released as something too extraordinary, is not a stable experience for probably half of the consumers in the end. And the game sells a lot, one of the best marketing campaigns ever made in my opinion, for a game.
        There is no way to support problems in the end, people have limits.
        Today with crises and problems, spend money to buy a eletronic toy or game, is serious. For the consumer, who desires just play, the amount of people, director of the movie, color of the hero, names and so on, dont matter in the end.. the fun, fluidity is all.

        Even separated, some contact must have occurred between BGS and Zenimax Online. The BGS works with TES far beyond the visual or mechanics, are the parents of the child, the idea. You put 500 people, without the mentors, is just an army of zombies.

        Hardcore fans have one feeling “rage” and whatever you say about the mechanics and lore… is just rage. I think rage is trademark for [email protected]#$ now.

        Just my opinions and theories, i do not say “a guy come back from the dead as absolute truth” in the end.

        • All titles are different, but the end is the same, sell a game. For the consumer, name and history are different, but the final use is just play the game.

          Is fun? is ok? thats the problem.

  19. Why isn’t it first person?? The combat looks like it’s styled after other mmo’s… Why is it cartoony??

    Argh…sorry I know I shouldn’t bitch before getting more info, but as a big fan of the Elderscrolls I’m a little disappointed right now.

    So what makes this mmo unique?

  20. No guys, no no no. Almost all the community wants the old Elder Scrolls, not an MMO. We can’t it co-op, we want it just like how it has been but with a co-op option. This is not- not right. This is a bad move, you are competing with two really good MMOs that hold the entire MMO community and you’ve made a bad move to most of your fans.

  21. People, it’s PRE-BETA. Betas always look terrible compared to the final edition. They don’t use their time making the betas look good, they focus on getting them working. The final product should look *much* better than this.

    • I think I have never seen graphics improve between the first (beta) screenshots and final version of a game. Neither with Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim, by the way.

    • Untrue. The art directions is thought LONG in advance and very early in the development cycle. The screenshot indeeds says a thousand words, but they’re all variations on Y-A-W-N.

      • Will B and Petter are spot on!

        What a disaster! This is all about money, TES fans are clear about what they want, a innovative and original MMO experience based on TES Gameplay!

        No excuses, it can be done! put the talented people behind Skyrim to work on the tes online project. If you respect TES fans then the project can’t fail as we will back it to the end… But this is not a TES game and it is dammed to failure!

        • …Even Better spend a fraction of the budget for this creating a solid online CO-OP mode for Skyrim, sell it as a expansion pack and you would keep Everyone Happy!

    • It’s not so much just the graphics, but even the combat system looks copy pasted from other mmo’s.. I’m not totally blowing blowing it off yet, but it had better have some really unique features or be free to play.

  22. Aaaagh… IT BUUUURNS!

    I would have preffer if Bethesda would release an Expansion with CO-OP in the mix, i would have payed 300USD just for Coop and play with a couple of friends… because playing with random [Censored] and getting killed every 5 minutes is not the type of Role Playing i am looking for… seriously, the graphics sucks… i mean, THEY SUCK… yes its that bad… cramp the Graphics like… A LOT and i may pay to play this just for being TES.

  23. this looks really bad i know this will break my heart there fore i will skip this and wait for the next elder scrolls chapter hope the faliure of this game wont bankrupt Zinimaz or Bethesda and dont ever include any of this games back story to Elder Scrolls Lore But the good news is the new game dishonoured its a must by for me :-)may TALOS & AKOTASH guide Betheda and Zinimaz.

  24. When we said we wanted multiplayer ES, what we meant was some kind of system where you had a follower but a second player could drop in as the follower, not this. But, it will be interesting to see if you can pull this off and not just make another WoW clone.

  25. Have you guys gotten any positive feedback on this game yet?

    Because I think it’s high time you go back to the drawing board with this game. I think we understand that design concessions must be made in order to make the Elder Scrolls work as an MMO, but that hasn’t been done here. Reading about the gameplay, nothing sounds like Elder Scrolls. It just sounds like any other generic MMO. Do something new, something different. Change up the formula. No one is interested in playing World of Warcraft with an Elder Scrolls skin.

    • Basically the two rational responses have been: “we hate this” and “wait and see.”

      Neither makes things very promising. Worst response to an MMO announcement in history. By far. This blows the trickle of distaste when Warcraft went MMO out the the water!

  26. You guys lol.

    Yes i know TES, especially Morrowind and Oblivion was part about defining the next generation of gfx. This is a MMO. You think all the people loaded into the world can handle Skyrim gfx AND load everything that everyone is doing all at the same time? Skyrim gfx barely just load by itself. Too me this looks pretty darn good, nice artwork for a MMO that resembles TES pretty well. I look forward to this. Stop crying as though it were made by Beth.

    • Graphics and art style are two very different things. TES art style has never been bright colours and slightly accentuated proportions and architecture. The screenshots for this game could have come straight out of Kingdoms of Amalur.

      The other issue about this MMO not resembling TES, is that TES is defined by first person combat, a unique levelling system, and a highly interactive and reactive environment. They’ve thrown that away in favour of mechanics that are easier to jump in to for other MMO players. Way to completely mis-judge your target audience.

  27. I think it looks like it might work, but I think you should leave it another year, and bring it out on future consoles,

  28. A WoW clone with TES theme? Oh god, the Mayans were right…. I’ve loved TES since Arena, but this has me worried. I’ll just have to wait and see..

  29. Why would zenimax wanna make this seriously, this is not a good thing here and you’s have lost a lot of respect from the games industry today. Your a bunch of sell-out a-holes and who’s ever idea this was there is a circle in hell reserved for you and it in all you do is grind pointless enemies and do stupid fetch quests and it never ends!

  30. You know what? I have taken action and crafted a letter to send to Zenimax Online. Im sure they’re not gonna think much of it, but i still find it in my duty to inform them how i feel as a fan of this respected franchise.

    Join me brothers and sisters, Let your voices be heard!!
    This letter was also sent to Zenimax Online contact form.

    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    Im very sorry to take up your precious time in reading what will be a very long letter.

    I am writing this letter in the hopes that you will seriously reconsider your decision in releasing The Elder Scrolls Online.

    I have come to this decision, after viewing the announcement trailer, and the leaked 19 page Game Informer magazine scan to write to you as i really feel it as my duty of a fan of this respected franchise to let you know how strongly i feel about this issue.

    Sure, you may just treat this email as nothing more then the ramblings of a crazy fanboy, but i hold in my heart the hope that maybe, just maybe someone would be nice enough to read this and pass it to Mr Matt Firor.

    As i am sure you should have known for now, the backlash from the fans have been extremely negative. In case you need to know WHY it has been negative, i will list them all out in point forms:


    1) This MMORPG has VIOLATED every virtue that the Elder Scrolls Series have upheld.

    No longer are you the chosen one, where everyone and their mother are now the Dovahkiin. You will have the an emperor of Tamriel whose name is LegolasXXXX or LeegooLaXXWTF
    No more will the story be weaved around you, no more will characters sing your praises. Night after night, all you will hear is “WTFOMGBBQNOOB WHY IS YOUR TANKING/HEALZ/DPS SO SUBSTANDARD!!!! GTFO!!!!”

    The Elder Scrolls series has always been about a massive openworld sandbox SINGLE PLAYER experience where players are free to do whatever they wish. Putting it in a MMO context completely pushes this idea out of the window.
    This particular quote really made me very frustrated and angry:

    “It needs to be comfortable for people who are coming in from a TYPICAL massively multiplayer game that has the same control mechanisms, but it also has to appeal to Skyrim players.”

    The word “Typical” and “Same Control Mechanisms” here tells me that there will NOT be any innovations in this MMO, and it is taking the safe route of following what WoW and millions of other clones have done.


    2) There is a very real fear among us that because of this MMORPG, the Single Player Elder Scrolls will be forever be banished, and only Elder Scrolls Online will be the one you can play.

    These fears are very real, as everyone have been trying to calm each other down by saying Zenimax Online is doing this, not Bethesda Game Studios.

    While this may be the case, alot of us are thinking what is to stop the company then, to merge these 2 studios together to fully focus only on the MMO as after all MMOs are more financially viable?

    I quote 2 examples that enforced this fear:

    Example A)
    WoW (World of Warcraft) is the reason why fans of Warcraft RTS will never see a Warcraft 4.

    Example B)
    Fans of KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) are extremely unhappy that a once beautifully crafted single player game is now SWTOR, which Bioware explicity states is Kotor 3,4,5,6,7 etc.


    3) The art direction shown in the leaked Game Informer scans don’t give anyone any confidence. It shows us that this is merely another Hero Engine WoW-wannabe clone.
    Please kindly access the below weblink which shows a Gamespy article in which IT IS UNDERWHELMING.
    I couldn’t have said it better then what he said.

    Quoted from the Article:
    “If you’d shown me this screenshot and asked me to guess what it came from, I would never have guessed it was an Elder Scrolls game.”

    If you would want a video of what another outlet “Destructoid” is saying, here is another link:
    Here they are discussing why is the MMO taking out EVERYTHING that made Skyrim special?


    4) The general tone of the article gives people the impression that ALOT of things that made the Elder Scrolls great CANNOT be put in due to technical reasons. (eg: Housing)

    If you have done research prior to making this Elder Scrolls MMO, you would have gone to the various Modding Websites, take a look at the Top Mods and know what people want. Player Housing is just one of the very many listed.


    5) Alot of people are also asking “Why did you start to release info on this MMO, AFTER 5 YEARS of Production? Why can’t information been shown to the public in bits and pieces so we can still have the chance to help give our opinion to help build a game that the fans would be proud of?

    Announcing it at this time, with ONLY a year left is not going to be very helpful, as it is nigh impossible to request changes anymore this late in production.


    In conclusion, while i sincerely hope that you can trash this whole MMO and redo it, i know it is financially and logically impossible especially after Zenimax has already dumped 5 years of work into it. Surely the bosses will not be happy at this decision.

    Hence, i offer the below suggestions, while may be rather drastic, will hopefully do a turnaround on this MMO. Im sure you guys are alot smarter then me and can produce and even better idea then what i have done here:

    1) Because Zenimax Online is still not known among the fans of the TES series, why not produce something that will give us confidence that our Elder Scrolls series is being handed over to a capable team?

    Establish the trust in the players first instead of just showing up out of nowhere and shove a MMORPG in our faces and expect us to buy it.

    Firstly you could get the Zenimax Online team to craft a MULTIPLAYER CO-OP Skyrim DLC.
    This will be good because of the below reason:

    1) Alot of people who want multiplayer, wants to co-op with a friend/spouse in the land of Skyrim, not with 10 million other strangers in an MMO.

    2) If the DLC is crafted well, Having this Co-op DLC produced first will show the players that Multiplayer do work in an Elder Scrolls setting, and give confidence that the team behind a good Co-op DLC should be capable of handling a massive project like an MMORPG.

    My vision of what an Elder Scrolls Multiplayer would feel like:
    This section details my stupid hopes and dreams if i had the capability to do so.

    Firstly i would not make the Elder Scrolls into an MMORPG, but a maybe 4 – 5 players Co-op, utilizing the existing Skyrim Visuals, UI, artstyle.

    It will feel like how Borderlands is designed, an Open World RPG that uses a first person perspective. THere isn’t much of such games around the market and this could be a good chance of doing so.

    Of course, while borderlands uses guns, my style will be to use the Skyrim mechanics of swords/magic/stealth.


    Anyway this comes to the end of my letter and although personally i do not think it will make much of an impact especially since release is only 1 year away, i just want someone to at least hear what i feel at this time.

    Please do not destroy a very highly respected and beloved RPG franchise.

    Please send my regards to Mr Todd Howard and the entire Bethesda Game Studios team that i love their games so very much. The games they make, are what makes me proud to be a gamer and a fan. How i wish i could go down to their office, knock on the door and buy everyone one of them a nice cold beer for a job well done on Skyrim. They deserve all the awards that was presented to them.

    Best Regards,
    A very longtime and old fan of the Elder Scrolls series.

  31. Dear Bethesda/Zenimax. This is just pathetic. It looks like it is another WoW clone. Make something original.

  32. Bethesda Softworks announces More WoW™. Did you like WoW? Then you’ll love More WoW™. All the pointless busywork is here: level grinding, faction reputation grinding, collection quests, heroic dungeons and raiding, over and over again, until the day you die. Forget about the limitless potential of gaming. Shut up and play More WoW™.

  33. Looks great to me considering I never plan on playing it. A MMO will never be the same immersion as a single player game. Don’t even mention The Old Republic. Not quite the same feeling as KOTOR when there are 10,000 other Jedi Knights bunny hopping around the maps.

    Coop would have been the way to go with TES.

  34. All this game needed was First Person View. So many years have I been reading about “First Person MMO” to be released and nothing ever comes of it.

    Elder Scrolls MMO, First Person View, Minimilistic UI = What we want and will pay for.

  35. I can’t believe that Frior doesn’t “get” the TES Franchise.

    MMO Hot Bar Combat?
    No First Person?
    MMO type Classes?

    Can this project ASAP and make a REAL TES Online (Skyrim for mass people). This is a TOTAL abomination of the IP!!!

    As for the graphics… I don’t expect much with the Hero Engine after seeing beta shots of Hero’s Journey and the release of SW:TOR. It’s clear that engine isn’t about graphics. But for f***’s sake don’t make a fricken typical MMO WoW Clone! What a waste of cash… and potential!!!

  36. Shouldn’t the first screenshots of a new game which you are present to the crowds look awesome or nice or something like that? But this one looks pretty shitty to me….I’m sorry.