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  1. I can’t believe that Frior doesn’t “get” the TES Franchise.

    MMO Hot Bar Combat?
    No First Person?
    MMO type Classes?

    Can this project ASAP and make a REAL TES Online (Skyrim for mass people). This is a TOTAL abomination of the IP!!!

    As for the graphics… I don’t expect much with the Hero Engine after seeing beta shots of Hero’s Journey and the release of SW:TOR. It’s clear that engine isn’t about graphics. But for heaven’s sake don’t make a flippin’ typical MMO WoW Clone! What a waste of cash… and potential!!!

  2. When I look at that screenshot, nothing about it says TES. All I see is another generic, uninspired mmo. I think I’ll stay with the single player games…

  3. Instead of constructive criticism there are only doomsday-caller. It would be better to talk how to make it better instead of crying how bad it is.

    But i must say: the screenshot is bad, but we never see how it works with only a screenshot: maybe it’s only a bad screenshot or it’s simple to early.

    And please don’t forget: character design on a mmo can neve be as detailled as in a single player game: lesser fps on a single player game is not so tragic, but lagging in a mmo is deadly.

    My suggestion would be to wait with screenshots until the models are in a better state. And i really hope there are customizeable faces, because these two are really ugly. I’m sure that on a mmo there will be no possibility to make them better with various mods, so it’s your job this time (skyrim with vanilla faces is also not very playable)

    I think you can do better and in this state there can be a lot of changes.

    And the background: plants are so so, grass needs a better texture and with higher settings there should be real grass to see, the wall in the background is ok, stairs are also ok, waypath is really bad and does not fit in a elder scrolls mmo (to a old abadoned fort (at least it look like this) there should be a broken path with grass).

    And again: please overhaul the characters: the body models are a little bit to old, but the faces are only bad; REALLY BAD. Simply change them.

  4. I never been so excited then completely turn off by a game announcement before in my life. When I heard about the game earlier in the week I was pumped that there would be a TES MMO. After reading the game informer article the game just became a pass. Really your just going to copy the EQ/WOW template and hope that its going to be able too meet sales and subscription expectations. You guys really have to start making better decisions or you will end up like so many Developers before you thinking that you guys are untouchable. Don’t be surprised if you having to sell you IP to some upstart company down the line you have done it yourselves don’t think that it will not happen to you keep going down this road. Other than Skyrim what game have you guys come out with that actually met your sales expectations with the amount of marketing that you guys put behind these games.

  5. You guys really shouldn’t judge a game based on one lousy screenshot, at least wait until the game comes out to complain about it. (I certainly won’t be complaning).

  6. I only want to see The Elder Scrolls in MMO form when you guys are capable of supplying it, not because just there’s demand for it. From what I’ve read, the combat won’t be realtime due to latency issues. If that’s the case, then clearly it isn’t possible to create an MMO that truly deserves the title of being an Elder Scrolls game. It’s odd because I’ve always found combat to be one of The Elder Scrolls weak points. But recycling the lazy and over-used WoW style of combat will only alienate TES fans, and make for a painfully generic game that lacks any sense of innovation.

  7. People are expecting the wrong type of game. People are expecting a typical TES game in an MMO. Obviously thats not going to happen. This is an MMO. This is going to be a new style game in TES series, something TES has never done before. Before people go off the deep end about it, why don’t we just let it come out and play it for a bit before judging it?

  8. Stylized graphics? Are you kidding me?! That alone says cash-grab. To those commenting on the graphics improving over time; that won’t change them from stylized to realistic no matter how much we want.

  9. You gotta understand, this isn’t the next TES game. This is the first game in a series of it’s own. The only thing it has in common with TES: Arena-Skyrim is that it will be in the same universe. It’s probably not going to be anything like anything we’re used to. I’m going to buy it, without a doubt. I would still love if there was some way to incorporate multiplayer gameplay into Skyrim. Like on the loading screen you could either load, continue, or multiplayer. Even cooler than that, a new DLC that puts a new location in Skyrim, a place called Arena, you enter the Arena and your now in a multiplayer version of the game. Everything could be level based, kind of how pokemon is on the ds. There could be categories for levels 1-5, 5-10, 10-15, etc. Just some of my wishes, more so dreams. Ha.

    • I think most people get it. The knee-jerk reaction these past few days comes down to the fact that when word of an Elder Scrolls MMO was announced, a LOT of fans suddenly thought about how awesome traditional TES gameplay, across all of Tamriel, alongside friends, would be. Then a day later the info was leaked and we were faced with the reality that the gameplay is really nothing like the single player TES games.

      It’s on Zenimax now to win everyone over by showing that they HAVE advanced the standard MMO formula enough, and it’s not just another WoW clone with a few additions and tweaks like SWTOR was. Prove it’s innovative, and still captures the spirit of TES (even if they’ve already given up on the gameplay) and perhaps they still have a winner on their hands.

      That generic MMO-style art style isn’t the best start, unfortunately.

  10. Another thing that has me really pumped for this is that it’s on Mac, I will never own a PC. It kinda gives me hope that TES games will start being made for Mac plus PC. I play on Xbox so it kinda sucks not having the tools pc players get like CK, SW, a whole community of modders working together. There’s not very many mods out there for Skyrim on Xbox, I wish people would realize that there are mods for Xbox though. I have to give great thanks to the modders out there that make these mods possible for Xbox players. I salute you. Lol. For the people that are already saying it’s gonna be terrible, just stop. We’ve known about it for how many days now? 4 or 5 days. It’s not even coming out until next year, if even then, so theres plenty of time for it to become something great, and i’m sorry but honestly, you could take dog turds and put em in TES cases and their gonna sell, and probably be the greatest dog turds ever made. ha ha. I’m just saying, it’s got all the potential to be epic. Don’t knock it at least until it comes out. I do hope Bethesda has something to do with the development of it though, if they do then Lord knows it will be great. Look at everything else they’ve given us, classic after classic after classic. Skyrim hasn’t even been out a year and it’s already a classic.

    • Gonna disagree with you there. If you’ve noticed, Skyrim is more like an MMO than an RPG in many ways.

      – No more stats.
      – Endless quests to kill/collect/deliver.
      – Perks that can’t be unlocked until several levels in/Do nothing significant.
      – A civil war that is spoken about but never truly shown.
      – Simplified skills/armor.
      – Weapons/armor/clothing that mostly boosts skills and simple stats.
      – Regenerating health.

    • Having a Mac over a PC on purpose is like having a Fisher Price Easy-Bake-Oven over a Real Oven…on purpose.

  11. Well the game was just announced and there’s very few information but the little that there is it shows that Elder Scrolls Online will be just like any other standard MMORPG.
    But people don’t want just another standard MMORPG in the TES world.
    Yes people would love to get a multiplayer TES experience. But one where the real-time action based gameplay remains the same.
    Where the world keeps on changing. With NPCs walking around and all that. It may be a MMO, but does a MMO need to always follow the same rules?

    I hope that as time goes on information shows that Elder Scrolls Online in just another MMO following the same rules as others.
    If it doesn’t it will fail miserably because it won’t live up to the millions of fans of the TES world. And word of mouth can make or kill a product.

  12. i like how when people hear about Skyrim they get excited and say its gonna be the best game ever made and Bethesda is one of the best companies but, as soon as they announce an MMO people insult the entire franchise and point out every bad thing about TES series. Im not a fan of MMOs but I don’t think this is gonna ruin the entire company and the TES series, if anything it will be a game that people hate but in the end, play it anyways because its an MMO.

  13. The description that a Khajiit in a encampment just oustide Whiterun made me of Elswyer while playing Skyrim almost made me believe that the next Elder Scrolls game would take place there, vast deserts with cities so ancient the sand have swallowed them hole. And we will go there… but after looking at that screenshot i don’t think i will be the same experience, it’s not about the graphics, but i doubt the level immersion will the same… and that’s like loosing part of the very soul that made me a fan of the series.

  14. Bethesda, Zenimax, as a fan who has played these games since 2002, here’s a bit of sage advice: Toss out the ideas behind this MMO.

    I mean wholesale. Throw them all out. Copying the style of WoW clones from 2007 to 2010, which the information that has been given shows, is only going to see this project dead, within a year or two at most. There has been over five years of MMO development since this started, far more than enough time to break free of copying WoW.

    However, since this project is real, try these ideas instead.

    – Have instanced worlds with 1 to 6 players by default. – The Guild Wars method. In this case, you don’t get other players who use l33tsP3Ak like morons to mess up your experience, which I’ve noticed a lot of people complain about so far. You get only the players you grouped with speaking to you, which satisfies the co-op people want.

    – Keep the open worlds and freelance gameplay. – People want to quest when they like, kill if they please, steal everything not nailed down, and interact with the world. Above all, people want real-time gameplay. TERA is doing it, and people love it. Use that instead.

    – Do not use the EVE Online method of charging exorbitant amounts of cash for things like clothing or gear. – If you are going to go the microtransaction route for this game, stick to only cosmetic and simple items that require money.

    – Do NOT streamline this game. – Counting back, Daggerfall had 35 skills, Morrowind had 27, Oblivion had 21, Skyrim has only 18. Please don’t reduce that number any further. Moreover, add back greaves, pauldrons, and separate gloves.

    Further if this is an RPG, you should have strengths and weaknesses in your character, so bring stats back. Chances are this will go back to the Arena style of gameplay with XP for each kill and certain actions, leaving the skills to grow as you allocate points upon leveling.

    That said, until it’s proven that TES: Online is more than a WoW clone, I’m remaining pessimistic about the success of this game.

  15. peoples anger when they saw this just shows how succesful TES franchise has been, and when they see our “heroes” Bethesda showing a first screenshot of their new project which happens to be mmorpg (remember, those crappy semi turn based concept of gaming to allow many players to play together because noone has been able to design a real fps/rpg like game for thousands) which looks like any other shitty free to play crap that any other unknown chinese game studio could have throw up, well, then Id say its normal people get mad.

    But like I say, that only confirms how people (including myself of course) have become captive of bethesda great TES games

    Zenimax/bethesda now needs to show they are dead serious with this project in not making another one in the vast dozens of generic mmorpg crap out there, this first screenshot does not seem to show that,victims of their own success I guess.

  16. I suggest a new name for the game, `Generic MMO 2013´.

    Really, just look at those screenshots, it has completely lost that Elder Scrolls flavour. The art direction seems to have completely missed the mark, well, unless the mark the team was aiming for happened to spell the word bland.

    Still, I love Bethesda Gaming Studio games, you can still count me in for Elder Scrolls VI regardless, just not this.

  17. why is this called TES?…is not TES, don’t disgrace the name of a excellent game with this generic-uninspired mmo.

  18. I dont like the direction of the game, but i wish Bethesda the best of luck and success… ill pass on this title and will keep playing and supporting the Single Player TES games or hopefully a CO-OP for Skyrim.

  19. Ugh…I’ll just go back to playing Skyrim now…

    To be honest, I may give this a chance, but I just do not like MMOs. The fact that TES is going MMO scares me considerably.

  20. The screenshots for the game do not look promising, I realise that it would be impossible to make it look like Skyim, I accept that, but at the same time the TES games have never looked this ‘cartoony’ before. They always had a certain style to them and this doesn’t show it.

    Also I found out that not all of Tamriel will be explorable, that areas are level restricted or unavailable until future expansions. TES is all about exploring, take that away and you don’t have a TES game.

    On the other hand having some dungeons open and not instanced is an intriguing idea.

    I hope I am wrong, I will reserve my full opinion when all the info is out, I have been a fan since Arena first came out, but the Game Informer article doesn’t paint a good picture of it. It comes off more like WoW, I like WoW, but I don’t wanna play that. I wanna play TES Online.

    I haven’t been disappointed yet by TES . Lets hope I won’t be this time.

  21. you know… initially i was skeptical but hopeful for this title…. but after reading alot of this serious backlash from the community, I gotta say I find myself agree’ing with most everything. Even if I end up liking the game, it’s still not TES… it’s starting to leave a sour taste in my mouth.

    Know whats the worst in an online game? lvl caps and endgame content,… it always sucks,.. to make a successful TES online, I’d say they would need to at least deviate from that MMORPG trend.(no leveling? idk, that creates issues also)

  22. this is a shot in the kneecap for true TES fans.

    while yes the world is big and the history immense. we dont play TES for these things. we play for the IMMERSION.

    and now we can turn based dice roll combat, forced third person, ugly ass hotbars?

    jesus christ zenimax you really screwed the pooch on this one. all people want is the ability to invite a friend or two into the world and play co-op or pvp doesnt matter. dont take such a loved IP and shit all over it.

    i feel bad for Todd Howard and his team. zenimax is destroying such a great franchise in the hearts and minds of so many.

    this game will not be bought by me. I understand that the netwrok infrastructure doesnt exist yet for the MMO we would want.. so WHY MAKE THE GAME ZENIMAX.

    such a shame…

    ah well.

    Deadly Azuril – creator of ThuuMic

  23. gstaff,

    Over the years, I have come to mentally picture the ideal version of Elder Scrolls Online as a game which has the gameplay and environmental presentation of TES3: Morrowind with some additional upgrades from TES5: Skyrim, the graphical quality of TES5: Skyrim, and a first person point of view centered open world which would encompass all of Nirn regularly.

    But here is the rub—I never pictured it as a straightforward MMO, but rather as the single player RP experience which is already present in the entire Elder Scrolls series with the option to participate and complete content in various cooperative modes.

    My point? I can get the experience which I want from the Elder Scrolls series as they are now. It is what makes the Elder Scrolls series great. So, please, just keep the Elder Scrolls series “within the family” and use that fundamental formula on Elder Scrolls Online.

    Converting Elder Scrolls Online into a clone of preexisting MMO(s) betrays what makes the Elder Scrolls series great—it takes the experience which I want and can get from the Elder Scrolls series as they are now and replaces it with a different, trite, and personally unwanted experience which I can get from preexisting MMO(s) already.

    In short, I feel that Elder Scrolls Online, as it is shaping up right now, is a bad idea.

  24. Looks awful. I’ve spent a lot of time playing mmo games, I’m burnt out and bored of the formula. I play games like Skyrim for a change, there is no way I will pickup TESO. I think you have made a very big mistake, this will die pretty quick. Out of your two main franchises I think Fallout would have made a far more intersting MMO, there would have been plenty of scope to do something novel. TESO? I really hope you havent sunk much money into this project, you won’t be getting it back!

  25. The excuse that Zenimax and Bethesda are separate companies and are completely independent is bull. The two companies are joined at the hip.

    Whatever happens at Zenimax you can be sure that Bethesda is aware it.

    This MMO is clearly a generic WOW clone. It exists to produce easy money, at least that is how it would have been seen when development began.

    Today the MMO genre is over-subscribed, has a fickle customer base, and is generally lacking in innovation. Based on current information the Elder Scrolls Online does not appear to be adding anything novel to the mix.

    Beth and Zenimax are going to have to find a way to step out of the [email protected] they find themselves in without damaging the Elder Scrolls IP any further.

    I am disappointed that Beth (or Zenimax if you must) would foist something so average onto their fans.

  26. Everyone can complain about TES Online as much as they want and it will never make a difference. Bethesda has almost always ignored what the consumer says about their products.

    An example is Oblivion, all of the “core” TES fans of the time complained non-stop because it was different than Morrowind but because the LOTR movies were being released and still fresh the game did extremely well and gained a NEW fan base. This is no different.

    If you like TES Skyrim and the other single player games they will continue to make them for your to enjoy BUT if you think they are making this MMO for us you are mistaken. They are making this game for a different audience, a broader audience. They don’t need us to make it a success. This is typical Zenimax/Bethesda strategy and it has worked for them thus far and IMO it will continue to work for them.

    I will wait until there is REAL information to decide on this title, screenshots and trailers have never captured the essence of a game.

  27. Mmm… I noticed the three creatures that were clanged in each other were not three dragons, but a loin, a bird and a dragon, and I heard recently( a month ago) that these three were the symbols of the three guilds( sides) you can choose, not like the usual two, but three! I still don’t know how the game is going to look like, because this screenshot could have been taken anywhere in tamriel… and anytime.

  28. it’s not looks like a TES. It looks like a common MMORPG
    instead making a new MMORPG, why u no making new fallout series?

  29. hero engine? really? all that’s going to produce is a watered down WoW clone, just like SWTOR. If they absolutely HAD to make a TES MMO, it would have been a great franchise to break out of the MMO cookie cutter. Instead they take the easy way out, use the same tired combat system, same predictable crafting system, and the same ol boring pvp.
    Don’t believe me, look at SWTOR. A game that, through its entire development, promised to be nothing like WoW and to deliver an MMO experience the likes of which have never been seen.

    And one more thing: this will be the last TES game that is developed for PC. 😀

  30. What people don’t understand is that it’s not Bethesda that is making this game, Zenimax Online is (Beth only publish it, kinda like with FONV) and the true ES series will continue JUST like it does today. This MMO thing has nothing at all, 0%, nothing, not one single thing to do with the true Elder Scrolls games. The single player series will continue just like it always have and we will get out TES VI with no delay. Don’t like it? Don’t get it. Nothing will change in the normal series.

  31. I thought this was some kind of joke when I saw it. This is the best screenshot they picked? Is this from an alpha build?

  32. How many times will people ask ‘why make the game’ when the answer is so obvious? Because people will buy it. Just because you aren’t one of those people doesn’t invalidate the opinions of the people who are.

    Ultimately, why is it such a big deal to you? If you aren’t going to play it, why do you care if it exists? I don’t eat asparagus because I hate it but I would never tell the farmers of the world to not grow the stuff.

    The Elder Scrolls isn’t sacred. Hell, Battlespire and Redguard are evidence enough that the series can be used to make a number of different game styles. They aren’t the kind I prefer but I know a number of people who love them.

    Seriously, I am one of those ‘been into the Elder Scrolls since Arena’ blowhards same as the next zealot but we really need to realize that what WE think the ES should continue to be isn’t necessarily what the company wants to pursue. They aren’t punishing us by making new games.

    MMOs can and do make money and using an existing product like the ES as a basis can only improve their odds. People like things like this and I applaud any effort Zenimax and Bethesda make to keep the Elder Scrolls property alive.

  33. Not too impressed. Skyrim was a beautiful game with a great look and feel. These screens look so generic, it’s almost boring to look at them. The armor designs look so..generic, the models look…generic, the backgrounds look generic and uninspired. It looks like no love, or care has even been put into making these few “leaked” screenshots look like anything spectacular. This could be a major fail on behalf of Zenimax. Not interested in this one bit until they show us what the catch is and why I should care about this game.

  34. Welcome! To! World of elder scrolls! Seriously this should look and play like UO 2 not wow 2.0. Sad just sad.

  35. Check this out, from ESO forums. This is an analogy for what ESO has done to us TES fans (Imagine if you were a COD fan and Activision announced this). Freakin’ HILARIOUS and also a little sad:


    DOUBLE HELIX GAMES, makers of “Battleship: The Game” are currently developing a brand new MMO for Activision’s acclaimed, signature first-person shooter franchise: “Call Of Duty.”

    Built upon the WORLDFORGE engine, COD: ONLINE, will feature a new and exciting third-person view from which to control your soldier! Pair that with the same MMORPG mechanics so many veterans are used to, with hotkey, timer-based combat, cooldowns, but in the fast-paced, hardcore military environment of World War One and we can’t lose! The story of CODO will be a pre-pre-prequel to the Call of Duty single-player games, that sees many familiar faces on dead old French people from the first COD WW2 game, as actual main characters that you and thousands of others will control across the theaters of WW1. Why not the core FPS combat of previous COD games? Well because in an MMO that would be technically IMPOSSIBLE! (Don’t google “Planetside” please).

    From the Sommes to Gallipoli, you will march across decimated wastelands and war-torn landscapes to finally fire one round from your bolt-action rifle and be immediately cut down by incessant, AI driven machine-gun fire that will guarantee a historically accurate outcome to the war. Keep in mind though, the rock-paper-scissors of hotkey-based 3rd-person combat! If your opponent uses his “Mustard Gas” AOE DOT then you counter with your “Gas Mask” Interrupt and press the number 2 to fire your gun at him. Suck at aiming? Don’t worry, all you have to do is tab target your enemy and you will hit him in the face every time. Battles will be staggeringly huge, sometimes up to 100v100 in the same battlefield! Did we say battlefield? We meant Call-of-Duty.

    Also, we’ve decided to approach the art-style with a more cartoony feel to it. Considering the success of games like “Team Fortress 2” we’ve decided to basically copy that. It’ll be great, you’ll love it. You have to! It has “Call of Duty” written on it! You don’t want people to think you don’t LOVE Call-of-Duty do you? Think of how bullied you’d get in school, and that cute girl in class would never look your way again without a lifetime subscription to CODO! Since we also own Blizzard, we’ll also be able to do some cross-promotion with you WoW veterans, who will feel right at home in the trenches of WW1 since all the battlefields are basically re-skins of Arathi Basin. You can even earn some new unique gear in CODO that will give your WoW character some new looks like, a German WW1 helmet with that cool spike on the top! Imagine your level 85 Goblin wearing one of those! Badass!

    Last thing, the shareholders at Activision have said that if this doesn’t blow away WoW’s lifetime sales in the first week and score at least 103 on Metacritic, they will close the book on all future COD projects, regardless of genre or developer. It’s only fair, since we’ve invested more money and manpower and time into this game than any other COD before. So if you want COD to continue, you will buy this game and subscribe to it. Forever.

    Love, your “bestest pal ever,”
    Robert “Bobby” Nicholson J. “I was in Moneyball with Brad Pitt” Kotick

  36. Why would someone buy this game? and not WoW,TERA,GW2,SW-ToR?

    Please tell me, what does this game have that those does not?

    TERA and GW2 is the future of MMORPG combat

    WoW is the major mmorpg out there, SW-ToR is made in the same engine, which will be SW-ToR medieval?
    Why would someone Buy TES online? is it just for the name? if this was called World of Heroes or something, nobody would buy it, and i dont think many will buy this title either, it lacks everything from what we have right now.. we already have what this game does not have at this early stage at least..

    By changing the combat to a modern mmorpg style, making this the first FP-mmorpg would also make it a unique and cool one..
    But nope, WoW formula, SW-ToR engine, and third person.. good job.


  37. Guys, please just scrap this and pick something else. SWOTOR was promising to be something different from WoW, and they spent 300M on it, but when it was released everyone saw it as the WoW clone it is, and they have already given away a free month to pad the subscription numbers to try and hide how bad they are doing.

    Going through with this and providing a WoW clone will make you lose money. Anyone who wants a WoW clone is already playing WoW. Anyone who isn’t playing WoW isn’t playing it because they don’t want too. If they wanted to play a game that plays like WoW, they would play WoW. Adding a theme doesn’t make a game different, case in point with SWOTOR.

  38. If I hadn’t known this was elder scrolls online screenshot I would have said it was a screenshot of RIFT. Just cancel this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Noooooooooooo! Please stop that sh*t Bethesda! Stop them destroying your work. I know you guys from Bethesda hate it – you gotta stand up now or its to late. You have to completely work over this stuff and release a REAL TES Online much later than 2013.

  40. I’m kind of worried here. This doesn’t feel like Elder Scrolls to me. The cartoony style feels all wrong.

  41. This game looks horrible and the proportions of the characters look like world of warcraft im dissapointed eww.

  42. I read alot of the comments above and must say that if there wasn’t people willing to buy this, they wouldn’t make it. I personaly won’t get it, but i hope they do a good job on it so we won’t later look back at this as a stain on a great series.

    • People were willing to buy an Elder Scrolls MMO. This isn’t that, this is another generic MMO that just happens to have TES in the name.