Happy 20th, Wolfenstein 3D

Update: Steam users can celebrate Wolfenstein’s anniversary with these deals…

  • Wolf Pack for $3.75 (75% off) — includes Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Spear of Destiny, and Wolfenstein 3D
  • id Software Super Pack for $49.99 (50% off) — includes so many games, you should just visit Steam to get the lowdown.

Original Post: This past Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of id Software’s legendary FPS game, Wolfenstein 3D. To commemorate the occasion, we’ve got a few treats so you can “Get Psyched!”.

At wolfenstein.bethsoft.com, you can relive all the glory of id’s seminal shooter with a free-to-play browser version of the game. And for limited time, iOS users can download Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum for free on iTunes.

For a retrospective on the game, Nick and I recently sat down with John Carmack for a director’s commentary track. Watch the video above, as he discusses his memories of the game while playing the original DOS release.

Last but not least, we’ve put up two Wolfenstein items on Xbox LIVE’s Avatar Marketplace. Purchase a Wolfenstein t-shirt (male/female) for 80 Microsoft Point and the Classic B.J. Blaskowicz Mask for 160 points.

Have a favorite memory of Wolf 3D? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section.

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  1. I hate lunch at the office.. is hard understand what the hell they put in this food.

    You guys have luck inside BGS.
    hey! bring some videos about your lunch area!

  2. Sorry, your IP address shows you are coming from a country that requires us to block access to this particular site. 🙁

    Srsly, the ban was back in 1994, did you ever try to unban that based on “freedom of art”?

  3. “Sorry, your IP address shows you are coming from a country that requires us to block access to this particular site.”


    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

    Austria is NOT Germany. Steam got the message, all their titles are freely available in Austria.

  4. I disaggre with john carmack in his commentary when he mentions that games are now better because of the more graphical power available to them, graphics dont make a game better. Is it kinda sad that wolf3d is more fun to play than rage?

  5. German law requires it, because of the heavy Nazi symbolism. Never mind the fact your ultimate goal is to kill cyborg Hitler… they’re apparently afraid that if a German sees a swastika they’ll suddenly turn into a Nazi themselves. As for Austria, I’m not sure. Either a similar law, or just you share a range of IPs and got caught in the effect.

    • – No similar laws.
      – We don’t share any IPs. It’s obvious from my IP which provider I have, which country I’m from, and even in which town I live.

  6. amazing, has it really been that long? congratulations to John and everyone else at iD that worked on this seminal game! this is a part of my long heritage of first-person shooters, from the days of Wolfenstein and Marathon on through to Battlefield 3 and the FPS Fallouts.

    • Wolf, Doom and Quake are John Romero and John Carmack.
      Both together are the best time of id software, during the 90´s.

  7. I remember standing in a Sears back then, watching this guy load Wolf3d Shareware on a computer. I was instantly hooked and bought my first PC-Compatible right there.