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  1. TES is all abaout the characters and the stories? Did this guy even play one of the games? Its all abaout the gameplay.

    There are so many developers – at least one of them has to know the TES series. Why did none of these guys stand up and yell “NO!”?

    I really never have seen a studio moving that far in the wrong direction. Never.

    • “I really never have seen a studio moving that far in the wrong direction. Never.”

      I couldn´t agree more!

    • Gameplay? The combat system is terrible in TES games. I don’t think it would be too far of a stretch to say TES is more about immersion in a massive, amazing game world than hacking and slashing.

      • I disagree, in past games especially Morrowind the combat was awful and just annoying. I think that Skyrims was excellent, it is simply not easy to make melee weapons feel a clean combat-wise as it is guns.

        I think skyrim did it perfectly.

        • The combat in Arena and Daggerfall was far greater than any of the other TES games. In Skyrim for instance, your weapon only swings in one direction.

    • The guy in the picture say “as you see, i have no idea what the hell this thing are.. but in the end, we called Altmer or in elvish, the window of power”.


  2. Matt, when I look at the art of the game nothing about it says TES. All I see is another uninspired MMO. Why? I can understand the cartoony graphics in an MMO. But why this colorfull monstruosity?! It’s disappointing because there is room to make something brillant. After how gorgeous Skyrim was, this looks like an insult. Pull the plug now and start over. This is not what the fans of TES want.

    This is not TES! TES IS BETTER THAN THAT!!!

    Where Todd and his brillant team have been successful, you´re gonna to fail miserably. And millions know this forever…

      • Todd and the BGS team have been a resource — for clarification, questions, consultation — but they are not involved with the development of the game. Over the past five years they’ve been focused on Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

        • Todd would never, EVER, allow this to happen. He loves TES. He is a succesfull development. A modern genius.

        • gstaff, defense shield and herald of the news.

          From the first post, i known that participation of BGS is most than certain. TES is the entire life of those guys… Fallout is just a foreigner who was adopted with great success.

          I think the company made the announcement too early, maybe months after a big cleaning in the house of Skyrim (problems) + DLC. The users get a nice pile of updates, reducing the number of fanatics.

          I am a dissatisfied customer, but I will not fail to access the MMO to test for sure.

          SiliciusEscipion, your turn! about someone say “i try TES Online for sure”.


          • There are two kinds of crazy …

            Those who spend hours in single player mode, to finish all, testing mods, or things like “in this life, i am a thief” whatever.

            Those who spend hours playing together, finishing quests for special itens, more points, better armor and looting.

            In the end, have millions of potential new consumers waiting about news, because his addiction in MMO, requer more and more of the same. Like start a new character, thinking in be a bard, running to Solitude, first time, and you cant touch any kind of instrument!

            Just launch this thing and be happy.

          • My problem it’s not that the game is a MMO. It’s the art style! I don’t understand why they choose that Guild Wars/WOW/Two Worlds armor/escenary/palette style, over the correct TES style? I’m sure that Todd can develop a Mario Kart style TES game, and in the first screen they show to us, anyone could say: Hey!, it’s a racer TES game!!!
            Sorry my english. It’s not my native language.

        • Hehe distantiate? JK, Zenimax totally has to redo their art style and make it live action combat, im not saying graphics are bad which are not, just the proportion and style of the characters dont fit with TES.

  3. I really felt performing operations of a typical MMO during my time in Skyrim. Many missions to collect and return, food, make armor, whatever.

    Of course, all useless at the point (craft system) since what armor/weapon is indestructible. And is not too dificult, find or buy a anti disease item. Have the blood of a werewolf is very usefull, because vampirism is a stupid shit condition, is just be a falmer… always in the dark.

    But an MMO? now is a fact. I want to see where this is going.

  4. I’m just glad TES:O is being directed by someone who is really a fan of TES in the first place. I think the critics are reading too far into too little. I can’t wait as more info comes out!

  5. Sounds interesting. Can’t wait til the video circulates so I can watch it. Game informer’s videos don’t load.
    Personally, I’d still prefer a multiplayer mode for the single player style game play, like LAN or something. Or if an MMO, with the same style of play. I’m unattracted to the cartoony, turn-based thing.

  6. I wanna talk controls for this game. So far from what I’ve seen I know there are gonna be a ton of things I’m not gonna like about this game. It all comes down to one thing for me though, It’s The Elder Scrolls, and it’s Online. I really have faith that I’m gonna love it, not tied simply to the fact of the people behind the series, but that I love the series. Everything from the planet, the races, the lore, the provinces. I mean I love TES. All of this being said, I don’t play games on computers, I like the feeling of having a controller in my hand. It makes everything simpler, smoother, and it makes all of the actions seem more integrated how they should be. I just don’t think I would enjoy the game if I had to use a keyboard and mouse. One thing I hope for with this game is the ability to use Console Controllers. One thing that’s worrying me is that I will buy this game for Mac. However I play TES on Xbox. I like the Xbox controller. I hope I’ll be able to use my Xbox controller on my Mac while playing an MMO computer game. I just wanted to vent this worry I’ve been having. How does everybody else feel about this? I’m just wondering.

  7. Rage MMO? DOOM MMO? mmm…
    As gods and creators of the genre FPS (First Pay System).
    We Understood a lot about MMO too. My new engine supports 6 players for multiplayer, then people uses facebook to share the adventure, using amazing megatexture screenshots! mmm..

    Rockets and MMO are all the same thing, is all about a podcast with me.

  8. is it just me or did zenimax not see all the negative comments in the other threads and the hundreds on other game forums?

    also why is this on beth blog, its not a beth game
    if it was we would’nt be saying how rubbish it is

    they should scrap this till beth have the time to build it the way it should be

    • They have much work to do.

      After Oblivion my posture equal “no more open world bullshit with bugs”.

      Later in 2011, during the Quakecon… Todd show Skyrim for the audience, with a lot of people screaming “SHOW the WATER! is amazing! GOOOSH!”… i was there! screaming too! fuck, i think have some kind of LSD in the food inside the event.

      in resume.. sells very well in the end.

    • what scares me today in the shows, are attitudes equal to id software. in the early days, Rage is the best looking game, shine on pc, consoles.

      The public began to notice and question the texture and effects.. then immediately, maybe have diferences between the versions.. pc is no more focus, xbox is better, but ps3 is more powerfull.. nothing make any sense X)

      but, Todd Howard bring a good show.

  9. Why TES, after reading the new gameinformer i come onto here and see this… and ask myself should i spend money on which WOW or TES, and i think id perfer wow cause this isnt TES >< at all, i basically be playing the same game as any MMO after this stuff… im a disappointed TES kajiit, id thought TES was more than this QQ

  10. Hmmm….not really sure what to think, but am willing to keep an open mind and give it a go when it appears. I don’t expect a true elder scrolls experience, but it should be fun nevertheless.

  11. Curiosity:

    Will be F2P with Online Store?
    Purchased as a normal game with Online Store?
    Purchased as a normal game with monthly fees and Online Store?
    or F2P with monthly fees and Online Store?

  12. This is a bit of rant here, but I think its important to say now particularly if the Beth Online team is interested in critical feedback.

    As a huge TES fan & PC gamer since the days of Morrowind (damn I have been craving to start Morrowind again lately) hearing speculation on this MMO a few years back it certainly perked my interest.

    But I have to admit, after this recent announcement and seeing the graphics I have lost all interest. A) the graphics look cartoony; like WoW or any other generic MMO and B) nothing about the game world setting jumps out as hugely interesting.

    This notion that ‘tiny parts’ of each province will be playable is like feeding scraps to a hungry dog. Why don’t you give us the steak! This MMO announcement would have had 100x more impact if you guys would have come out and said “the entire province of Morrowind is playable!!” and no, thats not unrealistic – fans have been asking for a remake for years (particularly in the modding community) and so this would have been a slam-dunk way to get every die-hard TES fan to at least sign-up and try the game. I for one would have been freaking super excited to play “Morrowind Online”. And then a year down the road you could’ve released a big expansion back called “Oblivion Online”. And then a year later, “Skyrim Online” and so forth. There you have it – perfect model that would capture new and existing fans.

    Instead we get this generic looking MMO clone that has has totally dissapointed the existing fanbase.

    But there is still time. You can still make this happen. Rebrand and refocus the game world on Morrowind, retexture graphics, and make it happen.

  13. bad news? try the entire concept, semi turned based combat, wow-like gameplay,the world is broken up(non-access), THE ART, its all been bad news… they simply want to milk the MMO cow. And every bit of info we recieved so far reflects this… god, i hope they didnt mess up TES lore!
    I am losing faith that this game will be worth our time… hope im wrong

    • The most beautiful part is gonna be seeing characters jumping aimlessly and dancing funny pop music. M’aiq just can’t wait for that moment to come.