Workshoppin’ for the Weekend

Wanted to let you know that Steam is having a sale this weekend on Workshop-supported titles. This of course includes Skyrim, which is marked down to $40.10 (33% off).

If you’re a console player of Skyrim, now is a better time than ever to check out the PC release and its amazing modding community. As noted on the BGS Twitter account last week, more than 13 million mods have been downloaded on the Skyrim Workshop. Crazy!

Reader Comments

  1. Gstaff, will we be seeing another update for Skyrim anytime soon? Back in December you guys said you’d be looking at balance and exploits – any chance you can share any information on that?

  2. maiq said it. 33% off is good but not great, if you ALREADY OWN ONE VERSION. How about 50% off for ps3 and xbox version owners?

  3. you’re being sarcastic! (yea its obvious) but anyways nice try bethesda ill stick with my ps3 you are not getting more money from me till another tes game come out

  4. “so you just bought Skyrim for ps3, but its full of bugs, right?. No worries you can buy it for PC, theres a 33% discount!!!!!”