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  1. Some people told M’aiq that the cake is a lie. M’aiq is not interested in that cake then, he doesn’t like lies.

    • I guess no one noticed, for a game sold in the range of millions of copies, the number of problems according to the statistics received in Bethesda, do not come close to causing “the worst experience possible.”

      Is surely the most solid release of the company, i have 1000 hours of play (pc), now I’m waiting for news, and my colleague has gone from 800 hours in the ps3, with very little to complain about.

      Is the only company offering a massive rpg, with full support for mod today. The silence to post an update, is because they are working hard, with three platforms and millions of customers waiting for a huge list of news. People think is just 1 week, and all done.

  2. Maybe it tastes bitter sweet.

    Bitter to those who have problems with Skyrim, sweet to those of us who don’t.

  3. Wow, an awesome cake and an awesome blog. I’m going to try out some of those recipes. As soon as I’ve stopped dribbling over them ofc.

  4. This is so epic,But the question is,Why would anyone eat this? i mean look at it! Why eat a master piece like that??