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    • Yeah… It’d make a lot more sense if one race dominated the others or if a powerful leader arose that forced all of them together. Not this inexplicable “respect” crap. It goes completely against the themes of racial animosity and xenophobia present in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

      It also doesn’t help that the Zenimax Online rep explained the background of the faction all in one paragraph. It sounds like he doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. The rest of the article was lifted from information that already exists.

      I mean they’re already destroying TES gameplay and art style with this release, now they gotta destroy the lore?

      The more I learn about this game, the more worried I become.

      • “I mean they’re already destroying TES gameplay and art style with this release, now they gotta destroy the lore?”

        My god! ^^^ THIS

  2. Wellllp, looks as if the Elder Scrolls has finally kicked the bucket with the release of this crap. Is it Bethesda hashing out this garbage or someone else?!

  3. it’s amazing how people can judge a game that hasn’t been released
    seriously, not even a gameplay video and they are already calling it crap

  4. M’aiq has traveled all of Tamriel. But M’aiq doesn’t recognize this colorful place. Perhaps it doesn’t really belong to Tamriel, or perhaps M’aiq has never traveled at all.

  5. I really hate all the people that bash this without even playing it.
    And regarding the lore… please, don’t forget we’re talking about the Second Era here. Just look at our own history, how much can change in several centuries…

    • I sort of agree about the gameplay, but not about the lore. While none of the games in the TES series took place in the second era, they did feature history books.

      You’d think something as major as a daedric invasion would’ve been mentioned.

      Bretons allying with Redguards is plausible. Throwing Ocs into the mix isn’t.

      Acording to previous lore the Aldmeri Dominion was only formed at the end of the second era, not in the middle of it.

      And the Ebonheart Pact is worst of all. Calling it “lore unfriendly” would be like saying Hitler didn’t like Jews very much.

  6. people lets give them a chance! i was also skeptical at first but i think as die hard fans of the TES series we should let them know our inputs there by developers will try to improve the overall quality of this game. hey if this sucks we always have TODD and ELDER SCROLLS 6 🙂

    • TES 6 – Modern Warfare?

      Because Skyrim is a big landscape with a short history, short missions and thousands of repetitive attacks… and the dragons are useless, are too weak. In the end, nothing works close to the initial promotion.

      • What on earth are you talking about? There is more than one place in Tamriel you know and not all of them have been explored, you still have 3 – 5 places in Tamriel where future Elder Scrolls can be set. What a pillock.

  7. Wait to launch.
    Like it? then buy.
    Did not like? never mind.

    Stop crying over something that nobody has control over the production and cost. With all new releases and problems, the financial health of the company and her houses just got better.

    Is the same effect in the movie industry, focus on the masses, what they like, what they consume. The user who needs more focus in the classic/original content is not the big consumer.

    Is like one day, Michael Bay became a game maker, hum.. he launch DotE – Destroyers of the Empire, a open world about battle mages, amazing explosions… damn! i am a badass battle mage, with an armor made using special human fur! YEAH!

    Later, all companys with similar products, or idea to take the risk.. lets put more spells to burn and explode things too! is awesome! and a special gear using more special human fur! is more badass!

    My fear is such thing happen…

      • I believe the fanbase only increased with the news.

        Now the new audience that was attracted by the fight with Skyrim, have the chance of a MMO full of fight too.. the big public, who puts the disc just for playing, kill, loot, don’t give shit for the consequences with the world.

        Another thing i´m just waiting to see. Doom 4 with a total Fallout style, drawing more public post apocalyptic.

  8. Considering that each elder scrolls game as far as I can recall allowed you to choose between all races… Now we’re stuck with 3 races that people may or may not like… This game will be fun I have no doubt, but limiting the games choices and characters isn’t helping. All I have to say to the person who messed with the TES Lore and Gameplay…. “Stop right there Criminal Scum!”