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  1. Interesting that they acknowledge the various breeds of Khajiit. Maybe there’s hope for this game yet.

    Disappointed that Falinesti doesn’t move, though. I mean, having it migrate would be a pain, no doubt about that, but it not moving at all kind of sucks. Would be nice if there’s at least the *illusion* of movement- occasional camera shakes, sounds of creaking branches, rumbling off in the distance as it takes its steps.

  2. Say goodbye to elder scrolls six Nobody wants this game anyways and gstaff will this be based off of lore that allready exist or completly new lore

    • @Jason: The ZeniMax Online team has the same access to lore as the BGS team. The game itself takes place in the second era, a time well before the events of TES 1-5.

  3. Is Skyrim the Last Game or will there be a TES6 in the Future, because it seems TES MMO has taken over.

    Now why cant Most of that be in Skyrim, i mean look at the attention they brought to that Online Game and yet we Still have a Broken Skyrim with a DLC on the way.

    • The Pocket Guide to the Empire from Oblivion stated that Falinesti had already stopped moving for the first time in history. I think they started ESO development just after Oblivion which means they were just following what was already established, OR Bethesda was anticipating ESO by “rooting” Falinesti in one spot. Having an enormous tree with a city in its branches moving around however slowly is probably a coding/scripting nightmare so I wouldn’t blame them for that.

    • Skyrim will not be the last game in this series… unless the world ends this December 21st! ESO hasn’t taken over anything. It’s being developed by an entirely separate group of developers- it was being developed while Fallout 3 was being developed by Bethesda. The “brokenness” of their games has nothing to do with the MMO. Some people have complained about their experience of each of their games and the explanation for that is mainly that there are so many technologies interacting between those that Bethesda is using and the numerous programs that are on any particular computer(including consoles to a lesser extent obviously) and that their games are so huge and open that anticipating every possible glitch is impossible. Fixing glitches of whatever extent is also likely a daunting task even when they have good reporting of the problem from users like us. Give ’em a break.

      Peace, +Petrose

    • Different teams. TES:Online is being developed by Zenimax Online and TESV:Skyrim (and its DLC) is developed by Bethesda Game Studios. They are not the same group of people.

  4. Prepare to carry gas masks. the QuakeCon this year will have twice the chemicals in the environment, to cause total immersion, much more than in 2011.

    I bet everyone will scream “dance warriors of Tamriel weee” with players using gestures inside the mmo. In the third day, more gas, and you start loose your humanity.. and thinking: dance warriors? rocket what? Doom 4 = 40 bluray and no multiplayer because now everthing is better in single player.. this is a open world too.. what? Who is that blond guy, saying the audience only have stupid questions? hiLter?

    TES: The Eletronic Show? what?


    • How much you bet that DOOM 4 = bad game + 3d glasses?
      Will just be a crap, to use 3D glasses..
      maybe Microsoft Xbox 3d Glasses.

  5. Is necessary be a complete retard to buy something, just because have voice command or 3D glasses.

    Is like a fast food burguer.. the same crap, but with different promotion.

  6. It’s pretty and all, it would be better if it was TES6… goodbye Nirn, you will be missed…. Beth/Zenimax/whatever have decided to sell out to maximize profits in lieu of remaining unique and keeping it’s fans happy and immersed in your glory. R.I.P. Elder Scrolls.

    • You don’t seem to get it: TES:Online is not being worked on by Bethesda Game Studios – the people who brought us Skyrim and who are now working on ‘Dawnguard,’ the first DLC for Skyrim. There is no reason why BGS and Zenimax Online can’t work on two different projects at the same time.