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  1. Thats great! However I hope you guys keep it priced equally with retail when you eventually have a price drop. Lots of downloadable game are neglected and are priced over there current retail price.

  2. You guys are saying this as though it is a good thing. Sure, Gamestop sucks but this direction that gaming has taken ever since DRM became acceptable is exclusively detrimental for gamers. If things continue this way who knows what other product we’ll end up merely purchasing the “rights of use” for? Maybe cars? Doesn’t that sound great? Then you can’t sell yours anymore but hey, it’s rightfully the producer’s product anyway and not yours, right?

  3. I know Skyrim is amazing. But a lot less people will be buying Skyrin on Demand from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for £50, when you can buy it for about £20 in-store.

  4. The secret to having a successful console:

    1) Copy how PC gaming works as best as you can.
    2) Charge for features that are free (and better) on their original platform.
    3) Bribe developers to delay and cancel content for PC and PS3.
    4) ???
    5) Profit!

  5. Jamás pagaría por una descarga digital la misma cantidad que por un disco físico…

    Esto es el principio del fin de Bethesda…