MMO Update

Game Informer continues their month long look at the Elder Scrolls Online with two new updates…

  • Learn why Dunmers, Nords, and Argonians formed an alliance of convenience, known as the Ebonhart Pact.
  • Game Director Matt Firor discusses Zenimax Online’s MMO strategy in a new interview available here.

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Reader Comments

  1. Hey, you guys bork’d the ‘Ebonheart Pact’ link, it’s the same as the ‘MMO Strategy’ one after it.

  2. Just wondering, why did the Dunmer even need to join this alliance? The Tribunal have shown in the past that they don’t really need help repelling Akaviri invaders.

    The Nords, sure, I can see their stake in it.

    But the Argonians and Dunmer don’t really have any incentive. The Argonians, because well, slavery, but the Dunmer, like I said, already have the Tribunal, as Vivec and Almalexia have both repelled Akaviri invasions.

    • (And, I might add, the Argonians kicked *Mehrunes Dagon* out of Black Marsh single-handedly. They don’t need help either)

      • Good points. They’re killing the lore.

        As to your question, “why did the Dunmer even need to join this alliance?”
        I think that unfortunately the answer is to make Zenimax’s job easier; to simplify Tamriel for them and their target market (which seems to be less TES fans and more MMO-playing masses).

  3. Everybody in Tamriel knows Nords have a deep love for Dunmer and Argonians. This alliance doesn’t surprise M’aiq… not one bit.

  4. ^M’aiq — There would be benefits, I suppose. An Alliance with both would grant a more fair and reasonable air of diplomacy on the matter of immigration. We Nords would not so readily come off as a wicked race for an alliance with other races refutes the old implication of racial bigotry toward our people, and those who do pass our immigration laws would more than likely respect our internal laws and cultures and traditions, and be more susceptible to whatever fate we deem necessary to impose toward their presence; the machinations that involve their numbers, etcetera. This is important because the land of the Dunmer borders with our Skyrim, and clearly, the need for such diplomacy is evident in the Fourth Era, when a mass chaos creates of an influx of their peoples into our lands. The Argonians can never be a problem, as far as I’m concerned, for our habitat alienates their blood, their organism, and the whole of their genetic pool could only be mixed upon the most bizarre of circumstances, if at all. And if any issue did arise with our neighbours, whether they be the Dunmer or some other, an alliance would further extend our bond and strengthen it all the same, ceasing any future abhorrence, contempt, hostility.
    -Romeo Dragonface, Nobleman of Windhelm

  5. 🙁 It saddens me to see fans that think they know better than the writers. The writers can do what they want – it is THEIR game.

    • I disagree. By this logic any game developer could ruin the lore and story behind a game, change it completely and then say “Tough sh*t, it’s our game.”

    • You are right, The Elder Scrolls has always been directed by Matt Firor, from Arena to Skyrim… Todd and his team had nothing to do with the entire saga, it was always a lie, M’aiq doesn’t like lies.

      And you’re right, fans don’t know a thing about the games they spend hours and hours playing. M’aiq thinks it’s ridiculuos they have an opinion.

  6. I asked before and was ignored,so again:

    Will be F2P with Online Store?
    Purchased as a normal game with Online Store?
    Purchased as a normal game with monthly fees and Online Store?
    or F2P with monthly fees and Online Store?

  7. The more I hear about ESO the more depressed I become…

    I guess we really never will get the MMO that TES deserves…

  8. No doubt for sure the popularity of the factions will be in this order:

    Ebonheart Pact
    Aldmeri Dominion
    Daggerfall Covenant

    So does that mean being in any other faction apart from Ebonheart Pact, make it impossible to fully finish parts of the game?

    • Or atleast if you want to beat another faction, make sure your in the Ebonheart Pact to beat all, else joining the Aldmeri Dominion will allow you to beat one. Daggerfall Covenant, you have no chance

  9. 19/05/2012 – TES5 continues with tremendous bugs. chair inside chair, bed inside bed appear in the houses. catapult shots are falling from the sky in whiterun, days after the war ended. Tons of quests with problems, compromising major missions and miscellaneous objectives.

    What they hell happens? is possible the developers try to sell “the mod community correct the glitches” is possible such absurd happen? mod is to try provide new content, not waste time correcting all kinds of bugs.. christ! oblivion have tons of problems, but Skyrim have a infinity!

    Yes! we will continue to support the passion for “lore” when the TES franchise continue to prove, from Oblivion to today “quantity is better then quality”.

    Honestly, the MMO is just proof that there is consumer for everything nowadays.

    • The consumer should do a petition to try a more radical feedback from BGS, after selling a product so bad! unfinished! Nothing like back in the cave of “potema” just to kill some enemies, and realize the stupid blue spirit gracing the tower, after banish, after everything.

      Every single detail in Skyrim have flaws! MMO? who cares! just another wrong step.

      Todd Howard? I put this guy along with John Carmack on the list of false promises! they want is money, dont need respect.

    • I don’t know what game you’re playing, but I don’t get a single one of those bugs.The only bugs I see as of 1.5 are havok issues like floating weapons and spasming ragdolls.Catapults still firing at Whiterun after the war is over?I’ve spent over 500 hours on Skyrim and I’ve not seen that bug even once.Clearly you’ve either got some buggy mods messing with your game and you’re blaming it on the devs or you’re exaggerating.I’ve been through the civil war quest I don’t know how many times and not seen that bug once.

      • 1500 hours of a headache your lucky. at least I finished the main quest, after 3 broken games. go to hell supporting this crap!

        I really want to see the MMO out with everything that you hate as possible.

  10. Wow lmao alot of people don’t know their elder scrolls lore, not everyone. But yes at points throughout history the races hated each other, especially the beginning of Septim’s rule and 4th age between these 3.

    You guys have to remember this game takes place in the 2nd age, theres only a few books throughout the elder scroll games detailing the politics of this time.

    The alliances could very well make sence, however in one of the other articles “each race loves each other” haha ok maybe thats not true, but the alliances make sence.

    You can compare it to todays modern alliances where countries who have alot of background hate towards each other team up in military pacts. USE YOUR BRAIN.

    • “The beginning of Septim’s rule”

      That’s the era that Elder Scrolls Online takes place in. Just before Tiber Septim but after Reman and the Potentates. Reading the 1st edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire paints a very clear picture as to what this point in history was like.

  11. Is that In-Game or Art and why cant we have Houses up on Hills like that in Skyrim.

    I dont understand why the MMO is so spruced up, but Skyrim looks so Flat on the ground.

    Instead of 2 Different Teams working on 2 Diffrent Games, why not Join and make an Awsome TES Game, just look what those guys showed us when they had a Week Off and showed us what they can Actually Do.
    Season Changes
    WereWolf Perk Tree
    Better Physics
    Ridable Dragons
    and so much more.

    Come on Bethesda, you have so much Potential and your Wasting it on Money First, Pee on Fans Later

  12. This is so wrong. An alliance between Dunmer and Argonians with their recent history? Riiiight. Or Dunmer and Nords the way Nords treat Dunmer fugitives. I usually don’t object to small slips with reguards to the lore, since it’s absolutely massive and just about no one can make something new that is totally kosher, but that alliance is really unlikely! I don’t care that it isn’t the same studio. It’s still the same universe. So this just seems wrong. Glad I’m not going to get this. I think it would be very bad for long time fans and for people that care about the lore of this universe.

    • halfway withdrawn due to the 2nd era timeline. though still unlikely seeing how the other races viewed the argonians at that time. Or how the whole Dunmer society worked in that era.

  13. How about fixing Skyrim before you ram more of this rubbish down our throats?

    Seriously, all the quest bugs are a joke… PC users had them all fixed within a week by a 3rd party mod, how come Bethesda can’t manage the same effort with their own game? Tired of being force-fed Steam (as a PC user) and tired of being dumped on (as a console gamer).

    Bethesda boycott now in effect.

    • Indeed.

      Create a mod for exemple, is make something new, to improve visual content and bring more game options. Much time to try correcting the game is not creative, functional and smart for the user, who dont have acesses to all details of the core of the product, is a shameless argument.

      If a normal person consider buy something, with the necessity to correct included in the end, is smart or ethical, then ok.

      Is my last game by Bethesda’s for sure, just waiting the dlc after all the money and time invested.

    • “PC users had them all fixed within a week by a 3rd party mod”

      It doesn’t help your case to exaggerate you know. PC users had to wait months before getting all that stuff worked on. It’s still not all fixed. Bethesda has done very little of it themselves.

      Remember, prior to February there was no way to fix anything in the game using a proper tool. Using “fixes” from all that stuff pre-CK is why so many people NOW are having problems with the game.

      • I do not use mod as update. I prefer “mod” as an add-on, effect, not as an unofficial patch. An unofficial package, can not offer better results without wanting to disparage those who tried to help.

        Remains a weak argument, as solution. Mod is make use of additional resources (CK, exporters, textures) to bring news, is not to solve unfinished stuff, and Skyrim have things really, i dont know, odd, not finished in design and funcionality. Imagine if we would have maps for Quake, Duke Nuken, if that mentality of leave the problems for the modders too, in the first times, in the 90´s.

        People need stop protect those guys, is very easy see around the foruns and blogs, the Oblivion effect, about problems and waste of time. After 7 months, i do not believe in Skyrim with a better end, is like Oblivion… always damaged.