Feng Shui Dah!

This is the coolest wall decoration since Boba Fett sold Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt.

After being used for E3, PAX, and the Skyrim launch party, our 25′ x 8.5′ recreation of Alduin’s wall has made its way into the Bethesda Game Studios’ lounge. And in honor of its creator, the late Adam Adamowicz, we’ve added a plaque in his memory.

To see more pics of the wall, check out the Flickr slideshow below.

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s really a gorgeous piece of art and when I find it in-game, I stand there and look at it for a long time. Rest in Peace Adam.

  2. Oh, wow. That is a beauty. I really want one, yet I have nowhere to put it even if you sold replicas. Still, a guy can dream

  3. Outstanding! All you need to do now is rip out your carpet, install marble tiled flooring, and then put in some down lighting over the top and some burning iron braziers on either side.

    Where can I get one to decorate my Love Nest with?

  4. The sign of broken product was there from the beginning… a large crack that separates the wall.

    I should have guessed… someone try to help us, using a subliminal message. X)

  5. I know you guys keep all your game swag in one room, but it looked totally amazing with all the greenery as you carried it through the main Lobby.

    You should consider moving it there. A memorial piece like that surrounded by all that greenery would be an excellent way to remember Adam.

  6. Thanks for the link Kicenna. That should be added to the slide show.
    I’m betting you guys knew it was going to end up there before you built it. It’s a very convenient fit from floor to ceiling. 😛

  7. When I see this all I can think is “Carvings of dragons breath carvings of fire…” in the voice of Tobuscus.

  8. The power! The grace! The artistry! The Adam Adamowicz of it all!

    Thanks for sharing this special moment with all your fans 🙂

  9. Awsome Wall, now let see the Dohvakin put that in his Satchel, the 20 Ton things he carry these days and it all disappears in his tiny satchel :p

  10. Fantastic piece of art.

    And a pat on the back to whoever thought of “Feng Shui Dah” as a headline, gave me a good chuckle.

  11. Imagine the future ads and pieces from those guys, when the next game get near the launch period. Skyrim was epic in preparation for sales, a new standard inside the company. The huge dragon used during the launch event is my favorite, the model still exist?

    Independent of the todays result, the advertising material was spectacular.

  12. I was thrilled when I first saw this in-game. It looks amazing, especially when the flames were lit. It is a shame it resides in a place full of basterds who go against the Dragonborn, even though they are sworn to protect the Dovahkiin.

    I wish I could click my fingers and be the CEO of Bethesda. Looks like such an awesome place to be.