Questions and Quests

With plenty of info to digest from this month’s first look for The Elder Scrolls Online, Game Informer is now calling upon you to ask questions for an upcoming podcast interview with Matt Firor and Paul Sage. Post your questions here.

Until then, learn more about the game’s exploration-driven quests in a lengthy video interview with Paul Sage and Rich Lambert. Watch it here

Reader Comments

  1. Ok, ok… how about you’re a prisoner and you receive a long quest from an emperor?! Yeah? That’s original, right?!

    • I know right? I get it, an MMO is a first for your company (personally I think it’ll ruin the franchise but thats just me), but PLEASE give us SOME, not alot but SOME info on Dawnguard or I am going to go **** insane!

  2. Firstly I would like to say, I approve of the name of the first poster. Tell us sir, what is the future like?

    Back on topic, I think my primary question would be, what were the designers smoking when they decided that not only would it be a great idea to shove a well designed but definitely SINGLE PLAYER universe into an MMORPG setting, but, then make it’s style to be like that of WoW, the dying MMORPG?

    Seriously, I cannot abide such flagrant abuse of an established universe, for the sake of lining ones pockets with even more money.

    I agree with EtaYorius. Give us news about Dawnguard, a product that is likely to have such care and attention paid to it, one would think that it was actually Bethesda’s child.

    I can assure them of this. Dawnguard will get my money. Twice. Once for it’s timed exclusive on 360 and the second time when I buy it for my PC copy of the game.

    Elder Scrolls online will not get a penny from me.

  3. As soon as Game Informer is back online, I’ll post some questions. Probably futile, since I’m sure they’ll be selective and ignore the concerns/criticisms, but it’s worth trying.

    Mainly I want to know:

    1) Why are you forcing races to band together as though every member of each race thinks as one and agrees completely? Nords have a hard enough time working alongside other Nords, let alone with Dunmer. I’m sure some would agree to work together after repelling an Akiviri invasion, but ALL of them!? It doesn’t make sense, it’s against the grain of the mature and political setting of TES, and it’s poor for roleplay if players are forced into specific alliances based on their race.

    2) Does Falinesti move? This is important, and I’m unsure if the Game Informer article was serious about it, or if the author just copied/pasted the Valenwood lore from UESP and ignored the date it referred to. Lore is important, and TES lore borders on beautiful. Please don’t turn Valenwood into a static and generic fantasy forest.

  4. I asked before and was ignored,so again:

    Will be F2P with Online Store?
    Purchased as a normal game with Online Store?
    Purchased as a normal game with monthly fees and Online Store?
    or F2P with monthly fees and Online Store?

    • Remember that the F2P model, offers online store with things to buy and so on, BUT! without the use of money, in the end, their quests become repetitive, you can´t open anything after a time.

      I believe that ZeniMax Online should follow the model of the Blizzard, with a monthly subscribe, online store, but with full access to the quests. Consider that SW:TOR is not a huge sucess, i do not see a future so bright for TES Online, it seems, is just another MMO beautiful and fun, but nobody want to stay online in groups, collecting flowers right? this is the most weird scene possible.. pay to play, for hours collecting flowers.

      But i can´t play something online, where real money is necessary for buy crap for your character, open more quests… this sux. Actually, buy to play is relatively ok, if the game don´t smash you in the end, with boring gameplay or bugs. Now, buy the game and need pay to play, i can´t enjoy this, is necessary a huge level of addiction.. like those WoW weirdos.

  5. look not saying anything bad about the elder scrolls online, I have been a mega fan of The elder scrolls series, in fact ivebeen a fan of Bethesda since then and i have read the article on game informer and it seems to me that the elder scrolls online from my perspective looks like a replica of World Of Warcraft, you could even call this new game, WoW V2 for all i care because in my opinion its going to sell alot of copies for PC users and be a great game or they will sell alot of copies and say, hey i might as well of just gone and bought World of Warcraft for $20. Look, i hoping you all read this because in my opinion, Bethesda, What is this, i just bought skyrim, now, now you let some guy go and make a new elder scrolls, sure he seems passionate enough but it seems to me he revoloutionised his game to be around WoW type of setting. Bethesda contact me because honestly i actually need to give you my true thoughts and for the rest of you, i hope this makes a difference as the way you think about this add me on Facebook: [email protected] and tell me what you think about this, this crap, because not only does it look like a copy off of WoW but its only on PC, nothing against that or the guy that decided to make this, its how its been setp that i have a problem with, thank you for reading this and dont forget to add me, tell me what you think about this. Thank you Bethesda and goodluck with YOUR next projects.

  6. Considering you have this blog with comments, and your own forum system, why do fans have to go through Game Informer to get questions answered? Talk about a 5th wheel…

    My one question, which I’ll post here, is why haven’t you hired Michael Kirkbride already?