Mounted Combat arrives in 1.6 Skyrim Update

The team at Bethesda Game Studios is excited to announce another new feature making its way into Skyrim… Mounted Combat! Like the recently added Kinect support (360) and new kill cameras, this highly-requested feature that was seen in the Skyrim Game Jam video is arriving for free. In fact, by opting into the latest Steam Beta Update, PC users can check out the feature today. As far as release on other platforms, we’ll let you know when we have more information.

Thanks again to all our fans, we remain committed to supporting the game through our free updates, mod tools, and more. And yes, we’re still working on our first add-on, Dawnguard – some great stuff to show you soon, stay tuned!

Read the current 1.6 release notes below…

1.6 Update (all platforms unless specified)


  • Mounted Combat – Skyrim now allows you to do melee and ranged combat while riding a horse


  • General stability and memory optimizations
  • General AI pathfinding optimizations and bug fixes
  • Optimizations and crash fixes for data leaks
  • Fixed rare crash with lighting
  • Fixed crashes related to loading and saving games
  • Fixed crash with summoned creatures/NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where saves would be corrupted
  • Improved logic for when ranged kill cams are played
  • Fixed issue with ranged kill cams while killing a dragon
  • Fixed rare issue with certain ranged kill cams not playing properly
  • Fixed issue with nirnroot lighting not properly cleaning up
  • Fixed issue where bow damage was being calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed rare problem with werewolf kill moves would not finish animating properly
  • In “The Break of Dawn” fixed rare issue where Meridia’s Beacon would disappear from player’s inventory
  • Fixed occasional issue where followers would disappear after player pays off a bounty after committing a crime
  • Fixed issue where certain creatures and NPCs would fail to respawn properly
  • Fixed rare issue with dialogue subtitles not displaying properly
  • Fixed issue with water appearing blurry when loading a saved game after creating a save underwater
  • Fixed issue where map cursor would occasionally disappear after closing a message box with Kinect enabled  (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed rare issue with shouts only performing the first level and not other unlocked levels with Kinect enabled  (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed issue where the shout buttons would stop working properly if users mashed LB and RB during cooldown with Kinect enabled  (Xbox 360)


If you’d like to download the 1.6 Beta Update on Steam, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into Steam
  2. Click on Steam in the upper menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Under the Account tab, go to the Beta Participation section and select Change.
  5. A drop down menu will appear. Select Skyrim Beta.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Steam will now restart. After Steam restarts, Skyrim will be updated to the Beta version currently available.

If you opt into the Beta, be sure to back up your saved games or simply be careful not to overwrite your existing saves. If you decide to opt out of the beta program, your old saves will still work with the current release of Skyrim on Steam (v 1.5).

If you decide you don’t want to run the Beta anymore, redo steps 1 – 4. At the drop down, select NONE – Opt out of all beta programs. Let Steam restart, and Skyrim will automatically update itself back to the latest released version.

To provide feedback on the beta update, use our beta forum.

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for the awesome stuff, Bethesda!
    I’m sure many of us will be happy if you’ll put these awesome underwater shaders we’ve seen in the game jam video in the game.
    Anyway, thanks for the awesome free stuff. This surely makes many customers happy!

  2. I know that skyrim is a big game, but is there a way to fix quest bugs that are keeping people from finishing quests. Or like me, I’m stuck in a dungeon in front of a nord puzzle door that won’t work until its fixed. I’m not trying to be all negative, but I think that when there are so many bugs that keep people from enjoying the whole game, that Bethesda should focus on making the base game work great…instead of adding something new (which I’m not against doing for the record)

    • Not saying im right, but you ever think you have the wrong claw key to open the door? Or that your not doing the combination right?

    • What about the quests like Retaking the Rift? There are “lots” of people complaining that Rikke won’t let you report in after getting the gold, so you can’t continue the main questline.

      This is on PS3. Most annoyed!

      • Retaking the Rift is not a quest in the main questline, it is a quest in the battle over skyrim questline (I think from the Imperial point of view).

    • Nick if you are stuck in the puzzle room where you need a dragon claw to open the door simply us the ~ key and type tck and hit enter walk thru the door and repeat the steps above to turn collusion back on.

    • If you are referring to “Yngol Barrow”, you have to talk to Birna, owner of Birna’s Oddments in Winterhold. If thats not the right quest, then remember that “Dragon Claws” never de-spawn. This means that if you sold the claw to someone, they will still have it in their inventory.

    • Hearing all these bugs makes me happy my game (xbox 360) works just fine! But deleting corrupted saves usually solves everything. I always hear it as a solution for all problems.

    • I’m stuck at near that same place because Svaknir won’t dispel the freaking door. He just stands there….URRRRRG!

    • i do agree, there are a lot of small bugs in the game but the majority of these happen either on individual computers or a small few computers so they can’t really fix bugs that don’t happen on all, most or many computers/consoles. i have seen a lot of complaints about graphical errors as well that are obviously caused by faults in the graphics driver, so again it is extremely difficult for them to analyse and fix bugs that are not on the computers and consoles that the testers are running it on.

  3. Im one Daedric away from getting the platinum trophy. A night to remember will not start . After doing the drinking game with Sam at least 50 times, it never blacks out. I have tried everything. Is there any chance on fixing this problem with the new patch? I have PS3

    • I have skyrim for ps3 and I didn’t receive the 1.6 update what do I need to do. I am connected to the enternet

    • If you killed ysolda in whiterun the quest wont start im afraid. If your playing on pc use the console command thing. I had this problem to. The only way on console to resolve this is to load a earlier save. Im sorry Mate.

    • you have killed either ysolda or a random farmer in rorikstead(forgot his name) those are the most likely reasons

    • I did all the daeric quests but for the ring of narmira (I duno how to spell it) I decided to kill the canables instead of eating the body and now I can’t get the trophy, and that’s the only one I need till I have them all, what can I do? the body is always there but when I click on it I dosent do anything it just says surch but dosent open up the surch menu.

  4. “Kill the Dragon in Skyborn Altar”.. No Dragon to kill.. just standing around with the Blade recruits.. will that be fixed in an update anytime soon?

  5. No love for spells? My character is 100% magika including bound sword and bow. Also, how can you use Fast Healing or apply defensive spells like Stoneflesh? These are important parts of combat missing from the gameplay.

  6. (PS3 User)
    I like that Bethesda is coming out with new features for free
    with these updates, but I wish that broken quest lines took priority.

    The quest line for the Stormcloaks is still broken for me at
    Fort Nuegrad and I unfortunately do not having any saves before that point (at least none that I would want to load back to because they are several levels back).
    This is a real deal-breaker since this quest line is a huge
    part of the game.

    The Forbidden Legend quest line is also still broken even though I have all 3 fragments.

    New features are great,
    but fixed bugs and quest lines > new random free features.

  7. As, always you give the fans what they want. Obviously, your updates keep coming from your Game Jam video so I’m very excited to see what else you add from that video as all of those features were amazing. Also, thanks for implementing things like this for free. Good to see some companies still put fans first.

  8. Bethesda,

    I play Skyrim on Xbox 360 and have been having serious stuttering/lag problems with the game installed to the hard drive and even when playing from the disc. I know this is widely considered as a PS3 exclusive problem, but it’s also an issue on Xbox 360, at least for me.

    Turning off auto-save seemed to help until I restarted the game a day later. The amount of stuttering is so distrating. The game is virtually unplayable. I would also like to note that I don’t have this problem with any other game, just Skyrim.

    Anyway, I’ve posted about this issue a few times in the past while waiting for updates. The issue was drastically reduced with patch 1.3, but then was reintroduced with 1.4 and seems to be even worse with 1.5.

    At this point, I’m about to just give up and sell the game. I think you should be ashamed releasing a game in such a rough, damn near unplayable state and charging $60 for it. I have to wonder if this game was even play tested at all or if you guys just didn’t care and rushed it out anyway.

    I’ll be sure to rent Fallout 4 and buy it used down the line… if it’s actually playable at all.

        • Hmm… Very interesting. Its not even a difficult problem. Its called you have a curropt save. Delete some older Saves after saving your game on a new slot, that should fix it.

          I have a PS3 and only ran into this problem once, and i found a curropt save and deleted it. This patch will make it so Curropt saves don’t happen.

          Also it could be that your game is not cleaning up messes right, Dead Bodies, and Arrows and other effects still linger all over Skyrim. This patch also says it will fix these.

          • i had a problem like this after 30+ hours gameplay, but you play through the lagg and it usually rights itself

            i play ps3 and had the problem of maybe 2 hours lagg, then it stopped

        • Jenn if you don’t like the game send Bethesda emails and yell at them, don’t bother those who actually like the game.

    • Have you though that maybe, just maybe you have a BAD game disc? You should exchange your game for a new disc and try that…

      Just saying…

    • On the PS3 its all about the HDD. Free up over 10gb at least. If that doesn’t help reinstall the game and update.
      If it has always been that way you may need a new HDD.

    • I know you said its just skyrim that lags, but that probably due to the fact that it is a new game thats playing on an old model 360. from the way you complain about the meagre $60 for the game, i’m guessing you haven’t bought a new xbox model in some time.

    • I have the EXACT same problem, no corrupt saves reformatted the usb drive i use for storage even put the game on my storage device and play with the disc in the system. I would love it if you guys fixed this problem because it does get to the point where i would rather watch netflix then run around skyrim for 15 minutes then have the game freeze for 5. 🙁

    • I heard of this, it came with a recent update. While the PS3 problem is now history there have been a few people on the 360 complaining about this which i assume was caused by a patch.

      Try deleting your installed Update/data, it may work then.

  9. Hey could you guys add support for radeon hd 4870 x2 because i cant play skyrim at all with it and it really bums me out like majorly

  10. Oh since I see you (Bethesda) answer people on your blog, I am expecting a response to my problems with your game. I haven’t been playing since 1.4 came out since the game is unplayable. When do I get to play the game I payed for?

    • Just delete some saves (Try not to delete your main save like i did 🙁 ) And then the game should be playable again. Its most likely corrupt data on one of your saves, and all you need to do is delete it and the problem should be solved. 🙂

  11. What do you not get! Its a Curropt save, its as easy as deleting that save, and boom your done, game works fine. Or mabye its as easy as getting rid of your crappy X-Box, cause Microsoft is really the money cheaters here.

    What do you expect a game that has practically 10x+ any other games content, on what is now being considered an outdated generation console.

    Be glad the game came out when it did, cause they were gonna wait for the next gen consoles. When you have a game with good graphics, huge map, loads of content (THAT IT MEMORIZES EVERYTHING), etc… You can’t expect its not gonna have a few problems. Bethesda would of still been testing and fixing the game and had it not realeased if they wanted to get every single thing fixed before launch. We probably wouldn’t recieve the game till 2013.

    Such a big game is almost impossible to fix every issue, they only have so much time, so much workers, and so much stuff to do. You think all they do is sit back and laugh at the people whinning about there crappy X-Box’s making the game unplayable? Take it up with microsoft!

    They have DLC, Other Games, Patches, & New Features that they are working on. Give them credit, please. Previous games were worse then the way Skyrim lags, or freezes (Because it dosn’t) & they never did anything to fix those. Be Happy that they care so much about Skyrim.

    You think they constantly fix things cause they like making us think there doing something, Do you think they like giving us something that they could easily have charged for. Do you think Bethesda is really greedy. DO you think you actually bought the game from Bethesda? Sell your game to Gamestop if you really want to, Bethesda did not sell you the game, they made the game.

    I have a PS3 and the game runs smooth as butter.

    • Sorry I don’t feel grateful for coming out with a game they knew wouldn’t work on the console that couldn’t support it and pretending it could. That is just silly. Then they should take every game back as defective.

      And I would not even get half on trade in. Plus I don’t buy games at Games top. They overcharge and have an awful return policy.

      I also won’t blame Microsoft. They didn’t make Bethesda do anything. That is like me blaming my mom because she gave birth to me and I went and got drunk which I know will make me sick the next day. (Hypothetical drunk. Didn’t actually get drunk last night haha.)

      And Bethesda is a business. Being grateful to a business is unAmerican and weird. I suspect they probably can’t fix the game so they are frying to distract people with new shiny features. The problem is that there are people like myself who can’t use them because the game is that broken.

      • Just like the rest of the American’s who are becoming stupider and stupid.

        Thank you for making America, a worse place to live.

        Its getting harder and harder to say, “Im proud to be an American” (Sing the song if you must 😛 )

        Anyways, the game works fine, and you should be grateful to Bethesda, they spent alot of time and money into making the game and even tho its worth way more then $60, its still $60 (Grant it thats kinda the way all games are due to competition… but still, you get my point)

        If you don’t like the game, or if its not working, im sorry. But that doesn’t mean you can be a dick to Bethesda when they are trying there best to fix the game and give us new things for free.

        Im sorry if i sounded harsh before, it was late and i was fed up with the negative comments to Bethesda. Un like most companies Bethesda cares about its game, and is willing to admit mistakes and fix them. They are by far the best game company, and deserve a little respect… An aspect which most Americans have no clue of.


        • Seriously why rant about a “broken” game you bought over six months ago for only $60. If my cup holder broke, I wouldn’t go on my car company’s website and bitch about how the car was a ripoff and that everyone need be refunded immediately. Stuck in the game eh? Why not create a new save and take it from there. Game files have been getting corrupted since the PS1 days, and I feel like it was way more frustrating back then. And btw, thousands of gamers worldwide play Skyrim on a regular basis, do you really think it’s a “broken game?”

        • I’m not “grateful” to any *company* that is in a business to make money and has invested a lot of money and is making it back. I’m not “grateful” to a for-profit enterprise. I’m “enjoying” and I’m “purchasing”, but “grateful”? No thanks. I’m grateful to altruistic organizations, not commercial ones.

        • No mike, i said most Americans. I am American to, but there are alot of people anymore that think its all about them. Im sure your a wonderful person Mike 😀 (P.S Fenrat is my characters name, hes an Assassin… and he has more respect then Jenn)

        • I support your defense Fenrat, although I have never believed Bethesda needs us to “Defend” them, they are an awesome company that is constantly finding ways to push the envelope on game design and storytelling. Skyrim…..compared to Oblivion… like the year 1912 compared to the year 2012. They defined (like Oblivion in it’s day) the gaming industry’s standard for “Sandbox” gaming. I play on an Xbox 360, and my game works perfect. I regularly check online forums for holes and glitches and how to avoid them, this ensures that I don’t get stuck in any holes that are out there. I have logged around 290 hours into my first Imperial (Samurai) character, completing almost every side mission and every main quest available, he is a level 78 One Handed (using the Daedric “Ebony Blade” format), Heavy Armored Warrior that is a lot of fun to play. But the important thing to notice is this: I have never had to start over because of a glitch. Sure I have had dragons that fly backward, and cliffs that I can walk through, heck even J’zargo disappeared, but every one of those “issues” is easily fixed by reverting to a previous save. If you save often and have saves to revert back to, then you will have a hard time finding many problems with Skyrim.
          I honestly believe it is the people who game for hours on end, without saving, that erase their auto saves, that when they get stuck in a part of the game, they don’t want to start over, so they complain. If you know how to play a free roam, sandbox type of game, then you will know that saving often is key. If you get to an impasse and don’t have a save to revert back to then start a new character. Don’t take it out on the game company, they made a game and allowed us to play in it’s world. It’s easier for you to start a new character than it is for them to reformat the game and fix something that you had a problem with.

          And just so everyone knows, the list of things at the top of this page…..are things that they have fixed.
          I have loved skyrim in every aspect and can’t wait for “Dawnguard”.

        • Also an american and also an assasin with this name.

          But unlike Jenn, haven’t had any problems with Skyrim at all on my 360. Well there was one with a dragon near Windhelm bugging out.. but deleted an old save and that cleared it up.

          Sounds like Jenn just likes rant.

        • ok first of all just because your game was a screw up doesnt mean all of them are you are acting ignorant and stupid atleast bethesda is trying to fix it but a game with with such a large map it is nearly immpossible to fix every bug maybe its your stupid 4 gig xbox thats causing the problems and not bethesda maybe you should get a better system ever thought of that maybe its to full of memory to play skyrim well because ITS A STUPID 4 GIG CHEAP XBOX!

        • oh and I totally agree with you on the fact that most americans dont know and never have known respect for other people though there are a few of us that do

  12. So it was nice you guys deleted my other posts about why you can’t fix the game instead of adding features to a game that is unplayable unless you have the PC version. Then you just want people to fix it themselves. So I don’t think you will ever fix the quests. You will just keep adding things people can’t play. And I will take your dismissive attitude as your customer service and what you really think of the people that buy your games. Well I won’t be your dupe anymore. And I will recommend your future games accordingly.

    • In a span of 5 hours, you harassed Bethesda and apparently slandered them for not tending to your specific desire within 5 hours. Nothing was deleted. Chill the fuck out.

    • Or you could just piss off. They have fixed lots of stuff already. It’s a big game. Bethesda is a lot better at customer service than anyone I’ve ever had to deal with, i.e. Blizzard.

      • Deleting files fixes a lot of bugs that I’ve delt with on my Xbox. I.e. had a headless companion walking around so i deleted the most recent save and it hasn’t happened again.


  13. Why dont you guys fix the quest in riften that makes you go to a guard tower and kill someone, if you kill them prior to the quest and then get the are stuck with a quest you cant finish because he remains dead….implement something like you did for others like the option ‘he is already dead here is proof’ to give to the quest giver…also..fix BRYNJOLF!!! HGe stays on the upper part of riften all day after you complete the planting of the ring in that dudes pockets quest…he is suppose to meet you in the underground inn *the name eludes me at the moment* fix the apparent bugs before going on all about the stupid add on….

  14. On behalf of everyone who has played every major TES title (and Fallout) I thank you Bethesda for finally adding mounted combat and adding it for FREE! I know your games aren’t perfect but I have yet to play a game that is more enjoyable than Skyrim and Oblivion! From the bottom of all the long running fan’s hearts I thank you for giving us over 10 years of great RPG sword slashing, dagger stabbing, item stealing, deer hunting, people killing, magic burning, gold looting, prison staying, skooma drinking, and Tamriel saving fun! And to the other TES fans, let’s hope mounted combat isn’t horse armour!

    P.S. Please keeping patching and adding free content to Skyrim!

  15. I’m having a problem where i jump in the water and as soon as I get in the deep it crashes. I then got rid of all my save files then started over again and it still did it. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but I would like to know if this one is going to be fixed with this new patch.

  16. It’s great that you guys are still adding new features like mounted combat. Makes the game experience even better.

  17. Your game really pisses me off but where to begin? So the only fucking issue i’m going to fucking talk about today, Skyrim crashes when I am in Helgen and im about to get my head chopped into about a million fucking pieces so fucking alduin comes along does his fucking shout power and the fucking game crashes every fucking time even with everything on ultra fucking low

    My comp specs
    AMD quad core
    Radeon 4870 x2
    4gb RAM
    32 bit windows
    Windows score is 5.5 that is the RAM
    the hard drive is 5.9
    everything else is above 7.0

  18. Thanks Bethesda,with the dedication of you, I want to buy the DLC and more games, of course, the game have some BUGS, but i believe, with time you can repair those things.

  19. Can’t wait for this patch to come out on the 360, the mounted combat sounds cool. (Even though my horses die a lot; I jump off too many cliffs!)

    • DITTO. Every horse I’ve owned has dies except Shadowmere… meanwhile my friend is still on the very first horse he bought in whiterun! no fair, LOL 🙂

      • Mine keep getting killed by dragons. I’ll enter a dungeon, come out.. there’s my horse at the entrance, dragon lands, kills my horse, then tries to have me for an after dinner snack. 😛

  20. I’ve been having an issue since the 1.5 update on my PS3. Every time I dive underwater, my game crashes. I’m hoping that this issue is resolved in the 1.6 update, because it’s sort of annoying having to avoid water like the plague.

    • [email protected] said on :

      if your playing ps3 reinstall the patch and it should fix itself. it wont screw up your saves if you reinstall the patch…
      btw…my bf had the same issue and i had to look up the answer on tech support really hard… 🙂

    • I’ve been having the same problem you just stated, and alot of people I talked to who use PS3 say it happens to them too. The only way I can join the stormcloaks now is to ride a horse over the lake to get to the island that the stupid Ice Wraith lives on. It is a pain.

    • I had the same issue with mine, delete your game data for skyrim(under game data utility on your xmb) and it should fix it.

    • This has been explained many times now. But here we go, one more time. BEFORE installing the 1.5 Patch, DELETE the game data and older patch data. NOT YOUR SAVE DATA. Then reinstall the game with the new patch. Problem solved.

      • Some people just don’t want to find a solution. They are here to whine and cry and vent their frustrations. Good on you for trying to help though.

  21. sense the patches came out the game plays awesome for me,jenne,just try what fenrat suggested you do,can’t hurt to try after what you have the way,the PC version is by far the best.

  22. This is awesome. I love Bethesda. Every other company probably would have made you pay for these little tweaks. Can’t wait for this patch and the Dlc

  23. Thanks for this awesome patch Bethesda! I really enjoy mounted combat. Will you guys continue to add more stuff from the gamejam video in the future? – like the new follower commands for combat style, training, distance, equipment, etc. and the possibility to set favourites for followers? That would be a great improvement for Skyrim – like everything shown in the gamejam vid. 😀

    so long

  24. p.s.: Horses for followers would be a wonderful thing.

    p.p.s.: @ Jenn – you should really try to do what Fenrat suggested. I have played Skyrim on PC for nearly 500 hours by now and sure I faced a few bugs – which was no surprise, Skyrim is a huge complex game – and most of those bugs could be solved by deleting a few save-files or reloading a save. Just try it, seems like you have nothing to lose.

    • Why try to find a solution when you can get attention by ranting and whining? Clearly she doesn’t actually want her problem fixed. She is just here for the drama.

      • your assuming it is a she. most trolls are guys.
        Looking forward to this update. i have skyrim on the 360 and have had few issues with it. runs silkly smooth for me. only crashed once since 11/11/11. only ran into one broken quest.

      • You are so damn right about that, it felt like talking to a wall even before I wrote the comment. However – it was my good deed for that day.;)

  25. I really enjoy this game but I was just wondering if the Jorrvaskr glitch on the 360 will be fixed anytime soon, or at least if I’m doing something wrong I’d like to know. I enter to get the Stone of Barenziah but I can’t leave. My game crashes whenever I try leaving.

    Can’t wait for mounted combat though, thanks.

  26. Love the update on the ps3. I can feel the difference in the controls of the character and the movement is very fluent. Great work, but there is a Very very big problem with this last update. It was downloaded May 28, 2012 10:30pm on my PS3. I cannot swim anymore, every time I enter the water the game will freeze, which means there are a great heal of quest that can’t be completed. I started a new character and went for a swim by riverwood and the game froze again please can you fix this. It is irritating to think I will need to wait an uncertain amount of months to play the game again, because of the bugs.

  27. Looks like a very good patch. The only thing missing is that you should fix the bug where Muiri says: “Thanks you for resolving my problem” every time you talk to her. Even after you have married her. I you would fix that, this patch will be perfect! 🙂

  28. Love the idea of fighting on horseback! It’ll look great with my new Ebony Armor. =D

    Can’t wait for the rest of the new content to come out.(Riding a dragon…*Evil Grin*)

  29. I followed Fenrat’s advice, and it worked perfectly. The visuals under water are amazing, and I love how you can see the sky clearer as you ascend. I can go on with the updates I have seen so far, but I have information about a quest that hasn’t been fixed since the the first update on the PS3. The companions quest where you are supposed to clear out a bears den isn’t re spawning. I had killed the bear 30hrs into the game before I even knew there was a quest, and now I am 377.12hrs into the game and I still cannot complete the quest because the bear isn’t there. This is one of the last quest before you get the complete upgrade for the werewolf. Feel free to send me an email if there is something I can do from here…..or I will just wait another 4 months 🙁 if it is necessary. But besides all that Love your work and games….big fan keep it up guys and girls.

  30. This is what I have been wanting sense 2005 with Oblivion! I have complete renewed faith in you guys. All I want now is some more Daedric artifacts- like the ones mentioned in Tamrielic Lore. Thanks!

  31. Is anyone else having a freezing glitch at Kodlak’s funeral on the PS3? I’ve tried everything to get around it, including fast traveling to another city; but even when I do that the game freezes when I enter Whiterun. Bethesda’s new patch doesn’t specify whether or not this glitch will be fixed…any suggestions, or do I have to just sit tight?

  32. i gotta say this game is just breath taking ive only ever had really one glitch and that was my guy didn’t learn the grey breards voice but other than that no issues saves great i agree with fenrat ita just your system i have a 320 ps3 and it’s smoother than the dos equis guy but anyway please bring it to psn soon and good work on what was already a fantastic game to begin with 😀

  33. First, Bethesda, congrats for this great game that ever been made! Like thousand of others players, i love it!

    PS3 PLAYERS!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

  34. To preface my criticism I should say this: I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time and it was well worth the wait, this game is a true work of art. The dedication and care that was put into this is obvious, it’s also obvious this game will win GOTY. I even bought a GTX 670 specifically to play this game on.

    Ok, not the rub: I’m really disappointed that the GTX 670 was completely unnecessary, being that Skyrim only utilizes 50% of it and, at best, 70% of my Q9650. I feel ripped off in a sense, $X,XXX for my computer to run a $60 console port. Maybe I’m just selfish, but I don’t think a PC game is too much to ask for.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I sense a lot of Morrowind in this game, which is a good thing, I love Morrowind!

  35. I play on the PS3 and it has worked fine since the day i got it (december 30). I’ve had no glitches,bugs, or crashes whatsoever. Every once in a while it will lag for a few seconds but i dont care. i am just waiting for dawnguard and update 1.6. Oh, and by the way Bethesda, i loved the game jam! cant wait!

  36. Coming from the PC side of the release. Thanks for doing what you could to swat the bugs and dodge all of the complaints from the screaming game fanatics among us. Many of us did not want to wait for years to get a perfect release. I know there is more work to be done, and you don’t get the appreciation you deserve. There are many silent voices, you don’t hear as well. Those who don’t bother to complain, but instead find a way around the bug. Those who appreciate the ability to modify the game, that usually provides a way to whack those bugs at least temporarily. We love it!!!

  37. BGS DEVS!!! on PS3 please fix the bug for Striking the Heart- Companions quest where you have to kill the silver hand leader. the AI sends you to a place that you have already cleared and there you are stuck with no where to go.
    here is a youtube video of exactly what it does:

  38. Mounted combat is sweet as hell. But I noticed that sometimes the enemy must be positioned exactly in front of my horse to hit it, which does not hold up to the swing animation. I do not know if this is a bug, or I just suck at it, now.

  39. Is The Marriage System fixed yet, once i Marry my Spouse, she just walks off with the Guests while the Priest is still speaking, so by the time i leave the Building, she Vanish from the Game and so does Aela aswell.

    • dude you have to be quick on the draw when you say i do (GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER) maramal will let you go and you have to run to your spouse and have them come stay with you (or visa versa) oh and i play on pc and I cheat haha CONSOLE CODES i can finish a quest by typing stuff. ahh ima jerk. Oh and jenn try what fenrat reccomends, swallow your pride be a big girl, unknot your panties & quit bitchin and delete some save files OR keep rantin & ravin to the dissatisfaction of the community. the reason bethesda released the game early is because their fans would (hold on a second, HEIMSKR GET OVER HERE!!!. Kay do your thing. heimskr:”RISE UP!!!”)and kill them all in their gamerly impatience.

  40. Thank You!!! Bethesda!!! For ALL you hard work!!!
    I know i will love fighting on my horse, because being attacked on my horse and having to then get off my horse and risk it getting killed, and not to mention sometimes my horse DOES die so i then have to shell out 1000gold alot to replace said horse. MAN this update will ROCK!!!

    tell me that the bug preventing me from opening the crypt door in Evil in Waiting is fixed! Mounted combat…meh. Getting all the Dragon masks…priceless.

  42. Does anyone know if the Companions “Purity” quest glitch will be corrected? If not, has anyone been able to successfully work around it? So far the suggestions I have read about have not worked. I play on PS3

  43. Dear Bethesda,
    Thanks for a 300+ hour game, and and thank you in advance for the DLC I’m already drooling about. As people seem to be griping about their respective game bugs, I’ll throw in mine too, if anyone can help. I’m a completist, a sneaky assassin-mage-type, so I left the Companions quests until last. BIG mistake. I can’t get past the first baby-steps quest after joining them, as I probably killed the NPC I’m required to coerce about 3 months ago. I’m supposed to go to Karthwasten, but the map points me to the Silver Blood Inn in Markarth. When I get there, the map tells me my guy is somewhere ‘underneath’ the floor of a room! Is 1.6 going to fix this bug, or am I doomed to never make it into the Circle?

  44. Mounted Combat is great but can your followers finally ride a horse with you either on yours or their own, I’ve got 3 horses but it sucks cuz my follower still has to trail behind me on foot 🙁 I know it’s little but I fill bad seeing my wives mother hoofing it while I’m on my steed, I like my mother-in-law in this game lol, she’s a beast

  45. One more thing bethesda, I love you guys when you all make games on your own but when y’all make them with other companies i.e. Obsidian and such (Id did a good job on Rage), they give you guys a bad name, just sayin. Also, can we get some earth, water, holy and dark magics please. I love you guys no matter what though, keep up the great work and thank you guys for caring about your consumers, not many companies do what y’all do