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  1. You can tell a lot about the graphical quality of the game from this gif. It seems to be somewhere between Team Fortress 2 and Medal of Honor Airborne. … Look like decent graphical quality will be maintained, while focusing primarily on gameplay … nice.

    My only concern is how long the game is. I hope it’s not too short.
    I expect at least “Deus Ex” in length

  2. Dig the gif, but your tumblr site doesn’t work right for me – even after clearing everything that makes sense in noscript. Big black box covering most of the page.

    • Nope. Win7 Firefox, up to date.

      Figured it out since posting.

      Looks like NoScript was blocking jquerey, which I guess does age verification and provides a (non-scrolling) desktop sized black box until age is verified. Looked like another tracking host so I was reticent to give it permission.

  3. So the first actual ingame gameplay Bethesda shows is a…..GIF ?!

    I really hope marketing for this game is going to step up, because if Dishonored fails and something bad happens to Arkane, I will be mightily pissed off. Industry needs this game to suceed.

  4. That would be Insane for your Dark Brotherhood Character in Skyrim, is there a Mod for that or could Bethesda do that with the Next Update 😀

  5. PS3 users will learn all they need to know when/IF review sites are given a copy to test.

    We all remember sites like IGN needed to go out and buy a copy of Skyrim because Bethesda “forgot” to send one along with the 360 and PC versions. Then, we learned why Bethesda “forgot.”

  6. Is not available a third person version ? All in 1st gives headacke and cinetic nauseacafter a while especially with all those movements …