New cover stories for The Elder Scrolls Online

Today a few European outlets kicked off their coverage of The Elder Scrolls Online. For their June issue, Dutch magazine Chief features a Nord on the cover. Check it out above.

Additionally new coverage is available in the UK, France, and Germany…

  • UK magazine Edge kicks off their coverage with a new interview with game director Matt Firor
  • French magazine Canard PC has revealed their Breton cover
  • See the Gamestar (Germany) cover on the official Facebook page

Stay tuned for new coverage and magazine covers!


Reader Comments

  1. hey can bethseda send me a beta key (alpha is better) i wanna play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been playing since morrowwind

  2. Wait I’m so confused about this game now, will this game allow you to play as all races or just one of the three which I thought were Nords, Argonian and dunmer? Please can someone explain that to me, seeing each of these other alliances gives me hope for more races to use… I’m hopeing the great amount of customization remains as well.

    • Each alliance features three of the races.

      Visit to learn about the three alliances

      Hope that helps

  3. I am really looking forward to just see how different races looks,And i am really curious about how your character cuztomization will be,I want gameplay D: also i just wanted to say,i didnt like this first,But now when i know more about the game i like it more and more! i am actually excited now!
    i dont know if you read this or will answer but,Will this game be shown at e3?