Dishonored Art goes Into the Pixel

In a release today, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the Entertainment Software Association announced this year’s winning pieces for the 2012 Into the Pixel collection. Among the selected entries was the above image, titled “Regent”, that appears in Dishonored.

Created by Sergey Kolesov and Arkane Studio’s art director, Sebastien Mitton, the piece will be displayed at E3 from June 7-9, 2011 in the Concourse Foyer. Following E3, it will be toured around the globe at other gaming events.

Congrats to Sergey, Sebastien, and the rest of the team at Arkane for this prestigious honor.

Reader Comments

  1. “I wish there was a desktop size one :(”

    “Please, a big image for us!”

    Google is your friend. Open the pic, open google image search in another tab, drag and drop the pic into the search. You’ll find versions in resolutions up to 5033 x 2573.