Announcing DOOM 3 BFG Edition!

Watch the debut trailer for DOOM 3 BFG Edition on the official DOOM YouTube channel.

DOOM 3 BFG Edition is the ultimate collection of groundbreaking games that defined the first person shooter. It includes DOOM, DOOM 2, DOOM 3, and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil, as well as the ‘Lost Mission.’ All DOOM 3 content has been re-mastered for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in stunning 3D for an even more terrifying FPS experience.

Watch the trailer

Reader Comments

  1. remember when “but can it run crysis” was “but can it run doom 3?”

    I wonder if crysis will look like this does right now 10 years later…

  2. Doom 3 is awful… repetitive, boring, gosh! you need a low taste for game buying this, only Doom and Doom 2 have some “classic included” on this waste of time.

    id software, hope you find your way with Doom 4, you really need remember your way!

      • You are exactly the attitude that provides “$$$” for this type of developer aimlessly, and still paying for fast food as real food.

        id software is playing a unfair game, is all fault of the pc, or some console, the consumer hability, and recicle the recicled.

        i cant provide support for those kind of people.

        • Translation: STOP LIKING THINGS I DON’T LIKE!!

          Seriously, stop crying. Yeah, people will buy this, which will give the company money to work on Doom 4. What a concept!

          I enjoyed Doom 3, come at me bro.

        • So enjoying Doom 3 means eating at McDonalds. Glad we got that cleared up.

          To be clear, I didn’t think much of Doom 3 either, but attacking someone who DOES like it makes you a jerk.

          • Wow, caio what an IDIOT you are. =/ …
            Go troll elsewhere.

            Doom 3 ROCKS and BFG edition will be THE game I will be highly anticipating until the release of Wii U.

            Thank you id Software. Thank you for quenching my thirst for DOOM. <3

        • P.S.

          Also, did it ever occur to you that this might be the genesis of a longer marketing strategy intended to reintroduce Doom to new audiences to prime them for an eventual announcement of the long awaited Doom 4?

          • My post now makes no sense as it was a P.S. to another post which was moderated out of existence despite it not being remotely offensive or out of bounds.

        • I love drama in the comments gives me something to read, thank you XD. oh and I’m definitely buying this loved doom 3 and I cant wait for it on PS3 with the classics too

  3. So Doom and Doom 2 will not be re-mastered? I misread this then… bummer! Doom 1 and 2 are already available on XBOX Live. I guess I will wait to hear more. Maybe a cool collector edition with Doom 4 playable levels.

    • Yes, it includes all three. It’s the DOOM 3 BFG Edition because all the new features (console remaster, included flashlight mod, Lost Mission) are new features to DOOM 3.n

  4. So hang on, is this coming to the PC or not?

    Because the first part of the video only mentions 360 and PS3 while the end shows a PC game box.

    • Not likely to come out on PC. John Carmack HATES PC users.
      He HATES the very platform that made him what he is today.

      When asked why the studio opted to design the game for consoles rather than the PC, Carmack provided with a response he knows will make PC gamers unhappy.

      “We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games,” said John Carmack

    • It’s extremely unlikely that PC will get this version, it is listed on all official sites as remastered for XBOX 360 and PS3. ID did not feel that it was worth it to re-bake their mega-textures for Rage; to fix the blurry textures on the PC. Instead the patch they offered did a sharpening effect, which did not help much.
      But at least you can do this…

      Which will probably look better than the BFG edition. Maybe they’ll feel charitable and release the level pack at least maybe DLC.. But I doubt they’d do the most reasonable thing and just make the added content a free update.

  5. Not that I’m not a big fan of the Doom series but how many times are you going repackage this ancient IP as opposed to creating new content???

    • No this remake version will have amour mounted flashlight so you can use your flashlight and weapons at the same time.

  6. Please please please please include LAN or a working online option for the classic games. The xbox 360 versions online were absolute unplayable lagfests and split screen just doesnt cut it. Did I mention please?

  7. P-l-e-a-s-e, bring this to Linux and Desura (gaming distribution system, like Steam). Lots of Linux gamers will buy this for sure!

    Even if it’s download-only, please! Linux gamers deserve this as well!

    Thanks 🙂

    • HUh Doom 3, Doom 2 and Doom all run just fine on Linux.

      I have Doom and Doom 2 running now. I had Doom 3 running but it’s meh and I threw it away..

  8. Carmack may not believe PC to be the leading platform right now, but that’s where Doom started. It would only be fair to release this collection for that platform. It’s originally coded for the PC! How much more difficult would it be?! I think it would be supported on a wider scale if this happened. It would ultimately make them more money.

  9. I do not buy anything more from id software.

    Is a posture of economy, we need a better content, this company still falling with repetitive content, my feeling is expend to much money with this, and see a terrible result in 2011.. after 10 years waiting a good return.

    Recycled? falls well the description.

  10. what i want to know Bethesda! is will it have the coop feature that the original Xbox version of Doom 3 had. will only buy it if it has.

  11. LoL , after 8 years finally you put a flashlight on weapons , yupiiiiii.

    Good job, but some of us waited for patches, DLC , IDStudio….about a game called RAGE..
    And we do not need PС version, we have a Sikkmod who shoots game ahead of RAGE.

    R.I.P PC ID

  12. Could anyone agree that morrowind re master would be such a great thing on vita? I don’t think vita could run this game that well… wish cryengine did something with vita.

  13. Since I already bought the Doom Pack on Steam, do I get a free upgrade to this BFG version or will I be forced to re-buy what I already own?

  14. Wait, will this be a full retail release or digital only? If it’s digital, I’m gonna have to (painfully and sadly) pass…

  15. hey id and bethesda, i look for every concept arts of games made by you, but i didn’t found. Do you publish that soon? another thing what do you want do with the password of rage’s hideout?something new? i counting for this day, buy how another country guys could see this here. Finishing why do not traslate the games for portugues(Brasil) like Blizzard. it’s a good idea. thanks

  16. PLEASE increase the monster count — the major flaw of Doom 3 is the way in which it deviated from its successful predecessors; it chucked out the massive waves of demons for a more atmospheric “monsters jump out of closets” approach.

  17. Doom 1 and 2 will come in the separately disk of Doom 3, or will come a recovery code to download it, in case of xbox 360?

  18. Makes me quite sad to see how far ID software have fallen. They just remind me of an ageing rockstar has-been that doesn’t know when to quit.

    Their games were cool in the 90’s but the gaming industry has moved on. Sadly they havent, and this rehash proves their desperation.


  19. Please, please, please release this on PC with gamepad support.

    If the original release of Doom 3 had gamepad support on PC I would have bought the game AGES ago.

    Keyboard/mouse play has always been tough for me to get used to due to being a predominantly console player until this gen where I switched to PC.

    So please release this for PC with gamepad support and you will have a “day 1 purchase” here.

  20. Maybe we’ll get lucky and multiplayer for all

    I’m excited to be able to play doom 3 in 3d with epic sound. This is a great game to play in the dark, sure it is no Half Life (where is the revamp of that in 3d/hd?!), but its still a fun one.

    The original doom on my phone has provided great entertainment and I’d be happy to purchase this game if it got iD off their asses to complete Doom 4 and do it properly. Rage had so much potential as the campaign played through and then they just dropped the ball at the end, I felt like I had at least 3-4 more hours of gameplay out of it as far as story line goes. The wave boss scenario was pathetic.