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  1. That’s pretty cool. I think I saw some tweets and pictures from Mr. Carmack about that. Is this something they want to release with Doom BFG edition or later on? Or is it something they’re just playing around with right now?

  2. For young fanboys who worship anything, they certainly are talk about “the doom guy invented the first 3d glasses”.

    After 4 Quakecons, event after event, with more silence about whats happening with the quality lost, listening about techtalk, and silence when someone inside the event ask “why the stuff still bad after 3 years” “whats happening with the multiplayer from you guys?” and more rocket bullshit.

    Now, no more support or response about the product of 2011 (the id software daykatana for a lot of people). The audience need see useless glasses, as the next step in gaming? thats the big deal for Doom 4?

    I lost my faith in this whole group, actually, is useless fight.. Zenimax is the new EA, is a question of time.

    • Dude, you need to relax.

      I had the chance to play Skyrim in the Xbox 360 using voice commands, and it was very good, better than I imagined. 3d glasses are nothing new, ok, but Carmack are researching to making progress on this end use, immersion, is exactly what needs to be done.

      If you look at today’s games, their technology is very similar in visual or gameplay, because of the portability for the platforms and so on. Things do not evolve to the point of removing the chance to become portable between systems.

      I remember very well when I bought Doom 3 for PC, after much time playing Half Life 2, see the light, their shadows, the normal map, I was amazed. But the engine was heavy compared to HL2, in today’s market you have to throw balanced, i do not consider this a negative.

      Please, John Carmack is a great guy, made a lot of things for the industry.


  3. Yes 3D virtual reality is finally turning into a very satisfying worthy entertainment alternative to regular viewing. This past weekend my brother inlaw showed me his huge 3D television he had recently purchased and i couldnt believe how realistic and natural everything felt. It was like actually being there without any sense of fakery like past 3D effects of the 1990s. The other astonishing thing is i was seeing all this through some very normal appearing gear which one could mistake for a regular pair of eyeglasses with no awkward bulkiness. Seeing CARS 2 and a horror movie in 3D made me think how wondrous SKYRIM would like in a similar very comfortable setup.

    Thanks for the great interview 😀