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  1. OMG CARDIAC ARREST!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can I please paddle a boat? Just a quiet little boat, sneaking downstream all Nord-like? Seriously, pretty please sirs and ma’ams? Boats boats boats.

  2. Holy Shit! Thanks for sharing it much sooner… also we (pc gamers) can’t wait 2 months to get the dlc after it’s release .. will you give us it sooner, please

  3. maybe the dawnguard is some kind of special forces within the vigilants of stendarr? ôo that would explain why they are not included in the trailer 🙂

  4. Vampire plots to block out the sun with red fog? Will the next DLCs be about a ghost who’s stealing spring and an unending night?

    • I doubt it will infringe on copyright since this has been a normal vampire archetype for ages. From classic Dungeons And Dragons faire like RAVENLOFT to 1970s horror novels turned television movie like SALEM’S LOT. Just the other night i was watching DAYBREAKERS and one of the vampires transformed into a similar form. Its a seldom used darker style compared to the more popular sexy seductive casanova and serious sultry huntress type o negative image.

  5. Hay this is bugging me, if you are a female character and transform, do you look like a girl vampire our a dude vamp?

    Because that is how you guys did the werewolf transformation… sadly, its just weird to cross genders in transformation,… but i do get why because of production costs right.. please fix both =) i played 90 hours as a bad ass dark elf witch vampire so it would be cool if (she) stays a she and doesn’t become a (he).

    and also thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put in a game that I can enjoy for over 250 hours and still come back for more.

    pss. you could cover fer nipples with fur (because bats have fur on their torso) our wings just a thought

  6. I think they should increase the level cap to100 it would make the new DLC pack a lot better and more challenging.

  7. nothing could please me more. just, dont destroy whiterun. the sun over my favorite city being blootted out, well, thats pretty ominous.

  8. I like the idea of the lycanthropy and vampirism skill tree and how you don’t need to put perk points into it. But I think you should also automatically get 19 more perk points once you download the Dawnguard DLC pack to make it 100. It would allow you to master another spell or weapon skill tree it would make the game much better and probably satisfy a lot of Elder Scroll Skyrim fans. In my opinion just saying

  9. Yes thank someone finally said it we have to have SPEARS. Who needs a bow/crossbows. An entirely new skill tree and make it a great long and close range weapon Bethesda.

  10. I think you should take into consideration that not everyone has xbox live. It’s bad enough the games are a tad bit pricey but we poor folks like entertainment too and i find it unfair that i cant enjoy dawnguard like those who can afford the xbox live to download it.

  11. Also scythes. So to sum it we need to increase the level cap and also add 2 new weapons SPEARS and SCYTHES. This would satisfy a lot of fans AMD reinterest fans that got out of playing skyrim.Bethesda take all these ideas into serious consideration it will be groundbreaking and make the game of last year the game of this year truste.

  12. Who else thinks the bit about Kinect on the end completely ruins it? I mean, they had a good creepy atmosphere going and then they just killed it. Stone dead.

  13. As awesome as this looks I kinda wish the whole Thalmar thing would be resolved, we arent going to see another Elder Scrolls thing in a long time and I would LOVE to see a follow up to the Civil war. (( I.E going to Summerset Isles and kicking the teeth in of the Aldameri Diminion for making me kill people I like 🙁 ))

  14. just wondering if u have to be a vampire before u become a vampire lord?…..or does it not matter at all?….i mean i know u guys prolly wont know cause it isnt even out yet but if u have some ideas please reply to my comment thank you

    • Doesn’t matter but if ur a werewolf you won’t be anymore. I’d rather be a vampire lord than a werewolf anyway.

  15. Can’t wait for this DLC. Looks like a great addition to an already awesome game. I don’t think I’ve missed too many days since it first came out, not playing it. I’ve been a few different races with different styles of play with each. I’ve even killed one hard drive already and replaced it. But I refuse to quit playing the game. I like it that much. It is a lot of fun. I’m retired, and at home all the time(older male, disabed army combat veteran), with a lot of time on my hands. This takes my mind of a lot of things I’d otherwise not really wanting to be thinking about. So thanks a lot for a great game Bethesda. You guys are the best in my book. (I’m also a big Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout, and Fallout Vegas fan too). I’d love to see some of the earlier Elder Scrolls games, prior to Morrowind, be remade & updated into modern Xbox 360 versions so we could play them nowadays with better modern graphics…as well as on an Xboxes or Playstations. I missed out on those early games, when they were new. And now I have a hard time with PC games. I’m not the most co-ordinated person in the world when it comes to using the mouse and keyboard for gaming. And haven’t been able to figure out how to hook up a controller to a computer, and get it to work properly. That’s why I like the 360. Its just easier and more comfortable for me to use. I just don’t have the kind of manual dexterity I wish I use to have.

  16. Some people are throwing comments if its worth it. Elder Scrolls DLC’s ever disappointed me. And I know for sure Dawnguard is not.