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  1. Any news on when the next update to the Creation Kit is coming? A fix for the NPC face problem would be very welcome, as it would remove an unnecessary step from the modding process.

  2. Wasn’t expecting this for another week or so.

    Looks lovely.

    But why the exclusive? It’s so inconsistent with how you usually treat fans.

    • It’s only exclusive to Xbox for a month. They signed a deal with Microsoft for, I think, their first three DLCs to be exclusive to Xbox for 30 days. As for why they signed that deal? Probably money.

      • First two actually.

        It’s still pretty ridiculous. It’s hard to imagine Bethesda needing the money, considering the success of the games they’ve been producing and publishing recently.

        • Well exclusivity deal was made well before the game was released and so that would be a time when the revenue stream that the sales success would bring in was months or maybe a year away. They may have received concessions on xbox live fees to get more of the total sale price or they may have simply received immediate cash incentive. If production was projected to be over-budget then a cash incentive for a time exclusivity deal would have been very enticing.

        • Are you stupid? If you were a developer you would accept any money, even if you have already made millions. Microsoft will have payed A LOT of money to have it exclusive, even for a month, just like they did with Activision.

          For anyone to be pissed off is absolutely ridiculous, it is money, you know, the most important thing to people in buisness. Sort your heads out.

          • So you accuse him of being stupid because he dares to question the omnipresent greed for profit? Wow. Didn’t your mother teach you not to throw stones when you live in a glass house?

      • I think its cause of the security on xbox cause why else would they release a beta for the xbox and not ps3 ps3 you can hack with almost no comp skills while an xbox it takes time and dedication to hack so if they released it on the ps3 it would be free before they know it

  3. Holy poop. That looked pretty amazing. Did not think Skyrim would take a path like this, with such gritty atmopshere, but I’m extremely pleasantly surprised.
    Hope to hear more next week, some more information about what it actually is should be great!

  4. OMG! i cant wait!! This looks insanely AMAZING and AWESOME!! Just take my money. I can’t believe how much you offer in a dlc, and i have only seen the trailer but i can already tell you have added TONS of new stuff in the game. GREAT JOB!!!

  5. So since Magnus is a hole in the fabric of Aetherius, the vampires are trying to essentially stick a cork in the hole?

  6. I had felt the need to create a Horror mod, but when Dawnguard was announced, I had a feeling that it might be something like this 🙂
    I can’t wait to use what you guys implement in this DLC.





  8. Yesss!!! Can’t wait! 1600 ms space-bucks is a bit much, hopefully there’s enough content to accommodate that. And YES!!! Xbox exclusive for a month!! Eat THAT pc players, go ahead and occupy yourself with your user-made mods! After all, you got the creation kit, patches, and now mounted combat sooner than we have, so now we shall revel in the glory of exclusivity for a whole MONTH before you even get to start the download! XD Feed me your jealousy, your envy…. I thrive on it, writhe in it’s blessed justice!! Show me your ANGER!!! XDXDXD

    • Atleast we’ll get the DLC sooner or later, you’ll never have user-made mods. >:)
      And if that deal gave Bethesda a little more money, then I’m all for it, in the end that just means better games, and content for those games. 🙂

    • You probably have to pay more so microsoft can earn back the huge sum of money they paid bethesda for the 1 month exclusive thingy xD. It will be just 10 bucks on ps3.

    • YEAH!!!!!!!! go to hell pc. You can make your own content. And PS3 just sucks. I don’t think anyone still plays a playstation. Who cares about the price it looks like it will be worth it! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lol, Brandon, it’s awesome having a like-mind here! Precisely, who cares about the price?! Hell, I’ve got that many points chilling from Xbox Live Rewards ALONE! Besides, I could spit on 20 bucks, and I’d do more than that on 20 bucks to have the DLC a MONTH before PC players! Roast on THAT envy, as Brandon and I indulge in the official content, likely on several characters in the time you have to wait and get your fix through youtube vids! lolol I love my Xbox! XD

        • Although…. owning all three, and having Skyrim on all three platforms, my heart DOES go out to PS3 users. You kats deserve a salute for your bravery and willpower in overcoming the month you have to wait with the wretched PC players.

    • Well, who wants to play a game on medium quality that often crashes while you can play it with twice the resolution on the PC? And mods make Skyrim so much better, so I don’t really see the advantage that Xbox players have except that they can play the DLC a month earlier. I don’t mind the waiting, ’cause PC is in my opinion much better. The extra month waiting is worth it.

  9. “We knew you couldn’t wait until E3. Neither could we.”

    a mental image was therefore produced of Todd Howard, “Alright guys, we’re almost done making this trailer.”
    /clicks on finish button
    “okay, now let’s finally enjoy the epicness of our own trailer we just made!”
    Todd: “Well damn, we’ll have to release it early then.”

  10. If this is “Shivering Isles long” then its a day one buy for me (even though my heart says “wait for the bugs to be fixed“)

  11. wow this is… complete… stupendousness.
    But I do hope that horse combat will play a role in this DLC if not in skyrim itsself when it’s released. I would love for NPC’s to be able to fight from horses (can they?) and actually having a few bigger scale battles which revolve around fighting on horseback…

    • At least a couple of the aspects of the trailer will not be part of the DLC. Namely, the horse combat. It is already part of a beta patch. Other things that might be released as a patch to the game but not as part of the DLC: crossbows, new dragon AI, etc

  12. I remember I criticized you ppl at Bethesda really bad long time ago. Forgive me. Because THAT TRAILER was THE TRAILER. First you guys make skyrim, and now dawnguard. THIS IS AWESOME. LOVE YOU, but you knwo what would be really good, PLEASE DONT SELL THE NEXT DLC to MICROSOFT. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE.

  13. That guy who is doing a voice over is definitely Molag Bal, which means super vampires and Molag Bal’s realm, and his realm is a twisted version of Tamriel= horror version of Skyrim.
    My speculation about the plot is, Molag Bal’s disciples managed to open a portal between oblivion and tamriel and starts a “purification” of nirn’s races, transforming them into the final stage of vampirism and taking their souls (Molag Bal has an obsession with souls) men are helpless, until the dawnguard rises, when you are with the dawnguard you will finally have to travel into Molag Bal’s expansive realm. And have to stop him.

    • This sounds about right. The first thing I thought when I heard “you returned my daughter” was the Molag Bal quest from Morrowind.

      Featuring Molag Bal heavily would make sense to get people interested in TESO as well.

      I look forward to next week.

    • Have a feeling they are letting you choose from Vampires and Dawnguard, where is the Viligants of Stendarr? arent they supposed to hunt Vampires and Werewolves?

  14. Yay – the sparring with those overgrown cliffracers aka dragons
    was lovely
    Now it is time for Ravenloft atmosphere!
    – everyone have fun joining hunting Moag Bal’s and Dagoth Ur’s creatures or with hunting them down ;D

  15. Firstly, this looks even better then the actual Skyrim trailer, trailer guy, you have out done yourself.
    Second, it seems like PS3 are getting the crappy end of the stick here. P.C. get mods, Xbox gets kinect support and 1 month exclusive access. We PS3 users had to suffer through the long game play issue. I’m hoping that we’ll get at least a slightly cheaper price or a big something to make up for the inequality.
    Thanks Bethesda Game Studios, you’re the best

  16. I just pissed myself!! That looks amazing. Did you see that giant vampire troll thing, and the dragon crashing in the ice. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. M’aiq has heard about vampires that sparkle in the sunlight. He thinks that would be an awesome idea for this add-on, no?

  18. OH MY [EXPLETIVE] AZURA… By the daedra, I words can’t express how much I love Bethesda right now. I’d put a ring on it if I could 😛 I’m SO* looking forward to joining Molag Bal, if possible; death to the Dawnguard! I just hope I’ll still be able to become that sort of vampire after having become a werewolf… Well, I haven’t yet– was my plan, but I might hold off and stay a vampire a while longer (’til release) before doing so, just in case. Bethesda, you’ve outdone yourself yet again… Be even more awesome if the same game won ‘Game of the Year’ two* years in a row… “…and the tyranny of the SUN… SHALL END!!!”

  19. Blood curdling horrific against majestic heroism. The wait for the Game Of The Year Edition will truly be worth it especially with Skyrim endlessly keeping me so busy 😀

    Thanks for the heart thumping trailer!

  20. Vampire add-on for an ES finally! Looks awesome. Unlike a lot here I don’t really care about the 1 month I don’t get to play it when my x360 playing buddies is. Since there have come and will be released a massive amount of good games this year to keep you occupied in the meantime. That and some exams at the U.

    This looks great though. Looking foward to playing it. Now to get rid of my Lycanthropy. One head and one empty cave check and check.

  21. Looks like its going to be in some part of Morrowind, Solsthiem, or somewhere in the sea of ghost. Or mabey High Rock, can’t wait for this. Time to close my curtains and lock my doors its Dawnguard time.