MMOre interviews for The Elder Scrolls Online

While we just posted a coverage update earlier today, there’s a pair of new interviews you should definitely check out.

The council has spoken. Game Informer collected your questions and got answers from Matt Firor and Paul Sage. Grab the GI podcast at or through iTunes.

Meanwhile, PC Gamer returns with a new interview with Firor. Watch it here,

Reader Comments

  1. dont post this rubbish here
    this is for beth games
    the mmo is a wow ripoff by your parent company, which most elder fans wont touch

    • Stop crying, many users of MMO are waiting to see if the game is good, and if so, will become the TES for them. If the product succeeds, filled with players, will overcome the TES in single player game hours, offering a broad consumer market, and chance to make more money.

      Stop crying, TES Online is officially part of the TES universe, and part of the blog.

  2. They answered my question! With some added PR speak and ignoring certain parts, of course, grumble grumble.

    Still, interesting to know that Daggerfall players aren’t necessarily at a disadvantage. Would’ve been nice to know if we can actually play in other provinces, though.