Pre-E3 Roundup

As you can tell from the picture above, it’s just about time for E3. While the Hotel Figueroa gets its TESO makeover, we’ve got plenty for you to catch up on…

The Elder Scrolls Online

Additionally, check out the latest magazine covers out of Europe, including Edge and PC Gamer.

More on Dishonored and Skyrim after the break…


  • On the Dishonored Tumblr, we’ve released a new screenshot showing the Regent artwork selected for Inside the Pixel
  • GamespotCVG and CNET place Dishonored as one of their most anticipated games of E3!
  • GameSpy examines our social experiment,
  • Catch up the latest Skyrim mods on Gamespot and Techland
  • Skyrim madness ensues with a new rap by YouTube user hiimrawn
  • Kotaku takes a first look at the Skyrim fan film, The Thief
  • Up at College Humor, you should definitely check out Caldwell Tanners’s Skyrim Travel Poster

That’s all for now. Expect to see plenty of news next week at E3!

Reader Comments

    • “Hey, ‘King of the Wastes’ wants to know if we’ll reveal Fallout 4 at E3”
      “Who’s King of the Wastes?”
      “I dunno, some guy who commented on our blog post. So should we tell him this valuable piece of information?”
      “Yeah, he sounds cool and totally not desperate at all.”