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  1. lol WHAT A STUPID ANALYSIS. i can’t imagine they said “I can’t recognize the model on the player character. Is it a scroll holder? A new staff”???


    I didn’t bother to watch the rest of the analysis after that LOL!

    • Repeating everything thats been told in the trailer isnt much for an analysis, that and the elder scrolls fail is unforgivable. I doubt they have put much effort in it, and Skyrim deserves better.

  2. Gamespot, if you are watching this, PLEASE DO NOT DO A TRAILER ANALYSIS if you don’t know a single thing about the game that you are going to analyze. Seriously WTF

    “Is that a Scroll Holder? A new Staff?”

    LOL Trailer Detectives indeed. Epic FAIL.

  3. There are better trailer Analysis made by fans out there gstaff x) But anyway,I am excited for dawnguard! Also i guess you will reveal the landmass at e3? tell us more etc.. its not a big deal but will there by new villages and cities? from what we have seen in the trailer its just looks like those places gets added to skyrim,But then we have this dark place,another realm? Coldharbor? This is going to be epic! buti hoped that you will unlock a part of another province 🙁 Where we could visit cities and villages and get more side quests. Anyway i am looking forward to this! I guess the next DLC will be bigger.

  4. Does anybody know if Dawnguard will be taking place within Skyrim itself, or are we going to be sent somewhere else (as in Shivering Isles)? I hope we get to stay and explore more of Skyrim!

    • I think its just in skyrim 🙁 wich is little bit dissapointing to me..
      But then it looks like we will have a dark realm,But well i expected new cities and villages. Anyway i am still excited for dawnguard! looks amazing

  5. – goddammit that is an elder scroll
    – the shrine is the happy face of molag bal daedric prince of domination and rape, who created the vampires.
    – “Netherrealm” seriously? That is Definitely Coldharbour – daedric realm of Molag Bal. And the portal leading to it.
    – Snow giant – I bet it’s a gehenoth.

  6. Behtesda yall should get some diffrent people to do these vids, ones that are lore masters and play the game. they didn’t even know thats molag bal’s face symbol.

  7. I like how long it took them to recognize the Markarth city seal and how they failed to recognize the other as the Solitude city seal. It looked to me like the Vampire fortress is somewhere in the northern sea while the Dawnguard fortress is somewhere in the Rift. The snow giant thing looked like a giant body with a frost troll head and skin

  8. when it says dawnguard at the end that is not ashes they are bats flying away like when that guy transformed it a bunch of bats.and also the woman was carrying an elder scroll.i mean really, if you dont know what an elder scroll looks like then you should not be breaking down this trailer

  9. also the map has markarth and solitude on it you idiots. you should be banished to oblivion for making such a horrible analysis.

  10. Ignore the people hating about the Elder Scroll part, it just implies that the DLC storyline starts with the Vampires having it.

    Just a few thing I noticed:
    There is new armour and weapons throughout the trailer.
    The blood fountain represents Molag Bal.
    I reckon the Giant frost troll is actually an Ogre.
    It appears Vampires generally use magic for combat.
    New types of Dragon

  11. Early in the office…
    > We need to make an analysis for BGS, the new Dawnguard DLC.
    – It’s about?
    > Skyrim, a game set in medieval Europe from what I understand, but fantasy.
    – Strategy?
    > No, it’s an rpg.
    – Oh, different.. they are making a rpg where vampires absorb ancient texts?
    > Yes, your vampire always carries a backpack for ancient texts.
    – It is true, sure to cause that magical evening, to hide the sun.
    > Must be nice, I read that there’s a guy with dragon’s blood, with magic shouts.
    – Ok, understood the game, let’s look!

  12. aside from the obvious elder scrolls lapse the giant was of course a frost giant! We saw one of those already in the Bloodmoon Add-on for Morrowind -.-

  13. My favorite detail that they didn’t mention was the moths that fluttered away from the elder scroll. Careful, dovahkiin, we don’t want you going blind or batty.

    I think they did well enough for what it was guys. Not everyone plays as obsessively as we do. If you want to do something constructive, link us to a better analysis.

  14. HA I figured it out, that is a map of Coldharbour!

    It is a map of the skyrim region of coldharbour, since it is a dark version of tamriel

  15. Is this a sick joke on gamespots behalf ? No ? Then gamespot are the thelmer of planet earth. Enough said

  16. well they seem to forgot the lore that the northern Skyrim vampires are called Volkihar and they have the ability to reach through the ice without breaking it (possibly could be linked to dive bombing dragon) and that they live in the icy north-east regions of Skyrim around (possibly in, not too sure on this part.) haunted lakes.

    -source- the in game book (Skyrim) immortal blood.

  17. What do you think, folks, will that huge amount of mods work with Dawnguard?
    Are both stories related to each other?