E3: Apply for the Dawnguard Beta on Xbox 360

Want a chance to play Dawnguard early? Following the success of our PC beta updates, we’re excited to announce our Dawnguard Beta for Xbox 360.

Visit DawnguardBeta.ElderScrolls.com to apply. The process should only take a couple minutes, but make sure to fill out all the information accurately. Applicants need a registered account on our official forums and you’ll want to make sure your forum email address is updated.

We will be selecting applicants in about a week. Players accepted into the beta will receive an Xbox LIVE code to redeem Dawnguard. The beta is the full version (complete with Xbox LIVE achievements) and those participating will not have to purchase the content.

Thanks again for your continued support of Skyrim!


Reader Comments

  1. Im not interested in the childish banter over which format is best .

    The Listener is only intersted in finding out that his level cap of 81 will prevent him on getting the vampire perks , so while you kids keep carrying on about nothing relevant to the DLC how bout discussing the pitfalls or opportunities that await your lustfull well developed characters.

    While im at it message for Brother EMIL : TENET # 6 should be in effect , Those devs that created the warewolves, the vampires and worst of all horses to only be ridden or used in 3rd person WILL incurr the wrath of Sithis , the horses behave and look bloody ridculous .
    Its not hard Matty to have 1st person in these as well !!

    • You get vampire/werewolf perks by killing people and can only access the perk trees while in that form (as far as I know that is)