E3: Apply for the Dawnguard Beta on Xbox 360

Want a chance to play Dawnguard early? Following the success of our PC beta updates, we’re excited to announce our Dawnguard Beta for Xbox 360.

Visit DawnguardBeta.ElderScrolls.com to apply. The process should only take a couple minutes, but make sure to fill out all the information accurately. Applicants need a registered account on our official forums and you’ll want to make sure your forum email address is updated.

We will be selecting applicants in about a week. Players accepted into the beta will receive an Xbox LIVE code to redeem Dawnguard. The beta is the full version (complete with Xbox LIVE achievements) and those participating will not have to purchase the content.

Thanks again for your continued support of Skyrim!


Reader Comments

    • I’m sure they said “following the success of public beta testing on the pc…” but i could be wrong

    • Bethesda I really love skyrim but one thing I cant stand is that you are treating Xbox better and leaveing other hard core gamers on ps3 and PC out and the only reason your doing this is because either microsoft paid you or more poeple are on xbox but your first players came from PC for arena and you insult them by showing favoritism to xbox and I play on the ps3 but i belief that bethesda should treat if anyone the PC people better not Xbox or ps3

  1. Weird that Bethesda is doing a beta for a single player dlc when in the past you didn’t release public sign ups for demos/betas for your past games. It’s cool and interesting on one hand but also bad because theirs going to be people that only apply for free early dlc and potentially spoil the dlc(Not taking/noticing the NDA into effect).
    BTW I applied and I will help anyway I can if selected but I think the testing should be done by your testers and handled by your QA(Even though in the past those departments were lacking when it came to fine tuning).

  2. Bethesda’s games and add-ons never have bugs or glitches. M’aiq thinks having a beta is pointless.

    • Nope. The 30 days are from the release date, starting June 26th. It’s not favouritism towards Microsoft, it’s just MS already have a system for codes used for content packs and DLCs, and using that would be much easier than asking Valve to add one to Steam and Sony to add one to PSN, and Microsoft were so co-operative, Bethesda decided that they would get 30 days earlier release. Also, the 360 is the least buggy, and it has the same power all-round, whilst PS3 Skyrim lags a hell of a lot due to its attempting to constantly run it at high speeds and the different models of PS3 having different powers, and Steam doesn’t run well without Internet connection, and not all PCs can run Skyrim.

  3. “The beta is the full version (complete with Xbox LIVE achievements)”

    Wait a minute, does this mean that the real real thing is coming out really really soon?

  4. Great news for Console lovers 😀 Nice to see Bethesda is spreading the joy with SKYRIM from the early mounted combat for Pc users to the Dawnguard Beta for Xbox players. Heres hoping PS3’ers get some early gifts in the near future.

    By the way am on Pc so i gots mine already 😀

    • The only gift PS3 users are likely to receive would require a good deal of lubricant. Bethesda have been bending us over for years.

      • After the problems with Skyrim in general for the PS3 I don’t mind the Dawnguard Beta for Xbox players. Let them crash their consoles and report bugs and glitches. After DLC update 4.5 we PS3 owners can, hopefully, play without troubles.

        Now, started all over again for the 5th time my game is glitch & bug free. It took BGS sometime but they came trough.

  5. Good fun for users of the Xbox 360.

    I’m waiting the dlc for the pc, the trailer showed great stuff. Vampires, the infected creature of night… my first time in Skyrim, everything new, I just went out to explore and enjoy the view, then i found a cave, localizes north of Helgen… some necromancers? no, wait… oh nO! X)

    Keep the good work BGS.

  6. Glad to see Bethsoft is letting the users who always bitch about the QA not catching everything. Guess what now we can catch the bugs along side of them and report them before they go live AND get the DLC for free.

    But knowing most people they will sign up for it and just do nothing getting the DLC for free.

    Bethsoft should so add something like find 10 bugs or 1 major issue in the DLC to get it for free.

  7. I’m hardcore and I own a PC and a XBOX360

    I vastly prefer to play games on my 360, including SKYRIM in which I have more than 250 hours.

  8. I own Skyrim for all 3 platforms. I prefer playing on my PC but I have a 360 version just for the early dlc. I just don’t like the lighting in 360 games they always seem to dark or to bright depending on where I am in game

  9. At least this debunks, indisputably, the theory that 360 exclusive DLC is just a form of beta testing that PS3 and PC owners should be “thankful” for.

      • Alpha= private, within company, or by a hired test group.
        Beta= By select members of the audience.

  10. I’m really hoping i get selected for the beta. I’ve been a dedicated Elder Scrolls fan for years. I’m excited that something is being done to improve the vampires. I based my Skyrim character around the two skill improvements being a vampire brings (sneak and illusion.) If i’m selected i’ll definitely be thoroughly testing the vampire improvements

    • There’s just as much piracy on xbox as there is on PC, you just don’t hear about it as much for some reason. But there are huge communities devoted to xbox 360 piracy.

      • Huge communities, yes. Nowhere near the level of PC piracy though. PC games often get pirated more than they get purchased – I doubt even 10% of Xbox games are pirate copies.

        The shelf space allocation in high street video game stores gives a pretty clear indication of piracy ratios. Xbox is still going strong, PC games are lucky to get an endcap these days.

        • That’s because of all the work 360 owners have to do to make pirated copies work. They have to decide if it’s soft or hard mod, if its soft, how will they get Linux onto the Xbox, if it’s hard, where will they get the equipment, how will they solder the chips on, what formatting should it read, etc.

  11. Bethesda,

    If you bless me with the opportunity to test DG…..i would be eternally grateful and continue my quest from my beginner Morrowind days to the new frontier of Dawnguard responsibly, curiously, and anti-spoiler-y. I would do anything you want for this priveledge. ANYTHING.


  12. Wait, when I signed up for the beta testing, they asked me if I had a forums account, but I don’t, so I answered no, and the test continued. Here they say that you NEED one. Is this a typo, or will I be screened out of the testing? 😛

  13. Just signed up! 🙂

    The DLC looks absolutely amazing, can’t wait.

    500+hours into Skyrim and still going strong! Fingers crossed I get picked. xP

  14. Signed up. Awesomeness.
    Kinda got confused at the point where you have to drop some information about your characters, and just selected all quests finished on my first character (which I didn’t, ’cause I’m a roleplayer at heart and can’t take a character who is a shield and sword wielding Nord warrior that joins the Thieves Guild seriously), but I doubt that’ll be a problem.
    Also couldn’t entirely remember the playtime on my characters, most of ’em being 100+.. but I made my best guess.
    Hope I get picked! Can’t wait to chop up some Dawnguard with my vampire!

    • No worries man. I remembered the specifics of my three characters, but I’m picky as such that I’ll actually go back to a much earlier save and play from there. I had 500+ hours on two of my characters with that taken into consideration.

      • I deleted a 200 hour character because the BS trophy requirements force you into making anti-roleplay decisions.

        Yo Bethesda – if you’re going to give us huge freedom of choice in your games, don’t stifle us with stupid trophies.

    • …?

      Of course it will. You are not going to be stripped of everything when you leave. That has never happened ever in Bethesda games and never will. How would that make sense?

      • I presume he was hoping for new content to be added into the existing loot tables – so you could find a crossbow in Bleak Falls etc.

        • No. Crossbows are only available from Fort Dawnguard. I’m not even sure how I know that. I just do. It makes sense, like how you don’t see any other Vampire Lords away from Castle Volkihar.

  15. Just signed up, hope horse combat will be more than a gimmick and will be a viable fighting style also needed in new quests.. I hope I’ll be a beta tester!

      • On PC i think, I’m pretty sure that we console players have to wait for dawnguard

        I’m not sure though if i’m wrong I clearly have yet to get the update

  16. I hope this means we’re getting the content soon. I worry that it’s impossible to get interested in Skyrim at this point. I mean at some point all of this content will be together, cheaper. Maybe I’ll wait on DLC 2, and pick up the pair. I just can’t get back into skyrim if there’s only 3 hours of extra story with the same 4 voice actors.

    • Are you having a laught?

      Mods, Workshop, Giving away the tools they use to create the game for free. First to get Updates.

      Honestly, shut up.

      • They never will, it is human nature to be selfish and self centered and in the case of PC gamers, they feel they deserve more because their platform is so much better.

      • Well Thanks Bethesda for showing the love to PS3 (sarcasim) we have a reason to complain about it they treat everyone better than us

    • lol, you didn’t feel the love with the creation kit and 1.6 beta? Quit crying and swallow your bitterness. Even if we didn’t get the beta on 360, you STILL have to wait a whole month longer.

    • Its not Microsofts fautl completly, Its Todd Howards, hes a xbox fanboy.. every time you see him play or talk about the game its almost always for the Xbox, whenever they do PC or PS3 presentations they have some other guy talk about the specs and all that. Because Todd doesnt give a shit about the others.

      • Todd should not understand anything of the hardware, to talk about a platform, he uses the best reply during the contracts and experiences. Oblivion for exemple.

        He understand about the best price to prepare the project, the game details, to start produce something who needs half decade of work.

        You are the true fanboys here.

      • I don’t think a man as serious as Todd Howard is a fanboy of xbox i don’t think he even has time to think about petty things like which platform is better and how unfair it is that xbox gets the 30day head start. In the real world where money makes the world go round a deal like the one they did with microsoft is common and not at all unfair.

      • Creation kit….. 1.6 beta…. only for PC, get over it. No wait, don’t, I WANT you to suffer!! Come on, feed me your words of pain and personal anguish!!

        • Its quite impossible for anything like the Creation Kit to be released on consoles at the moment.. thats why you don’t see it. If a developer really wants to build a software built for consoles soley to mod games and even share it with their friends it would take a longer time than it would for PC, and then you have to take into face if the consoles can even handle it with their memory processing. More stuff you add the game, the more memory its going to take away from the hardware and boom = crashes/glitches up the ass. PC’s can handle it because they have more processing power and memory.

          But my 1st comment wasn’t about this.. it was about Todd.

          • Your first comment about Todd was incited by his bias for the 360. You were indirectly complaining, and that’s fine, I understand. Also, captain obvious, of course consoles can’t assimilate third party content without issues, that wasn’t my point either. I’m just stating you have them, and the 1.6 beta, so lay off poor Todd! 🙂

          • Bethesda stated a while back that they actually wanted to have some CK features on the consoles, but the trophy/achievement guidelines made it impossible – if you could mod the game, you could bluff the trophies.

            Blame Sony/M$ for their stupid policies.

        • Troll.

          You seemly misunderstand and/or twisting the meaning of “beta” not even to mention that the “beta” of the CK is an update not an DLC/expansion.

          Nevertheless, the beta that’s being used for CK is a means to test and tryout the latest features and bugs in which the program offers whereas in this case, DG is essentially a “free to play”. A fad which has been going on since the success of minecraft.

          • Tool.
            I’m not misunderstanding anything, not even your broken English. I understand what the creation kit is, I have it. The beta I was referring to is that of the 1.6 update, including mounted combat that console players still don’t have the luxury of experiencing. I noted the “CK” due to the fact that PC players have access to a plethora of user-made content, whilst console players suffer with the vanilla game strictly. My reasoning for mentioning ANY of it is simply that I’m reading a lot of complaints by PC users about the DG exclusivity, be it beta or just a month early. PC players have a basket of candy and it’s not good enough, so now they’re looking at ours and protesting how unfair it is. I say “suck it up and quit crying”, you have plenty to tie you over, xbox players deserve a goody too. As for PS3, well…. sorry guys, blame Sony for their proprietary crap, trying to be all unique in the market. Porting to PS3 is more difficult due to the hardware and configuration. ~Fin

    • They’re not giving money to them. Bethesda chose MS for this, because MS already have a pre-existing code renewal system unlike Steam or PSN, where the code can be redeemed for content rather than currency. This made it perfect for the beta. MS’ co-operation with Bethesda was the reason they got the 30-day earlier release too.
      Also, I can tell you jump at any opportunity to hate on Xbox.
      Finally, uploading a full content pack for select, authorised downloads only to MS’ servers is easier than PSN’s or Steam’s, as the nature of those servers, being largely computer-based and mostly in one network, makes it easier to exploit them. I know one friend who, not naming names, exploited Steam and now has access to all games for free. He’s at the moment, trying to do the same to his PS3. He acknowledges that it’s impossible to do so with an Xbox due to the complexity of the verification servers, and the large amounts of relays back-and-forth between the console and the official servers, checking the HDD space, contents, etc.
      Just now, you’re hating Bethesda for choosing the best option for the job. If you were an Xbox fanboy, and they chose PS3, you’d still be complaining.

  17. I was wondering if Todd, a supposition, he is a PS3 fanboy, would be acceptable? would be better?

    Sony is famous for offering the worst environment for development, almost deliberately to control your space. Maybe now with the increase of the crisis, all countries are losing jobs, sales, PIB.. just watch the news, see how bad is the next year, maybe this elitist company stop be so jackass with the developers, a good attitude to increase revenue.

    Microsoft learned fast how is usefull open her legs, to get more opportunities, maybe the Sony get real in 2013, stop this elitism.

    For the developers, price and content is all about, if you do not have something as iTunes, Steam, Android market, get the best offer, the company who offers a plataform easy to develop and good terms, is all about.

    • Everything you just said about Sony, is what Microsoft does. And everything you said about Microsoft is what Sony does.

      Are you high?

  18. Hey gstaff, I tried to sign up and when I clicked the next button it looked like it just refreshed the same page. Should I have received some kind of confirmation that it was successful? It would be ever so swell if I were selected!

    • Nope, no notification your app was received, it’ll just say “if you’re chosen you’ll get an email”.

  19. Do you know why is everything about “Xbox 360”?
    Because “Xbox 360” sells more in USA, but ps3 dominates in Europe and Asia,in my country(Portugal) is where it sells more “sony products”,plus we don’t pay for using internet that we already pay for(haha),so i somehow understand “Todd”,you know…”USA=Xbox 360″(greedy business). I don’t play “Skyrim” on the “PS3” but on the PC,but i have both systems and the best games for “PS3” are the “exclusives ones” and i say the same thing for “Xbox 360”,one more thing…making this kind of games for consoles is ruining them for PC.

    Men with a lot of power quickly fall. by:Amílcar ‘amilcarwooww’ Fernandes

    PS:If you think you have the right to judge my english,then try to speak portuguese.

    • Useless comments and excuses for not using a translator, when have no rule of another language too.

      Google is your friend genius.

      “vá se catar”

      • Hahahahah!!
        Is not even pure portuguese what you wrote….is brasilian garbage.
        And those who use translator are really dumb and the shame of this world.
        Oh…and thanks for call me “genius”…great sarcasm,which make your comment a nonsense.
        Now…you want some cookies? :p

        • You need not write everything in the translator, just the simplest things before assaulting readers with the language 100% unstable.

          Yes, “vá se catar” is like a “fuck you” here, do not expect to find anything suitable using slang. But, brasilian garbage? portugueses and her proud culture… are you from region of Porto? I have something classified as “family” in Portugal, always the worst trip of the year. This text is being appreciated by my brothers, forever remember why we should not help this “part of the family”.

          Unfortunately i have something in this wonderfull junkyard.

          • anyone of the two is blind or stupid? the blog is about GAMES! anyone here felt the smell of whisky? gin? is too early for someone to be so drunk!

            please! get another place for your portuguese issues, search for something as luso-brazilian war blog, if exist such thing.

          • The only blind or stupid here is “caio” since my main comment is related with this topic,but god only know why he implicated with my “PS comment”.

          • …that obsession with the city of Porto….Are you psychologically well?You are a person without any culture indeed,no knowlegde about any kind of History or Geographie…
            Which bring me to one conclusion:YOU LOVE ME! 😀
            I mean,you stay angry for very little(my PS comment),or is about my proverb made by me? hmm…i know….i have alot of neurons!!Either way is wird and you will never win a “speech or writing competition” against me,so do a favor to yourself and don’t reply to this comment!

          • I have “family” or part of the family, in the Porto… what trip, old scum and her young bitches. Apparently you don´t like there? i agree. But yes, i love you.. as i love my family tree, the Porto and Lisboa regions. fuck you carmaco!

  20. The PC will not have more titles directed at him in general, but tools to create content, maybe a return of mod tools from a lot of other developers.. or not.

    Epic began distributing the UDK separately a long time ago, a good example, since it migrated to the console very quickly, but have some port to pc too. We will continue see conversions for PC, is the lesser of the evils, close to running out to play, i have no intention to buy another machine just to play.

    Referring to Todd Howard, he fulfilled its function, we must remember that behind a good general, have the emperor, and his politicians.

  21. suggestion for the next DLC: you made skill trees of Lycanthropy and Vampirism. make one for Lichdom as well, if you please 😀

  22. So I signed up for the beta, but made a mistake when asked how many characters I have…I currently have 1, but had more than 3…is there a way to go back and change this info, or is it already locked in?

  23. is there a possibility that a proper “real-time” day/night option could be added? With things like “wait” and “sleep”, I think it would be cool to have an option to play in real time. This would make life as a vampire more realistic. I use all the night time just to travel from one location to the other.

  24. I have no problem with a beta, but it would probably be a good idea to do a beta for all systems so that we don’t see any problems like the ones PS3 user are experiencing with glitches and the save file causing a lag time problem. Also with updates and DLC why not release it all at the same time? That would make a lot of people frustration go away.

  25. Dawnguard will release for Xbox 360 on June 26th. It is unclear at this moment when it will be released for PC and PS3.
    Crossbows are the weapons of the dawnguard, the vampire hunters, and are a nuisance to reload, so it would not make sense for them to show up around skyrim or e in the possession of regular people.
    The DLC will also feature a werewolf skill tree and dragon bone weapons. You can also smith crossbow bolts.

  26. Why are PC users complaining? you have the creation kit, mods, early access to most updates, and a better looking game. Console users don’t get these privileges so for a beta to come out, glitches and all, its a treat we seldom get. Quit moping. Its unbecoming as well as annoying. Bethesda, keep working wonders

  27. Comment sections are always so angry! Haha
    I wish they would announce an actual release date though instead of just “summer”. Way too vague

  28. Btw, in case anyone isn’t aware, there’s a reason they chose xbox as the platform to test on: “The Xbox 360 console turned out to be the perfect platform for this plan, thanks to Microsoft’s pre-existing framework for download codes. In this case, the codes are just being activated early and Bethesda will give them out to those accepted into the beta.”
    Source~ http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/724726/skyrims-dawnguard-beta-sets-bethesda-standard-for-any-future-dlc/

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  30. Gotta say, cannot WAIT for Dawnguard, looks awesome! A hell of a lot better than that ESO crap Zenimax is spewing out…