Pre-order items for Dishonored announced


With E3 less than a week away, expect to start seeing a lot more of Dishonored. To get a jump start, today we’re revealing US pre-order incentives that will be available at launch.

Physical and downloadable bonuses include:

  • GameStop – Arcane Assassin Downloadable Upgrade Pack & Dishonored Tarot cards
  • Best Buy – Shadow Rat Downloadable Upgrade Pack & Whale Oil USB Lamp
  • Amazon – Backstreet Butcher Downloadable Upgrade Pack
  • Walmart – Acrobatic Killer Downloadable Upgrade Pack
  • Target – Smart Phone Dishonored Decal

More pre-order information, including details on territories outside of the United States, will arrive in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, check out the Flickr slideshow below for more details on these pre-order only items.

Reader Comments

  1. *yawn*

    So nothing special? In fact, nothing special for this pre-order exclusivity.

    Seriously, why must you make pre-order bonuses so unnecessarily complex and worthless.
    Standard edition < Enhanced edition < collectors edition.

    Remember Skyrim's collectors edition? At least that had something worth while.

    • I aggree completely, I don’t care about in-game content at all. I want to see statue that I can hold in my hands, art books etc.

  2. So, are all these in-game charms and statues exclusive to preorders? Like, if I don’t preorder at Gamestop, I can’t unlock the Void Channel, White Rat Friend, and Gutter Feast charms or find the Whale statue in the game? Because a certain other website I visit is having an aneurysm over whether or not this is pre-order exclusive stuff and I want to settle the matter.

  3. Aw. I want the lamp, the tarot cards and the backstreet butcher bonus! Guess I’ll go with the cards and hope the other bonuses are DLC later….

  4. This is bad and you should feel bad. Splitting up desirable content over 4 retailers? Don’t pull this garbage too Bethesda.

  5. Why do I feel like I need a prima guide just to figure out where to pre-order a game nowadays? I remember when I could just say “I want that game”, and be done with it…the good old days.

  6. So when exactly will we get to hear about available pre-order bonuses outside the US, or more specifically for me, in the UK?
    I’m itching to pre-order the game, but with all these different pre-order bonuses, and it not being clear yet if they will be the same in the same stores or completely different, I’m holding back.
    And any info on a possible special edition?