E3 2012: Save the Date

We’re getting closer to E3, so we’re all using this weekend as an opportunity to rest our voices. Come Tuesday, things get crazy… crazy awesome.

To help you plan your E3 week, here’s some dates and times to remember.*

Monday, June 4th

  • 1.00pm PST | G4TV shows the first-ever live demo for Dishonored

 Tuesday, June 5th

  • 11.00am PST | ZeniMax Online’s Paul Sage shows off The Elder Scrolls Online on GameTrailers TV
  • 11.50am PST | GameTrailers TV features Dishonored co-creative director Raphael Colantonio
  • 1.15pm PST | Get a first look at Dawnguard from Todd Howard on GameTrailers TV
  • 3.15pm PST | Todd visits with G4TV to showcase Dawnguard  

Wednesday, June 6th

  • 10.05am PST | Get the lowdown on The Elder Scrolls Online E3 on GameSpot.com
  • 1.15pm PST | Dawnguard presentation on Machinima.com
  • 2.05pm PST | More Dawnguard, this time with Gamespot.com
  • 2.25pm | Gamespot.com viewers can check out demo of Dishonored
  • 4.20pm | Dishonored presentation for IGN.com
  • 4.45pm PST | Tune into G4TV to see a presentation of The Elder Scrolls Online
  • 5.40pm PST | MMO fans can catch more on The Elder Scrolls Online at IGN.com

 Thursday, June 7th

  • 11.15am PST | ZeniMax Online shares The Elder Scrolls Online with Machinima.com viewers
  • 3.15pm PST | Machinima.com closes things out with a look at Dishonored

*dates and times are subject to change.


Reader Comments

  1. It’s cool if Todd or Matt talk about the new product… But the problem with interviews are actually the interviewers.

    They always make such stupid questions about things real gamers don’t really care about, disrupting the flow of the presentation.

    Now, Gamespot?… Really? Those guys are a bunch of noobs, more like wannabe-gamers who couldn’t make the cut on the tv news.

  2. will it be possible to look this back incase i miss something? the time difference is huge and i don’t want to miss a thing.

  3. Gamespot, G4tv, Gametrailers, GameSpy, IGN… is all about be nice and easy. You can´t sell a product with someone very hardcore, critic, during the development and ads time.. is bad for business.

    All companys have a controled enviroment during the development cicle, nice interviews and less time to see the user reaction, but after the launch of the final product, they start see serious shit, and changes start.

  4. I am still rooting for a possible Fallout 4! Day 1 is practically in the books but that doesn’t mean day 2 won’t hold any surprises.

  5. Saw the Dishonored trailer a bit ago, looks very good so far. Really just waiting on Dawnguard though. 🙂

  6. A lot of nice info and footage of DG of gttv. As usual they were trying somewhat hard to get Todd to spill more than he should, but this time he held up pretty good 🙂