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  1. Can we upgrade everything in Corvo’s arsenal, including supernatural abilities? Some people are really worried they won’t be able to role play as a supernatural assassin because the current rescource system is too limiting.

  2. How about those keys? How do they turn into a sword? Sleight of hand? Is it robotic? How about magic?

    For a more serious question, what will the game play like? Will it be similar to Skyrim, or will it be much different?

  3. One of my main concerns with Dishonored is difficulty, it seems as if you’re given quite a few very powerful abilities and I’m curious as to how you’ll be able to make the game difficult despite having those tools. Things like blink, time stop, and possession seem to be extremely powerful and I’m worried that they’ll completely trivialize the game.

    There was even an interview at E3 where Harvey and Raphaël seemed to admit that it’d be easy to break the game, hence why I’m a bit worried about it.

  4. Witch play style is more affective once you’ve become good at both: Stealth or combat, or is it well balanced?

    • Also… Something I really was impressed with was the jumping movements in Arx Fatalis; best I’ve seen in a FPP game.

  5. Looks great! I love games with a sense of place, and this certainly seems to fit the bill. How open world is Dishonored? How much interaction do you have with NPCs? Can you play on after the proper game is over, ala Skyrim, with radiant quests, etc…?

  6. Is there going to be any non-lethal ways to neutralize enemies or by-standers?
    Also, will there be multiple endings to the game that are different enough for me to want to replay the game several times?

  7. Something one of the devs said at E3 made it sound like mana doesn’t regenerate on its own. However, every gameplay video I see seems to have mana return to its previous level after a few seconds, but not fill up the bar entirely. How does mana work in Dishonored.

  8. Hey bethesda peoples;
    I’m really pumped for dishonoured- is it really stealth-oriented or is it supposedly stealth oriented but you still fick shot up in battle?
    Cheers, Jayzus

  9. Do you have a rough guess as to what the minimum PC requirements will be? I would like to make sure my PC can run it before we get closer to release where upgrading will be more difficult!

  10. Will there be a collector’s edition with all preorder bonuses and collectibles, and anything else that comes in a standard Bethesda collectors edition?

  11. Will Dishonored feature an open-roaming type of game world a la Fallout 3 and Skyrim, or be more along the lines of Deus Ex and Thief (a confined, independent “level” mission area that offers multiple paths and routes through it?)

  12. Will we be able to tone down the graphics enough to be able to play this game with lower end graphics cards? (*cough* Intel HD Graphics *cough*)

  13. I see that there are various pre-order items available with Dishonoured but are we likely to see a Dishonoured Collector’s Edition come to us as a pre-order item (with enough copies to go around this time, as with the case of the Skyrim CE, New Zealand only was given 200 copies by Bethesda with no effort by the company to provide any more, which were all snapped up as preorders within TWO HOURS!).

  14. How does the difficulty work in Dishonored? Is AI intelligent enough to know when to step in and kill you repeatedly. Being a super badass assassin looks awesome, as long as he’s not too badass.

  15. Why all the different pre-order bonus packs? Are all those abilities available in all copies of game but just unlocked earlier with the bonuses?

  16. Is there anything that (collectively) you wish had made it into the final product but couldn’t for some reason?

    I think hearing what hit the cutting room floor will be particularly interesting for this game since a concept like double-jump/blink made everywhere effectively accessible, which then was initially viewed as a game-breaking mechanic only to be implemented and lauded as a central element along with being an example of adaptive gameplay serving toward a fuller immersive simulation.

  17. You have a lot of pre-order bonuses split up between many retailers. This is a very bad thing. Will we see these abilities as in game upgrades and the bonus is just you get them earlier? Or are they actually exclusive?

  18. Hi, it’s me again (I asked about dual wielding), and it’s more or less the same question, but now I just want to know: if it’s not possible to dual wield, will it at least be possible to go left-handed with blades? So far I’ve only seen fire weapons going left-hand…

  19. It’s past “next week”. Hell, it’s going to be July tomorrow and not a single answer. If you’re not planning on answering questions why tell people to ask them?

  20. Oh I see what you’re doing now. Well it would have been nice had you told us you were making new threads for the answers so we wouldn’t assume you guys were ignoring them. I had this specific page bookmarked and was watching it for the answers.