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  1. Well it certainly is a teaser trailer, not much shown that we dont already know. Good to get our first ‘look’ at the different alliances, though the Nord? at the start felt like I was looking at a trailer for Thor.

  2. I already saw the interview and they showed footage of this game and I’m kinda disapointed…

    It’s World of Warcraft all over again.

    Zenimax Online, please, DON’T HAPPEN OF LANCES!!!

    • Too late Alex. TES Online is on the way.

      i´m waiting for Doom 4 “Forever”, a small trailer, or screen.. and nothing. The project exist a long time, and silence. I just saw a man showing a VR glasses full of tapes, a sharp image… nothing from Mars, running a Doom 3 reload.

      That man is John Carmack, i´m almost crying… a small space, a old game, is not fair. All the enthusiasm and look, resembles a show room.. Rage really cause a good damage, bad game, BUT! Carmack deserves better use of her skills, or just stay out of E3… bring some GAME to the Quakecon! the common public is not dumb, as media and youtube celebrities, receiving cash to say “wow”.

      I have hope to something new at Quakecon, but i´m out of cash now, after this conventional E3 as usual.

      Time to go.

    • Join me, and the Ebonheart Pact as we take down the Aldmeri Dominion once and for all, and rid Tamriel of the Wood Elf, and High Elf scourges!!! The High Elves strive to take over
      Tamriel, but I say NO MORE!!! Come 2013, we will take our stand and once and for all defeat the Aldmeris!!!

    • i wont buy this game purely cuz they went with the lets make it like other mmos so we cna steal their customers.
      i mean jesus i like elderscrolls games for their combat system and quests. take away my trigger swinging for swords and you take away my patronage for this abortion of an elderscrolls game. looks like Bethesda’s last great work of art will forever be skyrim i hope you guys feel good after whoring your customer and demographic base to dumb elderscrolls down to wowscrolls

    • Bethesda softworks is the publisher as said, but is not the same as Bethesda game studios that developed TES and FO3. That is why people say that Bethesda has nothing to do with TES online.

      • ZeniMax owns betheasda. You know what, just look for “Copyright 2012 ZeniMax Media Inc” at the bottom of the page

        It explains how ZeniMax managed to get hold of the IP rights so easily …So to elevate Mike’s fears,they are publishing their own game.

  3. It isnt too late to do this right Zenimax/bethesda

    dont just churn out a WoW clone! Many of the core aspects of the elder scrolls are inherently violated by the MMO format

    but there are a few that you can if you put your heads together.

    First do not restrict factions to specific races, have there be as many factions as you want . . . but the choice of which faction to join has to be the player choice!

    The same applies to race and proffession, “thief” shouldnt be restricted to bosmer, khajit, and breton . . . I should be able to play a theif, or warrior, or any other class or skillset no matter what race I am playing. I want to be an orcish sorceror working for the dark elves, and i should be able to do it. Or a Khajiit barbarian in the service of the aldmeri dominion . . .

    There needs to be a myriad of books, new books, all of them readable!

    And what I think is most important, player housing, players should be able to buy houses . . . .

    this is easy enough to accomplish, as only yourself and your group would be able to enter the “player house” instance that is specific to you . . .

    in other words 500,000 + people can own the same house, but the interior is specific to each player alone . . .

    You dont need to churn out garbage just to make a profit, IT IS POSSIBLE to create a quality Elder Scrolls MMORPG.

    Take notes from the PRE-Combat Upgrade version of Star Wars galaxies, which was one of hte most unique and respected MMORPGs at the time . . . until they ruined their game by turning it into a world of warcraft clone with the combat upgrade, which completely destroyed the games gameplay, and 7 months later with the “New Game Enhacnements” which completely re-wrote the gameplay . . . again

    Dont pull a star wars galaxies unless you are making it LESS like world of warcraft

    • Good point, well made. The way it’s arranged at the moment is far too much like WoW. Specific races are in specific factions. That’s not TES at all. Anyone should be able to join any faction. In Skyrim for example, I have a Nord barbarian working for the dark brotherhood. A High Elf fighting for Stormcloaks. It’s these kinds of mismatches that make TES. You are allowed the most ridiculous combinations, and it is up to the players to make it work for them. TES should never be so restrictive as to have only Altmer Bosmer and Khajiit in the Dominion etc.

      • it isnt too late for them to change that! in fact they can still keep their silly little factions even, so long as we as players arent RESTRICTED to those factions

    • It’s actually not so much a Warcraft clone as it is a Dark Age of Camelot clone.

      But either way, it’s the same old same old we’ve seen before.

    • They could aslo definitely do the awesome and dynamic real-time first/third-person combat from Skyrim instead of standard MMO bore-fest like what they are doing (it’s a lot like GW2 and Neverwinter which is better than WoW but NOT TES!).

      That kind of combat has been done awesomely by very small, non-funded teams in MMOs like Darkfall and Mortal Online. They are flawed but if ESO took inspiration from them and then used their 250+ devs to polish it up and fix some flaws it could be INCREDIBLE and would RULE the MMO market.

      As it stands, it’s another ho-hum MMO with the elder scrolls name plastered onto it.

  4. This is going to be a sad…. sad day when ESO comes out… And yeah, everyone is saying Beth didn’t make it… well, there’s heavy take on all sides. This won’t be the first time someone has sold out for profit, certainly won’t be the last.

  5. I don’t know if there is people actually supporting this game…

    But I can tell you this, if that’s the case, it’s because they don’t know a thing about the MMORPG genre.

    It’s always the same, it’s about factions or guilds, about grinding, about looting, about gear, tiers and e-penises and a lot of silly mechanics that happen to be very boring and repetitive but addictive to many people in order to keep them paying their suscriptions.

    It was cool… In 2004. Maybe in 2007 it was still nice, but in 2012 it feels old.

    I know, I know “don’t like it, don’t play it”… But still, this entry is gonna give bad reputation to the entire saga, and guess what lore-lovers?… Yeah, it’s gonna count as an official story.

    But what demons!!! It’s always about money for these companies, they couldn’t care less about faithfull and proletarian gamers.

  6. Apparently they just decided to ignore that sandbox MMOs have ever existed, and in fact it was the first kind of MMO before EQ and WOW took over, plus it was much more similar to TES than Themepark MMO mechanics. Nice job guys, can’t wait to see you learn your lesson.

  7. I love how the elf doesn’t look anything like a TES elf. She’s white, so that rules out Dunmer and Altmer right off the bat. So that just leaves… Bosmer, I guess?

    Which I never would’ve guessed, as she looks like a generic pretty human girl with pointy ears… just like elves in every other MMO.

    What I like about TES elves, is that they don’t fall into this stereotype. They’re wierd looking. If they’re not downright ugly, there’s usually something a little off about them. Not anymore, I guess.

    • My guess is that Zenimax Online is aiming to appeal to creepy guys and basement dwellers…

      You see, characters on TES have always been kinda ugly, but that’s because most of us (the players) don’t care about appearance but about substance.

      It’s not about seeing cartoony girls with big boobs or a pretty face, it’s about the immersion, about the experience, about living the adventure.

      You see, normal gamers don’t give a damn about the physical appearance of characters, or at least we’re not into getting aroused by pixels… but this game is not aimed to us, it’s aimed to no-lifers, to social outcasts, just like any other MMO…

      • Really? So I suppose you haven’t seen the most popular mods on The Elders Scrolls/Skyrim Nexus…they’re usually anime or pornography or a combination of both.

        These are made by fans of TES

        • @Moth
          Sick and sad people, no doubt about it…

          I mean, come on, if someone gets aroused by pixels then he or she REALLY needs help… Beating one’s meat watching a virtual girl (or boy) is not my idea of fun.

          Besides, if you are a PC Player then you should know that the best mods are focused on content, on SUBSTANCE, new mechanics, new ways to play the game (or at least new places)… not on silly character skins for virgins, perverts and misplaced otakus (that just can’t forget Japan for at least 5 minutes).

          Real fans of TES are better than that.

  8. AGGHHH!!! Its ORGASMO! SPASMATIC ORGASMATIC!!! Aiiieeeya! Wheres the laundry room?!!

    Fantastic trailer and to think am about to have some coffee! Can my heart take it???

    Thanks for the sneeky peeky eye popping tease 😀

  9. Class system? Can’t be avoided? I only played Eve Online for about 6 months, and I regard it as the most innovative and ground-breaking piece of work as far as MMOs go, simply because there are no classes or restrictions.
    It’s the only game I’ve played where you can literally become what you want, and you can change your path at any point (provided you can spare the time to do so).
    WoW? I tried it, it bore me to death within 2 months. Lineage? So outrageously poor and in bad taste that I didn’t even bother.
    Morrowind was what dragged (or drugged) me in the RPG genre, and that’s what I’d expected the rest of the series to be, but they went sort of downhill from there, and this looks like hitting the bottom.
    I don’t mind the cartoony style at all, if that’s the engine’s limit, but definately not the rest. And I know I’d pay a mothly $20 if the content would be equally immersive and rich to the series. As I also know I’d have no problem playing this in ’14 instead of ’13, as long as it’s worth playing.
    But that’s enough mumbling, and I hardly believe any substantial changes can be made at this point.
    Let’s hope they’re keeping something really good for the later stages of their PR campaign, letting us believe it’s a dissapointment, just to reveal some crazy awesomeness at the end and make a lot of noise.

  10. Make the game look like this and not another cartoon game like all those other online ones and I’ll actually play an MMO…ahh wait, it wont.

    Nice try though. Looking forward to F4 from the talented developers at Bethesda.

  11. Cool teaser trailer NOW MAKE ONE FOR THE NEW FALL OUT GAME PLZ!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ I really want to know what state the game will take place in PLZ tell me/us/the word!!! PLZ

  12. The game looks like it’s going to be a big copy of Wow.Why not etleast make it a bit like tera cause WOW is such a disapointment for me.Hotbar WTF TES with a hotbar.Not going to play this game.

    • Hotbar != WoW. If you design a game for PC and not console, why wouldn’t it have a hotbar?

      Skyrim is painful to play on a PC w/out a major UI mod because of the horrible interface that assumes you are dealing with 2+ joysticks on your controller.

      If you read the huge article on ES Online in Gameinformer June issue – it sounds like they are trying to break the MMO model in multiple ways.

      Finally, the guy who said MMO players are creepy basement dwellers – lol yeah the people who play online in a socially interactive game are more of a creepy loner than someone who instead prefers super immersive solo games. Come on.

      This game looks promising in spite of the ES purists’ cries of doom.

  13. A little story that nobody cares about; At the dawn of RPG, there was only Dungeons and Dragons. Loosely based on Tolkien, and with no example to draw on, Gary Gygax and friends constructed a table top game that required a few multi-faceted dice, paper, pencil, imagination, a few books, and a group of bored nerds. Over time, the books became tomes, and the number of them grew to be a library. (BTW, Apple hadn’t been founded yet, and PC’s hadn’t been invented.) The concept of factions slowly crept in as pre-packaged adventures grew into campaigns, and this required yet more books of rules, lore, etc..
    It got so top heavy, I decided to do something about it. So I set about writing my own game system. It was small, only requiring 64 total pages of mechanics, tables, and lore. I introduced a skills system that advanced by use of the specific skill. No generic XP could buy you anything here. And to drive home the “fantasy can be anything you want it to be” point, I introduced a reptillian race.
    In 1981, I was taking my first programming language, Fortran, and in my spare time, I wrote what I called “The Gaming Companion”, which was a computer based random generator to replace the die rolling. Our gaming took place in the CS labs, as the compiler was running on a Data General 10000, which took up a moderate sized environmentally controlled room. Nobody could afford a PC.
    Then came arcade games with reasonbly decent graphics. Up until now, only 8 bit things were available. But “Dragons Layer” showed us you could have a game that looked like a cartoon. O.K., it was a series of clips that played depending on which way you moved the joystick when prompted, but the interactivity of the 8 bit games couldn’t be far behind. That was where I wanted to take my game.
    Crux, as I called my game got pretty popular among the gamers in college, and I decided to bring it to market. But, alas, I’m not a salesman. I also lacked funding. It wasn’t until years later that I realized why the project failed; It was designed to entertain with a minimal investment, be driven by the users, and not require revision. All of these points spell “no or low profit”. The bottom line is (don’t lose the irony of an accounting term here.) literally the bottom line. The sole purpose of business is to make money. That means make a profit. It’s the same reason most cars produced don’t do anything well, but a little of everything just O.K..
    Most companies start out from the passion of the founder. But, evolve into the generator of his/her wealth. As such, the initial quality degrades into mediocrity to appeal to more buyers. Hence, we don’t all drive Feraris. If you want that level of passionate design and execution, you have to be wealthy, which makes for a very small clientel.
    Touching back to D&D, the same path was taken. Eventually, it was sold to Wizards of the Coast (the Owners of “Magic, the Gathering”. Then, it devolved into a generic MMORPG. Sad.
    Personally, I was thrilled that so many of my concepts were finally brought to a mass platform like TES. It sucks that I wasn’t part of it and made no profit though. It sucks even more that the full expression of awesome graphics, unbounded gameplay, and MMO interactivity will still be out of reach as TESO will be produced to appeal to a mass market instead of a passionate one.

  14. You are all freaking about it being online but imagen your in a pack of wood elves sprinting through the forest trees about to ambush a group of nord warriors or a high elf about to get the shit beaten out of them cause high elfs should die