1.6 Update for Xbox 360 (English)

Beginning on Friday, the 1.6 update for Skyrim became available on Xbox LIVE for English territories. The update adds Mounted Combat, new bug fixes, and support for Skyrim’s upcoming game add-on, Dawnguard.

Once we have details on when the update will be available in other territories, we’ll share more information. Likewise, we’ll be sending out our Skyrim beta details to applicants early this week.

1.6 release notes after the break…


  • Mounted Combat – Skyrim now allows you to do melee and ranged combat while riding a horse


  • General stability and memory optimizations
  • General AI pathfinding optimizations and bug fixes
  • Optimizations and crash fixes for data leaks
  • Fixed rare crash with lighting
  • Fixed crashes related to loading and saving games
  • Fixed crash with summoned creatures/NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where saves would be corrupted
  • Improved logic for when ranged kill cams are played
  • Fixed issue with ranged kill cams while killing a dragon
  • Fixed rare issue with certain ranged kill cams not playing properly
  • Fixed issue with nirnroot lighting not properly cleaning up
  • Fixed issue where bow damage was being calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed rare problem with werewolf kill moves would not finish animating properly
  • In “The Break of Dawn” fixed rare issue where Meridia’s Beacon would disappear from player’s inventory
  • Fixed occasional issue where followers would disappear after player pays off a bounty after committing a crime
  • Fixed issue where certain creatures and NPCs would fail to respawn properly
  • Fixed rare issue with dialogue subtitles not displaying properly
  • Fixed issue with water appearing blurry when loading a saved game after creating a save underwater
  • Fixed issue where map cursor would occasionally disappear after closing a message box with Kinect enabled  (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed rare issue with shouts only performing the first level and not other unlocked levels with Kinect enabled  (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed issue where the shout buttons would stop working properly if users mashed LB and RB during cooldown with Kinect enabled  (Xbox 360)

Reader Comments

  1. What about Japhets Folly?

    The bug/glitch needs to be fixed. I went to Japhets Folly and can’t leave.

    If you can’t leave then why did you guys allow people to fast travel to the island.


  3. As some with a charator that pretty much only uses magic abilities, i kinda left out with the mounted combat thing, as i still have to get off my horse just to fire off one measly fireball at a wolf whenever i cross one.

  4. I see the guy Lod is still dead even after claims of fixing the problem where npc’s would stay dead. I give up.

  5. Can u guys fix the winterhold quest from the orc who asks you to grab the hanging gardens book from the bandits? I had already cleared out the cave for the jarl in whiterun and carried this book for a long time he is askin for it when i already have but i can’t seem to give it to him

  6. I’m having a problem with a bug on the xbox 360. I did the ceremony where you get cured of vampirism and then the ritual never ended. I reloaded an old save and I was not able to move forward/back/sideways. I can still shout and use magic, can’t use weapons though. Is this caused by the new patch and if not, is there a way to fix this? Also, this happens on ALL of my saves now.

  7. Ha!!! Ive had my ps3 for 6 years and its working perfectly, your friend is just a jack ass that doesnt know how to take care of his console plus xbox red rings almost always bitches pc is better than both tho and wow bethesda you get the pc kids to fix your patch then you give it to xbox and not them thats not right the patches are not under your microsoft buyout deal you just bitch slapped your longest customers

  8. People I’m weiting this comment addressing all the bugs. I have worked with code myself and there are many steps for doing 1 line of code. coding a game like skyrim will take a melenium To go thought and fix every single detail. I would like a game with few bugs too. But looking at a coders view. They will be sitting there for months mabey a few years (with multiple coders) to re-write / go through all of skyrims code. So from my point of view as a coder would be to give them some slack. Coding just takes a long time to go thourgh write it up and look over many times.

  9. Just got my pc version updated with the latest patch 😀 Hooray! After a good nights rest will give this a fun filled spin in the morning. Thanks for all the hard work and time on the fixes and stunning unexpected out of this world additions of horse combat 🙂

    Hail Bethesda! Fortunate are we to enjoy their works of quality gaming!

    • Just tried out the new patch in a new modless game and everything is working great! Am also noticing smoother framerates and better graphics detail. Not sure if its a placebo effect or perhaps the Patch resetting things to best suit my system.

      Thanks again for the one of a kind high caliber work only Bethesda is capable of 😀

      • Oh am also noticing enemies are much more deadlier now! When encountering the first Dragon at the start of SKYRIM it actually was doing some excellent damage to my character. I actually felt like i had to run for my life this time unlike in the past where i had to pratically jump in front of the Dragon for it to even notice me 😀

  10. Hello,after last patch my chapter it floating, and interesting what it is not only my problem,hundreds of people have a same problem,yes we all have mods,but many people playing without mods? Bethesda saying – “our modders best in the world”, yes? but why you cant update your game without problem with mods and bugs which that spoil the whole game?

  11. So, it would have been nice if they would have at least mentioned when it might be available on the PS3 :/. I’m used to it coming later, but are they now just omitting it entirely? Aha…

  12. It’s been pretty much 6 months since this game was released now, and it’s still super broken. I REFUSE to play this piece of shit game until it’s 100% playable.

    • Well have fun denying yourself the privilege of a truly enjoyable game with a few odd ‘quirks’. Most of the things that are “broken” are minimal and don’t affect your experience at all.

    • It’s just you.

      If you want a completely bug free game, it’s time for you to find a new hobby. Skyrim is not flawless, no, but it’s not “super broken” either.

      • Don’t talk shit, fanboy.
        Everyone just forgives Bethesda for their massive fail just because they are fans. And they keep giving the same lame excuses, I’ve heard them all before.

        “It’s a big open world game, of course there are gonna be lots of bugs.”

        I’ve played tons of other BIG open world games with no bugs, so bad excuse is bad.

        You can’t release a game in retail stores that is broken.
        It’s like selling a car without the engine. Who’d pay for that?

        And after 6 months they still haven’t fixed it.
        And instead of pulling all their staff and efforts on fixing everything, they keep adding new shit like kill cams and mounted combat that in turn creates a whole new set of bugs and errors.

        Way to go, Failthesda.

  13. that bug has been around from the first versions of the game. the way around it was [SPOILER ALERT] to sell to Calximo while alive. it is later revealed the it was in fact the Necromancer’s Amulet, with some pretty sweet magic buffs… see here about the stats (and walkthrough): http://goo.gl/BUe6Q.

  14. Beth,

    My vampire thief who is eagerly awaiting evolution into his rightful state of lord is still bald when I wear my Guildmasters’ Hood, Linwe’s Hood, and the regular Thieves’ Guild Hood. I realize there are much bigger issues that you have to focus on and I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but I really want to be able to see my hoods/not have a big ugly bald spot.

    Other than that, fantastic update, and I can’t wait till Dawnguard.

  15. I have a 100% crashing issue. Everytime i go into the water anywhere my game freezes. I actually stopped playing altogether cause im so disgusted with this problem. I’ve even e-mailed u guys a while back. I have not seen any patches for this. I own the ps3 version and i noticed this happened when my save file reached 12 MB

  16. Im still waiting for the bug to be fixed in Markarth for the abandon house to get my last daedric artifact. The dude outside the house that lets me in isn’t there anymore. I’ve had this bug for months now. I just can’t find him anywhere.

  17. i noticed one bug that has returned… in their tongue its called MinorBugitus , GAMECRASHER! so i noted that making a new character isnt wise at the moment , ‘cos Alduin doesnt land in the beginning.. just flies all around shoutin stuff… so , bethesda pls–

  18. I have 96 hours played New to the game, I’m level 21 and have killed 8 dragons, Since this 1.6 patch I can barely hear the characters talking, I have Voice settings on high and My headset maxed and game settings on (DVD) and can barely hear anything but the music and it’s almost turned off. If I look at fire my whole screen illuminates the same bright yellow colors from the flame/heat source until I look away, Real pain in the butt when in a cave and you have a lot of torches on the walls. Whats this about being able to ride a horse and use weapons? I ride a horse and press “E” and I get off the horse.
    I don’t run any mods, Except what the game itself installs and I was not in beta.
    I have Antec 900 Case,MSI A3 AMD Quad core 3.1 ghz. with 8 gigs of dual channel Mushkin enhance gameing 1600 speed, 2) 500 gig hard drives, Power Color radeon HD 6770 with default settings on Ultra, Bottom case mounted 650 watt system new 5 months ago, My Build.
    It’s not my system Especially with all the complaints here: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2746076&page=2

  19. Seriously!? I mean, why the hell are you now catering to all the consoles and leaving your PC gamers in the dust?? You have a VAST audience waiting in the PC arena, ya fools. 😐

    I am seriously disappointed. Skyrim…Doom…what else are you going to keep from your loyal PC gamers who dish a hellova lot more money to upgrade their PCs for your epic games? Bethesda, you’re making me so sad. I own a PS3, 360, and a WII and I’d still rather play your games on my PC, but even when you DO make them on the PC, they’re buggy as all get out.

    PC should have stayed first and foremost. Good thing there are awesome people to make mods to make it a bit better..like the inventory system. T_T

  20. Bethseda please fix the harmugstahl glitch on the totems of hircine quest I can’t complete it due to spikes not working and aela won’t go away please try and fix by dawn guard update or let us delete quests and restart them because this is just annoying
    A pissed off Xbox gamer

  21. If you havent played it how do you know it’s broken? In all honesty I haven’t come across any game-breaking bugs and the ones I have found aren’t even close to bad enough to make me stop playing this magnificent game.

  22. Hello Bethesda, i have a Question for Gstaff… the update that was released on Steam which is version, is still a beta? i am kinda confused since this update was available on 11/6/12 and there was no announcement in the Blog.

    Thank you in advance.

      • Thanks a lot for replying! also, any word on whats new in the CreationKit update? i received an update today and just a few hours later i received a second one, but i think the second update was a downgrande ( because the first was something like… any word on this GStaff? im just confused and having no announcement in the Blog confuses me even more.

        Thanks Again for the SUPERB job!

  23. My game just went nuts, with this update, the game didnt crash and went perfectly, but now I cant play it! The start screen sometimes crashes or takes forever to load, and sometimes when I load a save game, the loading screen crashes just showing an item or something.Sometimes it even freezes my XBOX 360, just with this game. I erased and tried to play without this, but I can because the saved games arewith that patch, and everything else looked normal, at least in the start screen, but once I downloaded again the patch, the same problem happened. Very dissapointed, 60 dollars for a game that I can´t even play now, that mounted combat patch was a big mistake.

  24. hmm.. no separate post about the 1.6 update being delivered to PC/Steam.. so I’ll report the bug here:
    Since this update (, when playing in window mode and alt-tab’ing out of the game and back, the Windows mouse cursor is not switched off again.. so you end up with two mouse cursors moving at different speeds and generally being annoying.

    • I find the way to hide back windows cursor, if you play in window mode: Alt-Tab to other window, so Skyrim window still be visible, than slowly move cursor through border of Skyrim window from outside to inside – cursor have to disappear. Finaly Alt-Tab back to the Skyrim window. Sorry, if any english mistakes.

  25. … oh, and I get awful shadow flickering issues AGAIN.
    I’m still running nVidia drivers 296.10 which fixed those same issues when they were introduced with 1.5.0.. now they’re back with reinforcements.
    It’s really time Steam offered a downgrade option..

  26. as Woo mentioned the windows mouse cursor bug is back. if you alt tab out of game you get two cursors that behave differently tabbing back in.

    dunno if it’s related but I can’t see my arrows hitting the ground (no dust up).

  27. I have a question for gstaff. After the update for Xbox 360 any save gave I try to load opens in a menu that says, “You cant place any more books on that shelf” I cannot exit the menu, and have been unable to play my favorite game. I can start a new game but am attached to my lv. 59 character. Is there any way to fix this so I can play that character? I have over 250 hours into that game.

  28. Saturday I was playing and the game crashed, was in a totally black screen. Restarted the viedo-game and play again, I realized that the game was the darkest, I really liked because now I need to use torches, light spells and nightvision so I can see in dark places. I wonder if it happened to someone else, whether it is a bug or something, anyone there?

  29. I have found that the Halted Steam Camp will not respawn. Inside the cave itself. Outside will respawn, and on my game file, it has done so twice, but the inside is just the way I left it when I cleared it. I really want access to my iron ores again so I can mine, and the game won’t let me. Is there something I am missing or is this a problem?

  30. I have two issues in my game. Frist Brill is dead and I can’t by the house in Whiterun, second I didn’t sold the strange amulet to Calixto so it is stuck in my inventory so I can’t have the necromancer amulet. Could bethesda fix that?