1.6 Update for Xbox 360 (English)

Beginning on Friday, the 1.6 update for Skyrim became available on Xbox LIVE for English territories. The update adds Mounted Combat, new bug fixes, and support for Skyrim’s upcoming game add-on, Dawnguard.

Once we have details on when the update will be available in other territories, we’ll share more information. Likewise, we’ll be sending out our Skyrim beta details to applicants early this week.

1.6 release notes after the break…


  • Mounted Combat – Skyrim now allows you to do melee and ranged combat while riding a horse


  • General stability and memory optimizations
  • General AI pathfinding optimizations and bug fixes
  • Optimizations and crash fixes for data leaks
  • Fixed rare crash with lighting
  • Fixed crashes related to loading and saving games
  • Fixed crash with summoned creatures/NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where saves would be corrupted
  • Improved logic for when ranged kill cams are played
  • Fixed issue with ranged kill cams while killing a dragon
  • Fixed rare issue with certain ranged kill cams not playing properly
  • Fixed issue with nirnroot lighting not properly cleaning up
  • Fixed issue where bow damage was being calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed rare problem with werewolf kill moves would not finish animating properly
  • In “The Break of Dawn” fixed rare issue where Meridia’s Beacon would disappear from player’s inventory
  • Fixed occasional issue where followers would disappear after player pays off a bounty after committing a crime
  • Fixed issue where certain creatures and NPCs would fail to respawn properly
  • Fixed rare issue with dialogue subtitles not displaying properly
  • Fixed issue with water appearing blurry when loading a saved game after creating a save underwater
  • Fixed issue where map cursor would occasionally disappear after closing a message box with Kinect enabled  (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed rare issue with shouts only performing the first level and not other unlocked levels with Kinect enabled  (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed issue where the shout buttons would stop working properly if users mashed LB and RB during cooldown with Kinect enabled  (Xbox 360)

Reader Comments

  1. Hi Bethesda, when is it coming out of beta and going official for the PC? or at least an aproximate date? thanks! your games rock

  2. Is this out for PC already or have we taken the backseat now that an expansion is coming out? I’m not home so I can’t check for myself…

  3. Little late, but what happened to the beta. If its was coming earlier this week why havent I heard anyone getting emails.

  4. Hey Bethasda! Love the update but i have been experiencing some FPS drops after the update on Xbox 360 … Just wanna let you know that … :/

  5. Congratulations on the first magical realisation of the patchy patch patch 1.6 update of SKYRIM into the world 😀

  6. Well I got an auto update for the so I assume its 1.6 but I see no mounted combat unless I am doing something wrong. I have pressed every button while on a horse and I got nothing. Please help.

    • While you are on your horse press x to draw your weapon. It has to be a melee weapon or bow. You cannot use magic while on horseback.

      BTW Bethesda thanks for including archery in the mounted weaponry. I love riding through Skyrim on horseback picking off all the little animals I see. I’ve only been playing the patch for a few hours but I’ve gotten really good at it! 🙂

      One more thing a lot of people are having issues with this patch and not being able to load saves. Though I do not have this problem myself, I’ve seen some other comments to this news that people are having a problem.

  7. Can you fix the bug in the “Blood on Ice”.
    Where if you find he Strange amulet and you don’t sell it to Calximo (or whatever his name is) and you finish the quest. The Amulet stays in your inventory forever… it’s annoying. please fix that in another update soon…I’m pretty sure there will be another, cause I doubt DawnGaurd is gonna run perfectly. But seriously, can’t wait! CROSSBOWS VAN HELSING STYLE!!!

    • yea this happens for me too its really annoying you should just make it sell able after the quest or edit it so that it isn’t a quest item after the quest is complete.

      the same thing happened with the book “Gallus’s Encoded Journal” its still in my inventory after completing all the quests that too is very annoying.
      btw good update i like the new mounted combat and i hope that you fix more of these bugs.

    • There are still LOADS of quest objects that stick in the inventory, as well as quests that stick in the log when complete. Not to mention that potion Esbern makes that STILL doesn’t work.

      I’ve posted a full list of them several times, linked them via twitter to the devs etc. It took me all of an hour to fix the lot via CK (on PC) yet the devs STILL haven’t officially fixed them. Totally pathetic.

      I wish they’d focus on the problems before tacking on more novelty features. I’m not buying DLC if they don’t bother to fix the base game.

      Companions are a total joke. The scaling doesn’t work, they duplicate invisible items, their pathing is awful, they can’t ride horses, their owned/stolen item flags are backwards, they charge you to hire them every time despite their claims to the contrary. Several of mine are also stuck ‘crawling’ despite being healed to full HP.

      I guess console users aren’t high on the agenda, except when their wallets are in reach.

      • You guys get the DLC before the PC fans (who made Bethesda the monster they are today…), so quit your complaining.

        Or play it on PC and fix the problems yourself, since it took you all of an hour.

        • QQ goes the petulant wretch who complains about other people complaining.

          Any corporate entity has the best interest of themselves in mind, and that interest is money. There’s no specific group that caused that. Their brand gained popularity because of the other failing franchises that didn’t appeal to a wider audience.

          Don’t slight one group because you’re precious medium has faltered on one hand while equally prospering on many different fronts.

        • To be honest, no-one is going to get the game for PC just to fix the Bard’s College quest items sticking in the inventory. It would be better, and cheaper, to get the problem fixed via patch. As to the whole “we get DLC first” thing, that argument does not fully work. PC gamers have a plethora of mods to download. So asking for a bug fix is pretty much ok for a console gamer and a PC gamer. It’s what makes the game better.

      • Yeah what the guy above me said. If you have a PC with a keyboard and mouse that can run Skyrim why the heck would you want to play it on a console with a bumblestick?

  8. Why dont you make Dawnguard and all these updates for PS3 too? I mean us fans that dont have xbox are probably getting tired of no updates and such! PLZ MAKE THEM FOR PS3 TOO! :,(

      • I havent been notified and i signed up a while ago. but im sure when they decide to they will since this update essentially readied the game for the dawnguard dlc. and thnx bethesda for the sweet new update.

  9. I’m starting to get disappointed with Bethesda released the first patch for PC, Xbox for now, I have a PS3 and also paid for my game, to top it off having to wait for DLC.

    • Just think of it this way: The PS3 is far superior than PC and Xbox so Bethesda needs more time to understand the working of a PS3 and their patches.

      That said, I don’t mind waiting for the DLC, let the first bugs be discovered by Xbox2 owners and we will have a less buggy DLC for the PS3.

      • the ps3 has more bugs than pc and xbox because its a much more complicated machine to make games for that means its not a very clever made console.
        this is not meant to be mean but it is true i have talked with a guy that is making game consoles.
        another reason most stuff releases for xbox first is that Microsoft pays alot of money for it to release for the xbox first.

        • Do they still pay? I thought that wasn’t allowed any more.

          A more bugs, where the bugs for xbox and PS3 not familiar?
          Anyway we have to wait, so nothing we can do about it than wait.

      • superior? yea thats why my buddy’s ps3 started sounding like a friggin moped after a month of use and stopped reading the ps3 discs after 10 days. yea. soooo superior. must be why he got a xbox.

        • Considering specs technology specs. Yes, PS3 is better, but saying PS3 is superior in all fashions is biased, As Im taking a more neutral standpoint, I dont think any is better, as both companies, MS and Sony have numerous faults constantly being brought up, Like for MS the “Red Ring of Death” as was a joke made up as a video game store name in Infamous 2 for the PS3 only, but its not like PS3 is spotless, I mean, look at the whole PSN down for a month+ thing, its not like Xboxs or PS3s are perfect, they both beat each other in some fashion, everyone needs to get off their high horses and shut up and play some Skyrim. Thank you for you time.

        • Because XBoxes and PCs are flawless machines that never malfunction, yes? Because one tale of a specific broken machine completely invalidates the entire existence of the product.

          I can do it, too.

          “my buddy’s ps3 started sounding like a friggin moped after a month of use”

          XBoxes aren’t quiet. I’ve never encountered a noisier machine, and in my (admittedly limited) experience, they turn a room into a sauna. Every PS3 I’ve used has run quiet and cool, and I’ve personally never had any problems with them.

    • Or you could think of it like this. Elder scrolls have always been a Pc game and it’s one of the best formats for testing patches.

      As for the DLC, Xbox has a 30 day exclusivity deal with bethesda. Which was never a secret yet most ps3 owners seem to not know about or think that since they have had issues Bethesda should give it to them first not realising it would involve a legal process that could delay the dlc for everyone.

  10. Thanks for the patch. 🙂

    As for the PS3 users complaining that beth is waiting to release to them last; they don’t have control over that. It’s up to Sony when the patches are released as it’s their system. PC users got it first as a beta patch, and it just so happens MS ok’d the patch before sony. Don’t blame beth when you should be blaming sony. 😉

  11. The patches yes, but the fact that the first DLC is going to be xbox exclusive for how long? If they would have told me I was going to be a second rated customer just because I owned a ps3 I wouldn’t have bought the game at all.

  12. Thanks heaps Bethesda, this update is super fun with horse combat and the bug fixes have resolved a glitch or issue i’ve been having with the theives guild on one of my characters. THANKS!

  13. Still Have Some Major Quest Glitches, Please Fix:
    DRAGON SEEKERS: Farkas won’t top following me because there is no dragon!
    BLOOD ON THE ICE: Still will not start and I can’t buy a house in Windhelm either!

    Please report back to Fjola, but I killed her.
    Kill giant at Red Road Pass, but there isn’t one.
    Investigate the Boethiah cultist, already did.
    Assist people of Haafingar (5/5)
    Purchase a hosue in Windhelm, but I can’t!
    Speak to Maramal about wedding, but I’m married.
    Wait for Brelyna’s spell to wear off.

    Please get these taken care off! I’m a HUGE FAN!

  14. i am having a glitch were my character stands on his horse and has no animations on horse PLEASE HELP!!!

  15. I dont know about you guys, but chasing dear has been an elder scrolls staple sense Oblivion, and now its SO much better.

    Also not having to get off my horse when to kill wolves. Although I wish I could atleast use my BOUND sword / bow on horseback.

  16. So, either they programmed Dawnguard wrong, and they need to alter the main game slightly to make it fit, or, more likely, this new update already contains the files for the DLC, and what we pay for is an unlock code, like Sony did with GT5 and their big 2.0 update.
    We already saw some files relating to crossbows in the 1.5 update, so I’m not happy at the minute.

    • “and support for Skyrim’s upcoming game add-on, Dawnguard.” is the quote that should have been in that comment.

      • Given that the 1.6 patch update was 26 or 27 megabytes in size, in no way shape or form did it include the Dawnguard files. By support, it means things like the ‘Add-ons’ option in the main menu and there is also a ‘Dawnguard’ stat in the stats window.

    • It’s 20-something megabytes. It is most certainly not the files for Dawnguard. This patch has been planned for awhile. It adds mounted combat and fixes some bugs. You know, like a patch.

  17. … i can no longer load my level 81 character… any advice? it seems the update is at fault. what a fucking mess.

  18. I hope I’m not the only one who’s absolutely TIRED of seeing “360-only” news and updates. What about a little more respect for the other two platforms?

  19. Mounted Combat will certainly be a welcome addition to Skyrim, however I’m sure most players would like to see updates address some of the remaining bugs. I understand these bugs are to be expected with a game of such vast content, but some really detract from the experience. Players have been frustrated by the purchasable player houses since release, with weapon racks/plaques/mannequins/chests etc. functioning incorrectly. I would love to see an update focused solely on fixing that issue as I believe proudly displaying the fruits of hours of gameplay to be a large part of the RPG experience. Other than that eagerly awaiting dawnguard 🙂

  20. Thanks Bethesda! I bought a new horse and started wreaking havoc in Whiterun hold, wiping out some giant and bandit camps then I got ambushed by some more bandits on the road to Rorikstead and they killed my horse. It was really fun and I plan on using the horses more now. Keep up the good work Bethesda!

  21. Hoping they would fix the problems with the Imperial quest not being given by the lady… guess not.

  22. I love everything about the game, but after I got the update a lot of stuff got fixed. A lot more got really glitchy and bugged. I’ve never had any major glitches since I’ve had the game. I’m not complaining. I just wanna do my part to help solve any problems.

  23. They also nerfed the pickpocket deal where you could take arrows over and over using the right trigger on Xbox. It was a great way to skill up pickpocket.

  24. Thanks, Bethesda! I’m happy you guys decided to add mounted combat. It’s really fun and a great addition to the already awesome game.

  25. Please Bethesda!Fix the shield charge bug! What does a one-hand worrior do if the shield charge stops working?!

  26. Can u pleas fix the glitch regarding the Champions quest “animal extermination” more spasificly, the one where u have to kill the Saber Cat. I killed the cat before starting this quest. Now that the quest is active the Cat wont response so I can complete this quest line

  27. I like the horseback combat so far, but I must admit, aiming a bow whilst on a moving horse is a tad difficult xD