Check your inbox: Dawnguard beta keys deployed

An overwhelming number of fans signed up for our Skyrim Xbox 360 beta — so many that we’re only able to issue codes to .005 of the applicants.

Lucky fans began receiving emails tonight from “The Elder Scrolls”, and we’ll be done completing the deployment tomorrow. Within the email, users will receive an Xbox LIVE redemption code, as well as details on how to participate in our private feedback forum.

Thanks in advance for your comments and feedback. And for those that didn’t get in, we plan on doing this again.

Reader Comments

  1. PC owner: “Hey! I got a new Shyrim patch! It’s got some new features, and a lot of new bug fixes! Great!”

    Xbox 360 owner: “I got to participate in the Dawnguard DLC Beta! I got the new patch included, plus, I get the full DLC for free, including first access to a less buggy version of the DLC, thanks to the private forum input from us beta testers! Awesome!!”

    PS3 owner: “I got a rock…”

    So, let me get this strait: You have a massively rocky start with a very buggy game on the PS3. Then, you decide: Hey! We’ll do beta testing from now on, ON THE XBOX!!! And this will help the PS3 owners how?? Correct me if I’m wrong here, but doesn’t the PS3 use entirely different coding than the Xbox?
    Great way to support all the players of your games on the PS3: By giving all the goodies to everyone BUT them, and letting someone ELSE do all the beta testing for them on a rival system that uses a different code. Go team go. >(

    • I’d just say Bethesda doesn’t like the PS3…
      And neither do I, but that’s just my opinion :p
      At least you guys don’t have to pay for online play and stuff… I’m content with Xbox because I don’t like being tempted to add mods with the PC (Blasphemy? Nah, tried it, didn’t like it. TES that Bethesda created is my way to go), and I like the Xbox controller better than the PS3…and yes, I know they have those types of controllers for PS3 also, but, alas, the final killer is, I don’t like Sony. Soooo…
      “Xbox Fanboy throws arms up into the air”: ^^COME AT ME BROOO!!^^

      lol with luvs ^_^

  2. Its funny becouse most of the people that got a code joined in june and were people just joining the forums for the beta 🙂
    I am jealous… But well i hope they do their job,Iam looking forward to 26th to buy the DLC,Have been going through a rough time lately,and still am.
    Congratz to the winners!

  3. Disclosure: I am a big fan of Bethesda’s Open World games. I think games such as Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim are revolutionary. Heck, I even am of the opinion that Todd Howard is a genius!

    I also happen to be a PS3 owner.

    Now, I happen to know that PS3 owners are in the minority of players of Bethesda’s games. I also know that coding for the PS3 is inherently more difficult than on other platforms. I know, too, that at heart these games are ‘PC’ games. They look better on that platform, and that is where the modding community is. I am also intelligent enough to know that there may well be things that I do not know about how these things are handled, given the fact that Gstaff is notorious for being tight-lipped in these comment threads, concerning these topics.
    Even so, knowing all of this doesn’t change how I feel. After literally years of being the last in line to receive game patches, not having access to certain DLC items (Oblivion), and now seeing others getting these extra benefits on top of all that; I’m really starting to feel singled out. What’s going to be next? Free DLC for everyone except PS3 owners? Sometimes knowledge & logic just doesn’t change how one feels.
    So I have one simple, honest, rhetorical question for you, Gstaff: How would you feel if it was you?

  4. What i understand, they will be doing it on Tuesday as well. so i am still hoping. If people already got there beta key, i congratulate them on getting it. Have fun people playing dawnguard. 😉

  5. Im not a crybabe and there’s nothing wrong about 360 users getting the DLC 30 days earlier cause of a contract you had with microsoft.
    One thing is doing something to fulfill a contract, another is to say stupid things to players.

    Ashley Cheng said (at least that’s what I read) that this is to help for the problems that PS3 users had. And you do it only on 360? Congratz, lol.

    This DLC and another one will be for xBox360 only for the first 30 days and that’s ok, but what about the other possible DLCs? Still only the 360 will get the beta? What’s that, a right move to lose PC market share? Congratz on that aswell. Please, could you gently point me to where I can find the creators of Daggerfall, Morrowind? Thank you.

  6. I do not get it obviously your gonna get an overwhelming amount of people wanting the beta most want it cause they do not want to buy it you should of went by region on who gets beta or states like each state gets a certain amount of betas

  7. I’ll be honest – I only really wanted to get in so I’d get Dawnguard for free anyway, getting to play the beta early would just have been a bonus, and a dubious one at that, given the inevitable buggyness. I’ll keep checking the emails just in case I get a late one, time zone differences mean I have no idea when you’re actually stopping sending them out.

  8. I hope i get a key. If not, i won’t be dissapointed. I just hope that the people who have, are testing it completely, so we can a great end product. of course i wish all the best of luck and lots of fun.

  9. Awesome, still waiting and hoping here. Wish me luck! For those of you who have it I’m sure you’ll be posting tons of videos to keep me occupied well to the 26th.

  10. I don’t think they will send out too many keys because if they come with the full dlc, achivements and all, so people who get it wont need to buy it and Bethesda need to make money of this dlc.

      • I agree PS3 got the short end of the stick and i’m sure Bethesda has a good reason for not doing a beta on that platform but the PC have been given the creation kit which i would gladly pay another £40 and it was free so i cannot see how they can be asking for anymore.

      • Had to be said since so many people like to moan, this way they are informed as to why they did not get the beta key 🙂
        but i bet you felt good about yourself posting the comment above, is ok i understand your need to make yourself feel better it’s only human nature.

  11. Only a few spots left I hope I show up I played all weekend(sadly offline) and am trying to get ready with a second character so I can be both dawnguard and vampire lord!!!

  12. I dont think I am in the remaining 25%, but congrats to the “winners”. I am excited for this DLC, but with the way its going, I probably wont be able to get it for a long time. Kinda relying on this beta code.

    Anyway, again congrats to the “winners”.

  13. Congratzz for those that got a beta key. I hope they really do their jobs for finding bugs and glitches. lucky b*st*rds XD

  14. Really, Bethesda? Seriously, of corse people will sign up. Either for a free expansion, or as for me, the joy of a slight feeling of contributing to my favourite game developer. So dissapointed. Market scam? Check.
    “so many that we’re only able to issue codes to .005 of the applicants.” Reddiculous. What was it? 8k of applicants? Just for free publicity.

  15. I hope i get it later today. Because everyday since i signed up i looked my mail just in case it would hav come, but nothing i’m really sad right now just because i want have thhe money to the Microsft points i need to buy it. 🙁

  16. I blame reddit, ign and kotaku…whoever posted this link for karma screwed over those of us who normally check the blog like loyal bethesda followers haha

  17. Seems like clever marketing scam. Get attention for the release of a new DLC and deploy a small amount. Not much of a beta more like a contest. Betas are actually for play testing, and response. ie) Star Wars the Old Republic Beta, Diablo 3 Beta, those are betas, this is not. And isn’t the core game riddled with bugs. Fix those stuck quest items and stuck misc quests already… 100% of Skyrim players have Gallus’s Encoded Journal, Attunement Sphere’s stuck in their inventory among many others.

  18. guys i still havent received my beta key. i have been checking my email all morning and its just NOT there. ill expect it to be resent asap. which means as soon as possible. just a minor mistake on your part its no big deal.

  19. Again, I won’t be purchasing Dawnguard ever unless it’s released on all platforms at the same time. Selling out to Microsoft has lost you a customer.

    • I don’t understand how does it being released on xbox first lessen your enjoyment of the content, is it because there will be spoilers or because of some other reason idk.

        • So Bethesda doing a deal with Microsoft is seen as corrupt or is it because its some how unfair for the other platforms. I think Bethesda said they would do this before the game came out so I’m kinda cofused as to why people are so upset, when i look at all the other companies in the world exclusive deals are common so again i don’t understand why this comes as such a shock or is so upsetting for people.

          • I agree with you Lopez, Just because Bethesda wants to do stuff with xbox don’t mean you guys above have to cry about it telling Bethesda they lost a customer blah blah blah. This kind of Game shit happens ALL the $%&@#*g time! People who play on PC get shits loads of cool mods that no console gamer gets! PS3 people get Extra stuff on most games, like extra level, extra weapons, etc… That is Exclusive to only PS3! So for once in your life don’t screw up shit for people with xbox! If your so damn impatient, then go get Laid til Stuff comes out (haha! no pun intended) for YOUR platform!!!

          • Bethesda probably didn’t have a choice with the timed exclusive. Microsoft probably demanded timed exclusivity with for the dlc, or they would not allow Skyrim on the 360, not to say the money didn’t hurt.

            P.S. I’m not a 360 fanboy; I’m on PS3.

          • Its because people just want a reason to bitch and moan about everything. Even though everything was stated weeks, if not months before the game came out, the users of PS3 and PC will bitch and complain because “They are getting the raw end of the deal”

  20. Are they sending emails to people who don’t win? And are they still sending them out, I hope they are I wanna win. If I don’t oh well I’ll end up buying it. Congrats to the winners!

  21. You shouldn’t judge a game on the fact they release it a month earlier on one system than another, honestly if your gunna cry about it do it to yourself, ps3 is harder for a beta than Xbox, doesn’t mean they are disguarding their fans, just means when they get it for you guys they want it perfect.

  22. I personally wasn’t applied into the beta but I’m not gunna complain about it because things didn’t go my way, I’m just gunna be more exited for it when it does come out. Not the end of the world if it come out a bit later than others, Play with a friend lol

  23. I think it’s ridiculous you choose a bunch of people to give the dlc to for free. You should follow the pattern of other games’ betas and allow EVERYONE to sign up and test it WITHOUT some sort of 20+ dollar discount. What happened to equality? Unbelievable.

  24. Hi, i did not get in the beta 🙁 I have been with you since arena (ARENA!) and have fallen in love ever since I got it for my first computer when I was five. I played through Daggerfall the following year (I was not allowed to play arena, as i bought my computer second hand and it came with assorted games, including arena which I was not allowed to play, but did anyway.) I picked up Daggerfall and loved it even more with its new gameplay features. After about a year, I moved on. A few years later, i bought an xbox, and a year after that, MORROWIND! I played that game to death, literally. The disk melted after year 2. After it melted, I moved on again. Then in 2006, I picked up an xbox 360 and……..Oblivion! I played that til 2008, when my xbox red ringed. I got a new one when i heard at E3, you guessed it, SKYRIM! I have on all my accounts combined over 1000 hours on it and my three main ones take up 600 of it. I did everything in Skyrim, EVERYTHING! I heard that the DLC was having a beta, so i signed up, along with all my friends. They all got it. I did not. PLEASE give me a code! I beg of you! I will look for bugs and report them too! I NEED THE BETA! SKYRIM IS MY LIFE! PLEASE!

    Thank you for your time;

    A loving Fan.

    P.S: i love you no matter what 🙂

  25. I got an email for the Dawnguard Beta Feedback Survey but I never got a beta key, am I missing the beta key email or are all applicants supposed to fill out the survey?

  26. I am a PS3 owner of Skyrim and I am not bothered by the Dawnguard beta test since by the 360 owners (same can be said if it was the other way around) finding glitches and bugs in the Beta it helps the owners of both consoles not suffer whatever those glitches and bugs turn out to be whenever the Dawnguard DLC finally comes out for both conosles.