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  1. At E3 I saw how the Bethesda, id Software, Arkane has weak engines.. show relatively good visual, but when I saw the new stuff that are coming to the PC and consoles, other developers, changed my mind about things around here, the tech here is extremely limited sometimes. Hope Dishonored, have a good gameplay, because the fun and mod are the strong for Skyrim, besides glitches and bugs.. and is the real engine offering a huge place in the end, inside all Zenimax houses.

    And how ridiculous play a Doom 3 reload, using a “macgyver glasses” and see the pay media, selling the experience as unique.. christ, id software is a shame.

    But the stand with armor and other details of the TES world, was an experience. I hope BGS improve more and more the Creation Engine, Creation Kit, because the type of environment, the huge area is a big difference.

    And more than ever, I saw that TES is the crown jewel, today is very rare, see a large game with a rich culture.

    • I think you are missed the way.

      First, is about a promotion, not about E3.

      Second, John Carmack is not trying reinventing the wheel, for now, is a prototype, a work in progress (WIP) not a final product. I dont have any chance to see live. He probably started the development, after testing the default 3d glasses in the market today, with focus in done a better tool. Believe, this guy dont lose time with bullshit.

      Imagine the amazing chance for Zenimax, Bethesda and id, all group, with a hardware 100% done in house.

      About all engines, this does not reflect the commitment of Bethesda, Arkane, id.. this is your taste, experience. Every company has its audience and engine fitted to suit your style of work, i do not know why all tech “bad”.

      • The designer/creator of the VR headset was not properly credited to the right person. The heqdset is not Mr Carmack’s creation, but rather the work of a man named Palmer Luckey of PalmerTech.

        Credit where credit’s due, please. See

  2. here we go again. europe is again left in the cold. but i’ll always enjoy bethesda and the games they release because their games are the best of the best and probably no single game company has won that much awards as bethesda. and their games are my favorite games there are. i just hope these things will be put in production like i said when the skyrim xbox 360 was here on the bethblog months ago. i’d pre order it for sure if this will ever happen.

  3. Do Microsoft and or Bethesda not realize that making these available at retail to purchase would sell like hotcakes, maybe not so many now well probably atleast a profits worth of sales, but if they were at the launch of Skyrim these would have sold out in an instant.

    I own a perfectley working Xbox 360 S. But if this Kinect and Xbox 360 Skyrim Console was released in retail I would purchase it in an instance!