E3 Wrap: DOOM 3 BFG Edition

Hard to believe it’s been about a week since E3 wrapped up. This week we’ve been catching up with all the coverage out of the event and there’s plenty to share! Before covering The Elder Scrolls Online, Dawnguard, and Dishonored, here’s a look at the highlights for DOOM 3 BFG Edition.

We start with a preview at PCGamesN, who declared John Carmack’s VR presentation the winner of E3. Here’s an excerpt…

“Bethesda turned up with a pair of goggles, spare rocket parts, a hacked copy of Doom 3, Ph.D level genius and duct tape. Lots of duct tape. Designed by Palmer Lucky, and optimised by Carmack, the HMD provides full, true 3D virtual reality immersion with zero latency. I played with it at the show, behind closed doors at Bethesda’s booth; it was easily the highlight of my life as a gamer. Next-generation doesn’t cut it; as I took the goggles off I was left reeling. It was fluid, fast, and mind-bending. Doom 3: BFG edition might be an updated version of an eight year old game; but after playing it in 3D-O-Vision, it became the most exciting game on the planet.”

We wish we could show everyone how cool the Oculus Rift VR Headset-powered presentation is in person, but these videos and interviews featuring John Carmack should not be missed.
  • Giant Bomb – Watch a 17+ minute interview with John Carmack.
  • PC Gamer – Catch three video with John Carmack showing off DOOM 3 BFG.
  • USA Today – Mike Snider comes away impressed by the VR setup.
  • Kotaku – Stephen Totilo spends time with “One of Video Games’ Smartest People”.
  • G4TV – In their E3 awards, they nominate the DOOM 3 goggles for Best Hardware.
  • GamesRadar – Learn why John Carmack is ready for virtual reality.
  • CNN – Find out why DOOM 3 BFG was Larry Frum’s ‘Most Amazing Experience’.
  • T3.com –  John Carmack unveils virtual reality gaming headset.

While not everyone is going to be able to put together a VR headset at home, DOOM 3 BFG does feature conventional 3D support and you can check out previews at these sites…

  • The Penny Arcade Report — Learn about the BFG remake process, including the all important addition of a mounted flashlight.
  • Destructoid – “Speaking as a fan of the original version, I am looking forward to the BFG Edition. It looks like it’ll be the definitive version of the title, especially with the improvements and the extra content, so you can count me in.”
  • Neoseeker – “Among the updates to the game: improved rendering and lighting, which you may be able to notice here. I can’t really, but hell, it’s been ages since I’ve played the thing. Either way, it’s good to see the Hell Knight and friends again.”
  • IGN – “We played a bit of it in stereoscopic 3D mode, and perhaps the highest compliment we can pay it is that it not only looks and feels like a modern game, but the 3D feels so natural it’s as if the game included it from Day One.

As new details emerge on DOOM 3 BFG Edition, we’ll keep you updated.


Reader Comments

  1. Maybe a BFG for the PC? in 2013, no stress.

    Please, if you need to balance light and texture for Doom 4, try making a little more with the light and shadows, for a dread atmosphere. I will not complain if reduce to 30 fps!

    Keep the good work Mr. Carmack!

  2. Seriously man .. John Carmarck is an echo from the 90 years, who lost the chance to expand the id software when he could, to escape to turn an android of some mass-production company.

    ZeniMax is a forced advertising… to the public, the result is quite different.

    After all talk, and expend so much cash for media during E3.. Dishonored is the best product in line for 2012.

  3. Does the re-released Doom3 require more powerful hardware that was spec’ed for minimum and recommended requirements of the original release in 2004 ?