E3 Wrap: BGS showcases Dawnguard and more

Encore! BGS’ Todd Howard, Matt Carofano, and Ashley Cheng returned to E3 last week to showcase Skyrim’s first game add-on, Dawnguard.

Before getting to Dawnguard, I encourage you to watch Todd’s interview with Wil Wheaton. In it, he discusses games that inspired him, Skyrim’s amazing mod community, and plenty more. Speaking of the mod community, you’ll want to read Todd’s interview with Kotaku, too.

As for Dawnguard, learn about Dragonbone weapons, Vampire Lords, and much more in the highlights below…

For more on Dawnguard, read previews at OXMUSA TodayJust Push Start, and Eurogamer.

Finally, hit the jump below to watch Todd Howard’s GameTrailers.com interview with Geoff Keighley.

Reader Comments

  1. Vampire and Werewolf perk trees! The ability to change ones appearance ingame instead of starting a new game or messing with console commands! Crossbows 😀 A new class of Legendary Dragons! Mounted combat ye gads! New armors and weapons! New factions! New shouts! The Soul Cairn…..

    Whats not to like 😀

  2. “When is this coming to other platforms?” “I have no idea”
    That sucks, I hope you will make it for PC at least at the end of summer.

      • man I hope it comes out for ps3 and pc but it suck cuz they only made it for Xbox 360 they should of made it for every console

    • With all the great things the latest patch 1.6 adds its very easy to wait for the goodness of sweetness that shall be THE GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION 😀

      • Well they have a contract with microsoft that all there games come out on xbox first and they cant release it for other systems for atleast 30days.

  3. I’m sorry but why the heck are you releasing it for Xbox 360 first when YOU MADE IT ON PC using the PC tools?! If anything the PC version should be released first because of this fact.

    • LoL, well, it’s a stupid question that deserves a multiple-part answer! First, you got the CK, go build something, xbox players can’t do that. Second, you have a bunch of mods, go play them, xbox players can’t do that. Last, you had the 1.6 patch and every one before it before xbox players. On our end, sure doesn’t seem fair. NOW…. lol, we get ours! Quit crying and deal with it like we have to.

      • LOL
        And what is your answer about PS3 players?
        Oh…and xbox players also get beta of DLC,and you talk about mods?i’m a pc player and i don’t care about mods,because most of them just bring more problems(and the game already have alot),oh and…”MOST”(not all) of the mods are “porn mods”(dolls thing…wird for skyrim…)…the point is that “BGS” is becoming extremely greedy and is their fault?NO,it’s our fault!

        PS:I also have a PS3.

        • oh..and consoles didn’t get CK because is not possible yet,i wonder when it becomes possible,what will you say?…

          • PS3 players, I’ll say the same thing I always do: “Thanks to Sony needing to have their own unique hardware, it makes it more difficult to port anything. I have Skyrim for both consoles and PC, sorry PS3 players, Sony is just fail sometimes.” If they manage the CK onto a CONSOLE?!?! I’d say many months too late for comfort, we still had to suffer like you’re about to.

  4. ^ Because MS shells out money for a timed exlusive. The first two DLC for Skyrim will come out on 360 one month before they appear on PC or PS3 because of this.

  5. I do not like vampires, I will join to the Dawnguards. But the vampire lord is very well done… deserves a use later. Good to see a perk for werewolf, I consider a disease, with less compromising near the vampirism.

    The only thing who not fits the vampirism in skyrim, is the walking vampire during the day, though it is necessary for the gameplay (more things during the day light) is very contradictory.

    The DLC really leaves us waiting many new things, good job!

    • I hope they make it able to were you can become a werewolf again for those people who already got rid of it

  6. Where is the Update 1.6 for Skyrim where is the Release date for Dawnguard on PS3? This is disappointing that there is no info about this.

  7. Probably we PS3 users will not have fun playing on holiday, and then have to go back to work and college = / downside to Bethesda.

  8. Great interview with Wil Wheaton and Todd Howard. Interesting to hear all the experimenting in different areas of game creation Todd Howard did when wanting to make his own games after playing rpgs masterpieces like the ULTIMA series. It was always great reading about Lord Brinn and how no matter what he always chose the good deed over the evil when playing.

    Thanks for the great read and golden nostalgia ever influencing 😀