E3 Wrap: Dishonored, Part 2

We’re back today with more Dishonored goodness from E3. Don’t miss Raphael Colantonio’s interview with GameTrailers (above), Harvey Smith’s G4TV interview, and a slew of interviews with Lead Designer Richard Bare up at JoystiqPC GamerGamespotGiant BombThe Yogscast, and Polygon.

After the break, check out new previews and screenshots from the game.


  • IGN  – “In a show dominated by bombastic, action affairs that seem to take more inspiration from Hollywood than Half-Life, Dishonored is a breath of fresh air, and with less than four months until release, it’s not going to be long until we find out whether it truly can make the most of its wealth of gameplay potential.”
  • Destructoid – ” After knocking the target unconscious, I carried him back to the extraction point after dodging several more enemies and something that seemed like a Strider from Half-life 2, disabling or sneaking past each of them on my way to an awaiting ship. I managed the entire level without killing a single person. Which is rare in games, and I can honestly say is the only time I got to do that all E3.”
  • Examiner – “Dishonored had already piqued my interest and snuck onto my list of “most anticipated” games of 2012 prior to E3, and I’m happy to report that my play time with it has firmly cemented it there.”
  • Digital Trends – “No hyperbole, I’m utterly psyched to own the final version of this game, and having to wait four months is going to be really depressing.”
  • IncGamers – “Anyone yearning for a return to the golden era of ‘immersive sims’ (the catch-all term for titles like Thief, System Shock, the original Deus Ex and other), Dishonored presents a fascinating link back to that period.”
  • CVG – “Dishonored’s DNA contains strands of some of the most creative action experiences of this generation.”
  • Wired – “This is primarily thanks to a skill called Blink. This allows you to instantly warp yourself short distances without being seen — if no one is looking at the place where you’ll be, you can jump there. While many of the skills you can outfit yourself with will be optional, Blink is mandatory — it’s so crucial to the game that your magic bar will always refill just enough so that you can always blink away.”
  • The Escapist – “The whole game is wonderfully emergent”
  • Fanbolt – “My time with the game really just confirmed my gut feeling that this was a title with some real potential. Beyond that, it offers a truly unique offering in terms of gameplay, which is a rare thing these days. Sequels are great and all, but Dishonored shows that a great new IP is always a welcome treat.”
  • Unwinnable – “When things turn from tactical stealth to full-on combat, the game turns into a Cuisinart of swords and daggers, with the occasional – if cumbersome – flintlock thrown in for good measure. It does not look easy to take on a room full of guards in first-person swordplay, but it does look exhilarating.”

  • MSNBC – Video Preview
  • Game Informer – “Dishonored has several more sides to show us yet — how the chaos generated by killing people instead of stealthily accomplishing your goals affects the development of the story, and for that matter pretty much everything to do with the plot itself — but this hands-on E3 demo showed me just about everything it could in this setting. My earlier enthusiasm for the game appears to be justified on all fronts.”
  • Entertainment Weekly – “I’m a sucker for steampunk, and the city of Dunwall is a wonderful sci-fi creation”
  • Shogun Gamer – “While all of the traps were very cool on their own, they can also be combined with your incredible magic. At one point we summoned a swarm of magical rats to literally maul a man to death, peeling the skin from his bones as his friends looked on.”
  • Games.On.Net – “This will be a game that rewards talented gamers”
  • Stuff.co.nz – “Dishonored must’ve been kept well under wraps, because it’s far enough along in its development cycle that Bethesda was able to show us not one but two complete missions. One of those missions was hands-off, and one hands-on. Both of them seemed extremely cool, and both could be played in markedly different ways.”
  • Denkiphile– “From what we saw at E3, it’s looking great so far and chunks of our minds are still being cleaned off the floors of the Los Angeles Convention Center.”
  • Gaming Excellence – “If there’s one thing that I love in video gaming it’s games that let you choose how you solve a problem. Games like Deus Ex, Thief and BioShock have always excelled in this and as such I was really excited to know that Harvey Smith of Arkane Studios, who worked on and was presenting Dishonored, previously worked on the Deus Ex games. Just that alone gives you a great idea of what is to come.”

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  1. Probably too much coverage to really count, saw nominations /awards and interviews from sites that didn’t even make these lists. Still a good attempt at trying to summarize the hype around the game.