E3 Wrap: The Elder Scrolls Online

We conclude our E3 wrap series with a look at The Elder Scrolls Online.

Leading off, watch Giant Bomb’s interview with ZeniMax Online monster designer, Maria Aliprando. For more interviews, head to RV3, The Yogscast, and GameTrailers.

Elsewhere, it’s not surprising that MMORPG.com has plenty to say about the game. Claiming their Most Anticipated Game at E3 award, you’ll want to read the site’s first preview and watch their interview with game director Matt Firor.

For more great coverage, hit the jump below.

  • VG247 – Dave Oshrey discusses how TESO will deliver fan service for longstanding fans of the series.
  • The Verge/Polygon – Lead combat designer Nick Konkle discusses play options – from single player to being in a group of 100 players.
  • RV3 – Head PvP designer Brian Wheeler covers PvE and gives a tease of PvP.
  • PC Gamer – “TESO is all of Tamriel. That’s an exciting prospect. Some of these places haven’t been in a game before, and most of them haven’t been explorable since the blocky days of Daggerfall. It’s cool to be able to go Black Marsh and see how the Argonians live in their homeland (mud huts), and plenty of the other places I saw were appealingly exotic.”
  • Kotaku – “Firor and Sage reminded me that the Elder Scrolls lore is its own special thing. It will help make their game feel more Elder Scrolls than anything else. And their combat will make it feel, they believe, unlike other MMOs.”
  • Destructoid – “Elder Scrolls Online pulls the lore, locations and even some mechanics from the past series games to create a huge online world that everyone can experience together. The artwork and overall scope from this early look definitely impresses.”
  • RPG Gamer – “All in all, The Elder Scrolls Online is promising a lot for fans of the Elder Scrolls titles. If its E3 showing is any indication of the final product, those fans will finally have a good way to share their Tamriel adventures with their friends.”
  • RipTen –  “The combat is pure action, with a priority on blocking and dodging. The game looks very much like you expect The Elder Scrolls universe to appear, but the third-person view allows for a different aesthetic for the attacks. When blocking, a projection of a shield appears in the direction you are protected. Successfully stopping an attack will often leave your enemy open to a strong finishing attack. You can charge your basic attacks by holding the button, accompanied by a typical glowing effect.”
  • Tecca – “One of the core themes of the Elder Scrolls franchise has always been your ability to be whoever you want and do whatever you want, and things are no different in the online version. You can ‘be the emperor, pick flowers, or do crafting,’ and there’s ‘no wrong answer’ for how to spend your time in the game.”
  • Just Push Start – “The most exciting point came toward the end of the demo. PvP is no stranger to MMOs, but Elder Scrolls Online is looking to amp up the feature. 100+ player PvP battles will take place in the game.”
  • The Escapist – “Despite the MMO nature of the game, your own personal story missions will be entirely instanced. You can share the rest of the game with other players, but when it comes time to advance the story of reclaiming your soul from the Daedric prince who stole it, you’re all on your own.”
  • PC World – “5 Things You Need to Know About The Elder Scrolls Online”.
  • IGN – “There’s an incentive to fight intelligently too, as skilled play rewards you with extra treasure following a fight. Actual targeting seems to be genre-standard – this is not a Tera-like action combat system.”
  • Blast Magazine – 7 reasons why you should be excited for The Elder Scrolls Online
  • VG Revolution – “The Elder Scrolls Online is shaping up to be a fantastic MMO adventure for any fan of the franchise, and I look forward to learning more about the game’s systems as we get closer to launch.”
  • RPG Fan – “TESO is shaping up to be a top-tier MMORPG, but it’s still going to be playable by a wide variety of players.”
  • GamerLive.TV – TESO ranks as one of their top 5 games of the show.

Reader Comments

  1. And yet there’s still no screens of gamplay. What’s the matter? Afraid of showing how boring and generic it is?

  2. Look near of Hjerim, a house in Windhelm.. look around, stretched textures, a window in half wall, look how TES5 became a generic product, in the sense “triple A”. We need remember about a MOD, to fix unfinished art.. and they call this “user contribution” yes, you pay for a unfinished product, and need fix for free, tons of glitches and bugs.

    Do not complain, nowadays even the japanese “triple A” have bad stuff.. after months, totally shocked how Diablo 3 is a low poly repetition of Diablo 2, with lacks in gameplay and an awful feeling of MMO… the only thing really necessary for the “triple A” business, is a strong marketing team, for ads around the web, events… the picture of amazing developers, is over.

    A generic MMO worries ZeniMax? of course not, a bad ad yes.

    This is the rule of mass consume.

    • My feelings after E3, the next wave of wonders..

      You forgot to comment that Diablo3 lasts less than one week, for anyone who plays a lot! are 5 acts.. slightly larger than the Diablo2. I remembered playing “Rage” in the sense, long wait for a bad and short result. The “AH” for sell and buy things is a lame idea, the game lacks in balance and gameplay.. after the beta, still with cheats and hacks.

      I really expected the Fallout MMO, because to me, TES is the soul of BGS, did not deserve to become a product with a relative chance of become boring quickly. Fallout is a foreigner, adopted, a hit too .. but is not part of the birth of the house. Just see the new Star Wars MMO, the number of users decreased. And Blizzard now have a “lame edition” to try call more people.. WoW is outdated, the look is awful, and people lost taste for pay to play.

      Is equal imagine any amazing change about fallout, besides a better visual .. but I think the Doom4 comes out first, already in dev before the Rage, need be extraordinary! Another Resident Evil in space, with static light and medium textures, a gears of wars in first person using a Halflife2 style and limited multiplayer. Then is better id software close the doors, because Doom is the soul of the house.

      This modern game industry is a mess.. become a fast food facility, happens with all developers today, not only here.

      • Well, you know… way too many articles about this game, so far i see a majority of negative comments and Bethesda just tries their hardest for us to ride the wave, maybe if they make Real Time Combat and stick to Realistic Character Proportions and Design of Oblivion/Skyrim, i MIGHT consider trying this game.

        Still, i really really wish Bethesda success on this title, which ill be skipping completely.

  3. You guys must have scoured for those quotes, most of the articles they’re from are otherwise pretty scathing. No wonder it took a full week to put this together.

    I wonder if they saw this coming, all the backlash, even from the press? Oh well, they’ll either course-correct and make the game something worth spending money and time on or they will stubbornly stick to their guns and go down with the ship.

    God speed the ESOtanic.

  4. I believe they are trying consider a wide range of things, but you must understand, the audience for something as big as an MMO, it will not be filled only by hardcore fans of TES. They need show something for the popular demand, the vast amount of people who prefers play a MMO game, and they are volatile.. major part have her favorite first MMO.

    A MMO player works different, major part devotes huge hours playing, way beyond a single player. They search for bonus, rare itens, develop guilds, expend game money and real money, be a tank, to kill lots of players, to prove be a better leader for the group, and so on.. is way more complex in a social level, not a NPC interaction. You need play with people with different tastes, different tempers, who give shit, if that amazing sword, do not fits in the TES world.. a global situation too.

    The storyline inside a MMO is completely different, need be more open and flexible, is like play the misc dungeons in Skyrim all day, to get more XP and loot, not necessarily to see a new history, because an MMO is a forever history, always online, with new people all day. Generalization happens, because is necessary, not because is a deformation. And remember, a massive multiplayer, with good models and textures, always need sacrifice some anatomy, architecture and animation, because is necessary, the challenge is fill the servers too, and be a great online experience for different tastes.

    Is to early for a definitive argument, whatever the final result for a hardcore TES fan, i have no doubt, there is no damage in the process, is a completely new way to join this vast world, offering a different combination of structures.. but is early, let´s be optimistic.

  5. Ya know,it always seems,on every site I hit about this new and wonderful game,that all of you are just going to ignore it-or diss the hell out of it,no matter how hard these people try to please everyone of you.Which is totally impossible.If you were a LOYAL fan of this series,and Bethesda’s works,you might try posting like it.Why doesnt any one of you say that you are totally going to give this your support,instead of laughing in their faces for their 5 yer hard work.I will give these people all my support,and go with the Beta,and when I find things wrong with it,I’ll for once tell them,instead of gripe about it and keep my mouth shut.They need players who will set them back on track when there are glitches,or something just doesnt work right.
    Give them a chance,people,for Christ’s sake!!

  6. So basically it’s Oblivion but much much bigger and has other players with factions, real time combat and pvp?. This sounds amazing! I love MMO’s and Bethesda games can’t wait to get in this world. Been playing wow for 4 years or so now and it’s time for something new!

  7. I recently downloaded the old Daggerfall game and started playing a bit just to recall a few things I thought I had forgotten. It turns out there were many things I had forgotten. To sum them all up, the game gave (still gives) a feeling of being submersed in that world. You are there, not just playing a game. And everything contributes to that feeling – the mouse-movement based combat, the conversations with random citizens of the towns, getting the option to join the thieves guild or the Dark Brotherhood by the actions you take in the game world – all of these things make even that old dinosaur of a game more playable than some dumbed-down MMO. Even more playable than Oblivion or Skyrim, the two most nerfed TES games to date.

    FT’s comment above has some validity if that’s what you want: just another MMO for mass consumption. I myself would like to see an innovative, challenging, intelligent game that puts every other MMO on the market to shame. I have that much love for TES. Sadly, I doubt it’s going to happen. It would be too much of a risk for them to sink money into.

    Shame on you, Bethesda, for having your name on the box. You made your name by being innovative and daring. Now I guess you figure all you need to do is make money…

    You won’t have any of mine with this game.

  8. I my self have been a long time fan of Elder Scrolls games and all the lore, i still remember sinking hours upon hours into Morrowind, Daggerfall and plenty more into Oblivion! and i know if the Elder Scrolls team believes in The Elder Scrolls Online then i know they wont let us down!

    The sound of the gameplay (tactic blocking, AI temwork, ect.) so far seems brilliant to me im sure it + the here to stay Elder Scrolls quest style will set it apart from other MMOs.


  9. Personally, I’m psyched about this. While I believe TES is better had as a single player experience, I think if any franchise could be worth it’s weight in salt on the mmo market, it is TES. I’ve played the games for a long long time and they are the only games I still really enjoy picking up. If Todd Howard is behind this or helping with the project in any way, then I’m behind it 110%. TES has the lore and the fan base to make it online, but we have to support it and provide effective feedback. They’ll have my $50 on release and, if they go such a route, my monthly fee as well. That said, the only thing that is twisting my nips about the game is the lack of character class customization. Why not go a runescape like route with it, or something less generic, where we can pick what we wanna specialize in. Hell, why not let us pick a few skills or something that define a unique class, like if I picked Destruction, Heavy Armor, and Blades it made me a Battle Mage and allowed customization on that level.

    However, Bethesda and Zenimax have my support all the way. They won’t dissapppint and we shouldn’t expect them to as fans. Even us Elder Scrolls purists.

  10. for all those dissing this game i think u guys are jut to high sat on your WoW bandwagon in thinking that an mmo needs to be this and that. Personally every time i played oblivion and skyrim i was thinking the whole time that i wanted to play this with my friends.and now that i see this im thinking HELL YES ABOUT TIME. an mmo doesnt need to be 100% like WoW that just makes it repetitive and boring. i like the fact of how you have to explore to actually acomlish things and not follow a set road like WoW. i think this is a great idea and will become a great game. and just to say for the peaople wo are mad about some storyline being hit ….they said it was 1000 years in the past so where did you get the storyline of that time that you are mad about this being made

  11. I have been waiting for this every since Morrowind. I remember playing that game nonstop for a year with all the user created content and saying to myself, I wish I could play with my friends.. walk up to their house and then go on an adventure.