Stealth Answers from Arkane

It’s Friday and we’ve got more of your Dishonored questions answered by co-creators Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio:

Q: Does the AI stay aggressive after your character has been spotted or can it become unsuspecting again when hiding? Also, will guards alert other guards of your presence? (Fabian K.)

A: The AI has several states of “alertness“, so it goes from totally unsuspecting, to suspecting, to aware, to search, then it cools down to search patrol in high alert but it never cools down to the initial state. Also, AI communicate their level of alertness to allies within range and therefore they let each other know about the presence of the player when he’s been spotted.

Q: Will there be a “game plus ” after completing the game and having all the powers and upgrades for this ” game plus “? (Sea Gull)

A: We encourage multiple playthroughs with Dishonored as 1) you can’t get all the powers and upgrades in one playthrough, and 2) there are different endings based on how you play: surgical assassin or sneaker vs. brutal killer.

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Reader Comments

  1. Are there any limits to the Blink ability, like a limited range? It sounds rather powerful otherwise, having no mana costs and a short cooldown period.

    • Nope, I consider myself one of the people and other than multiple paths I love multiple endings too. Please generalize better next time. 🙂

  2. I have a question, that might not be directly related to gameplay, but it is the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL:

    Will Dishonored actually be available in my country, Czech Republic, on Steam ? Because I buy games on steam only. And Rage and Skyrim are not available here (nor in other european countries like Poland). I assume it is because Zenimax made some idiotic agreement with local retail distributor to only provide retail copies (which I do not care about).

    I want to buy Dishonored on DAY 1! In fact, I want to preorder it. It is my most anticipated game of the year.

    Are you guys going to allow me to buy it?
    BTW I would also really like to buy Rage, when you’re at it.


  3. Funny how you didn’t actually answer question 2. How about a yes or no answer. Will there be a new game + mode?

  4. Not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, but since Dishonored is looking more and more interesting: Will there be modding tools available for it?

  5. Could Dishonored have been built with the ability to continue the game with radiant side targets? Random city thugs and thieves etc could spawn and thus serve to further the flow of the game endlessly if the player chose to rather than ending it like reading a book.

    The game looks super and i grin at the idea that my text based MUD games abilities are showing up in graphics like this in tghe powers of “blink” etc…

    ..but..come on ref…make the game spawn endless targets even if they are repetitive to some without an active imagination.