Dawnguard Available Tomorrow

The release of Dawnguard is almost upon us, would-be Vamp Lords. But when are you, specifically, getting your taste of the new bloody Skyrim content? Here’s a quick summary of dates you should know.

If you own a FIGS copy of Skyrim — French, Italian, German or Spanish — you’ll be happy to note that your version of the 1.6 update, featuring mounted combat and Kinect support, is rolling out today on Xbox 360.

Tomorrow, June 26, the English language version of Dawnguard will be unleashed on Xbox 360, and our plan is to launch French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions in mid-July. If you haven’t already, make sure you grab the required 1.6 title update off Xbox LIVE.

So get ready to head back into Skyrim muy pronto. And as always, stay hooked to your Bethblog feed-drip for new Skyrim news.

Reader Comments

  1. I really like your games Bethesda, especially Skyrim and Oblivion. But you gotta show some love for the Playstation owners.

    • I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to or they would provided at least an estimate of the timeline. I imagine the “moneyhats” that MSFT paid for the exclusivity window also forbade them from mentioning when it would be out for the PC/PS3.

      The logic there would be that the longer you are kept in the dark, the more likely you might be to just give in and get it now for Xbox, and then again for the other device.

      • Their logic has one small flaw. We know the PC and PS3 versions are coming, and we know the exclusive period is usually 30 days. The vast majority of people are not going to buy an entirely new console and copy of the game just to get that DLC a month or so early.

        Maybe rich corporate types can afford to do that, and so they assume everyone can?

        @Mitch Hak: Sony gets as much PS3 love as they pay for. When they decide to shell out more money that Microsoft for exclusives, you’ll get them, but not until then.

        • I have nothing against the Xbox but I don’t like to see this kind of special treatment. It seems like Bethesda is just saying “screw you” to PC and PS3 owners. I hope the money Microsoft offered was worth it.

          • Pc owners got the ceation kit for free so why screw you to the pc owners? xbox owners never get the mods you only have to wait a month

          • And lets not forget the fabulous patch update with the mounted combat. Bethesda could have left that just for the Dawnguard Dlc but instead they gave us Pc users something fabulous for free just like they have many times in the past with the first release weeks of the Castle Battlehorn dlc being a free download for Oblivion 😀

          • @Hellbishop Xbox got the same patch for free. I believe they even got the final release version (non-beta) before PC did.

            @Casper PC only gets the creation kit because it’s what they used to create the game world. The tool already existed on PC so they just release it. The main reason you don’t get mods on xbox360 is because MICROSOFT doesn’t allow it. They only allow certain DLC to be free because they want a cut of all the profits. If bethesda could, you’d have mods.

            In any case, I’m not buying the DLC specifically because of the timed exclusive. Let’s see how that money-grubbing plan works out for Microsoft and Bethesda, eh?

          • @ Steve J.:

            Regarding the PS3, Sony has paid out for platform-exclusive DLC content before (such as with Arkham Asylum) — it’s simply that Microsoft beat them to the punch, here. It’s not like Sony hasn’t shelled out before in the past when it suited their purposes.

          • @ Will B:

            Kind of a strange thing to get all outraged over, and take a principled “stand” on (i.e., “timed exclusive” DLC) — right or wrong, it’s here to stay, and one person folding their arms and saying “no” isn’t going to change this fact.

            Also, I’m sure Bethesda and Microsoft will be wiping away their tears over your boycott on all the $1,000 bills they’ll be raking in with this one.

        • @ Will B thanks for the reply. In the end though Bethesda has to make money and as long as its a high quality product they will keep getting my pc game money whether its a few weeks or years considering how popular Skyrim is and the fact that i wont be playing Dawnguard til a hard copy hits retail in a Game Of The Year Edition or DLC pack etc. Enjoy life and dont let the small stuff get you down. Cheers.

    • I am moderately disappointed that Bethesda, a company that usually tended to put the PC on the top of their list and consoles second, would get into a deal to release DLC on a console first without a real release date given for PC users.

      I’m not going to say I’m unhappy. I know it’s coming and that likely the PC version of Dawnguard will end up being better than the console version. This is actually not a surprising development altogether, though. Skyrim has been developed extensively with the idea of winning console players, something they generally tended not to have more than PC players with the previous four TES games. This is, for the record, why Skyrim greatly simplified its gameplay mechanics compared to Oblivion or Morrowind (Class, Birthsigns, and real character attributes are still sort of missed by yours truly.).

      I’m not complaining about that, though. It’s simplified, but not crippled as an RPG. I have no real complaints about Skyrim. Though I personally wish Bethesda hadn’t gone Steam-exclusive on the PC. I like Steam, but I was happy to get Oblivion retail, which never used Steam. It seems like Steam could act as a hinderance to mods if they ever decide not to continue the Workshop.

      Anyway, the tone of comments here needs to be addressed. To those saying PC Skyrim players are jealous: Not even. Unlike XBox 360 owners, PC owners not only are the ONLY players who get third party mods, we’re the only ones who can CREATE them, too. Microsoft and Sony will never allow that sort of functionality on any of their own consoles. So while, yes, it does suck we don’t get Dawnguard at the same time or *before* consoles like we honestly should, it’s not like we’re wanting for add-on content in the slightest. We’re likely to get fan-made questlines that could end up being far more epic than Dawnguard. Another comfort to me is the knowledge that when DG comes to PC: It’ll have more time for QA on original release than the XBox 360.

      PS3 users, I really do feel for you. It is probably the PS3 players getting the more raw end of this deal of the three platforms Skyrim is on, as PS3 doesn’t have 1.6 patch yet either. Please do have some understanding about developing for the PS3, however. You see, historically… Playstation has always been rather difficult for developers to develop for even just exclusively, to say nothing of ports. My advice is to be patient. Bethesda will reward your patience to be sure. Chances are the 1.6 patch is, itself, late because things working on Windows and 360 aren’t working so great on the PS3.

      Now, for those wondering “Why 360 and not Windows?” I daresay the reason why is thanks to things like WINE/Cedega which would allow Skyrim to be played on non-Windows platforms on the PC, particularly Linux, a platform Microsoft has been particularly hostile towards. They know if they can get Bethesda to get Dawnguard out on 360 first they can get at least some players to ONLY buy Dawnguard for 360 even after it comes out for PC. In short: Releasing a game for Windows potentially “releases” the game for Linux if WINE/Cedega end up having optimal support for their technology. Microsoft knows this, so they figure exclusive, albeit temporarily so, to the XBox is definitely exclusive to Microsoft. Profits follow.

      Finally, to the flamers deciding Bethesda sucks thanks to bugs: Try doing game development sometime. ESPECIALLY a game with the scale and content of Skyrim. Even if Bethesda were to have delayed the release of the game further chances are game breaking bugs would remain. It is virtually impossible to test all assets and data for every single combination of gameplay. Open ended “sandboxy” games will have bugs. It’s a fact of life and unavoidable. gEt over yourselves or just stop playing open world games. They cannot realistically be expected to think of every possible thing that can happen in a game with inherent “literally do whatever you want” qualities. This is why I like playing Elder Scrolls games on the PC: It’s not just Bethesda tracking down issues in game data there. Engine problems are, unfortunately, all in Bethesda’s court. But the “open” nature of Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind’s assets and data allows a much broader base of people to address problems in that regard. If you got the console versions, too bad. You most likely knew there would be absolutely no reasonable way for unofficial fixes to come your way. Don’t complain to Bethesda about that.

      To sum up, there are a lot of good reasons why certain companies games are better on PC, and full modding capabilities is a big one. Dawnguard is, unfortunately not out on PC or PS3 yet, but it’s coming, and PC users have a huge collection of other extra content they can play with that 360 players can’t have.

  2. So no word on when it’ll be out for PC? Or a ballpark at least? Takes me back to the old Morrowind days. Good to see you realize that DLC is dumb and full expansions are the way to go!

  3. Bethesda,
    Could you provide a time certain on Dawnguard release? Midnight local time? ET? PT? random??
    thank you.

  4. I have to work the next two days, so you might as well hold off on releasing it until Thursday. 😉 Or today.

  5. “muy pronto” LOL

    I already lost my interest in “Skyrim”…i really hope Xbox Fanboys continue to “feed” your pockets,because i will not…i don’t know if Bethesda or other companies realize that doing this kind of things is a “little push” to download the game,etc…as a “torrent”.
    What a disappointment “BGS”,you changed a lot after “Morrowind”…you just throw the damn “CK” to PC Fans…and let them fix all the problems(bugs,nasmesh,z-fighting,etc…)but of course to hide the lie there always the cover(some nice mods,etc…),to ignorants the coding stuff,is hard…(they probably don’t even know what “coding” means)but as a programmer you can see this “virtual” world with other eyes,you can see the truth behind the lie…such a shame “BGS”.I for sure won’t fix your lame problems and then put them out there for free.
    ….words than you ignore…words that you or no one understand…

    • Shut up you stupid cow. Bethesda made the Creation Kit for modders to improve the game not “fix” it. Sure Skyrim is really buggy, but I’d like to see you make a game with as much content and detail as Skyrim and have it be flawless. Yeah Bethesda changed a lot after Morrowind, they changed a lot after every game because they try to make every new game a different experience. I mean that might as well be their slogan.Plus they had to keep up with the changing world, if you haven’t noticed the world is making extremely remarkable technological advancements so they need to keep up with other game makers. They also need to add and get rid of things that fans want and don’t want, and they need to attract new fans to their franchises. And you’re talking trash about how they don’y know what coding is, THEN HOW COULD THEY MAKE THESE INCREDIBLE GAMES! I’d like to see you try to do some programming and coding. If you lost interest after Morrowind then don’t follow Bethesda’s games anymore, they obviously poured their hearts and souls into their games and they don’t deserve someone like you ragging on them. And while I’m on the subject of leaving things alone, why don’y you get off the blog and if you’re on them, the forums, because nobody wants to hear you negative input.

      • Sorry, but in the second to last line don’y is supposed to be don’t just in case your small brain couldn’t fix the mistake. P.S. People post what they did on the creation kit for free to help Bethesda improve on things and give them ideas for their upcoming games. In other words they are supporting them. Just goes to show you don’t support them, and aren’t a true fan. Alright, I’ve typed enough of my rage into the blog, I’m done wasting my keyboard on you. Hope you rot Criminal Scum!

        • In case you didn’t notice,the comment was not for you,but for bethesda,you dumb shit!!!
          Oh…and i didn’t read nothing of what you wrote.
          Oh and in case you don’t know,i bought every game that bethesda made “FOR PC!!”E estavas tu ainda nos cilhões do teu pai e eu já jogava este crl filho da puta!!

          • Que puto mais estúpido e burro,escreve muito mas é tudo uma merda,criticas que nem são direccionadas a ele,e pica-se haha…tristeza,é tão burro que vai precisar de tradutor para saber o que está escrito aqui,até porque provavelmente só sabe falar e escrever em inglês,o que prova que é um grande ignorante….enfim…”Bethesda” estão bem estão…ignoram tudo e todos…nem sei para quê o blog e fóruns,só de vez em quando é que aparecem a agradecer comentários estupidamente comuns,agora críticas e pedidos de ajuda,ignoram porque é muito dificil…talvez temos que começar a pagar por baixo da mesa para assim nos darem a atenção devida.

          • Okay when the fuck did I say it was for me DUMB SHIT. And by the way I don’t speak Spanish asshole. I was just standing up for Bethesda because they’re too nice to say something to you about your smart ass comment.

          • You say they are to nice,well they didn’t give nothing to me yet,all i got from them…i bought,so….you are special? O.o ,in some way yeh they are great…a great inspiration…but i have the right to express my toughts about something i bought,because if no one say bad(criticism) things…they will continue to do the same thing over and over again wich is bad,one example is the manifestations that people do about politic things,about the president,etc….the point is,sitting at home without doing nothing,will not solve your problems.That’s how the world change,when you do something,when you express your opinion,etc…

    • Not sure who pissed in your corn flakes but Bethesda didn’t change in a negative way like you’re implying.

      Also, us CK users certainly have not fixed all the bugs. It would have been impossible for us to have done so in the case of the navmesh bug, and plenty of stuff people claim are bugs are really caused by broken mods.

      Too bad there isn’t a report function for blog comments. Your post and the reply chain it generated… sheesh.

      • I’m a CK user and certainly i will not fix those problems,i mean…simple problems like broken quests or the damn mouse click dialogue OMG…i just don’t understand and you say “who pissed in my corn flakes”(lol),i bet that is a daily routine for PS3 users…no?! xD , if you forget PC and Xbox,we realize that PS3 users don’t get nothing from “BGS”…
        Oh…and there’s no report function for blog comments,because they just don’t care.

        • Thanks for putting your words out there adad. Always good to hear about the other side of the coin to keep a balanced perspective.

          • I really would not call his perspective “balanced.” Criticism is necessary and fantastic, but…he’s needlessly angry over a video game. He’s likening his rant to world-changing political dissension, which is completely ridiculous.

  6. Yeah, should I go get points tonight or just wait until tomorrow? Please don’t leave us continously checking the net and Live until it’s finally available. Please give a time.

  7. So will I get this on my PS3 July 26th, or 30 days after it releases for the FIGS? If it won’t be on PS3 till August, that’s BS.

  8. Ah, sweet bliss…. Suffer, PC and PS3 players… feed me your cries of pitiful anguish! This time tomorrow, I will be playing with crossbows and vampires… and what will you be doing in terms of Skyrim? Fiddling with your CKs and cursing Sony for their proprietary hard….. er, crapware. Ahhh, sweet, sweet bliss…

    • …what?

      I can play the game in multiplayer.

      I can build my own house.

      I can forge armor out of dragon bones.

      I can stage battles between opposing forces.

      I can spawn a dragon at will and take control of it.

      Oh no, I have to wait a little while for a DLC! Whatever shall I do?

  9. Thanks Bethesda. I have to sit and endure 30 days (probably more like 45 days) of spoilers until this game comes to PC.

    All I can say to you Xbox gamers is:

    Can you play multiplayer on skyrim?

    We have a mod for that 😛

  10. Once again, something made and designed on a PC is released on a console. This is piss poor company management.

    • True im somewhat jealous of the modding but I can’t afford a computer near good enough to run Skyrim at the settings that are even bearable

    • PC is a workstation, you are right. There is nothing wrong in releasing the DLC for the game machines firsthand.

      Skyrim, Rage, Doom 4 and any other game from different studios, are all ported to the PC and Mac. They lose a lot of visual quality and chance to be more exuberant. I do not have to hurry with modern games, they are prisioners of the slow market for consoles, with insane cicles of production, who push more and more the quality of the gameplay to a deep hole.

      The new wave of nextgen, have better textures, particles, light… with the desktop GPU evolving in amazing quality, faster and faster, thank the gods PC is a workstation first! to see evolving all work tools for 2d, 3d, more and more. Imagine the tools equal the games today… stuck in your own weight.

      Games are toys first, in the idea about fun.. but now, they are like movies, more and more of the same.

  11. ahh cant wait till tomorrow.one of the advantages of having PS3 and xbox.thank god i didnt sell my xbox when i got my ps3.well when it comes out on ps3 then i will sell my xbox.well when all the dlc are out just in case.

  12. The title of this is incomplete. It should be
    “Dawnguard out tomorrow for XBOX”.

    I love your games and I really have to commend you for the great support both for mods as well as adding several sought after features like ranged kill animations and especially horse-back fighting for free.
    But exclusivity deals like this simply suck!

    I really wonder how much Microsoft paid for this? Is it really worth alienating many users of other systems just to help Microsoft to prolong the life of their outdated console?
    (Not that the equally outdated PS3 is any better but at least Sony didn’t offer you a deal like that… )

    And most the most important question: How long will PC and PS3 users have to wait for Dawnguard?

    • I belive its 30 days wait and i just like to say that when the apple phone came out it was only on 3G and i think other phones have done the same and in general exclusive deals are common in this capitalist world of ours because even Bethesda runs on money and if you think about it the man who invested in Bethesda wasn’t thinking hmmm i know lets make a company to please random people with great games no he thought the games industry is rising up fast lets invest and make money so there you have it a simple logical conclusion to why Bethesda signed the exclusive deal.

    • I find it especially funny that MS pays for 360 exclusivity yet shafts the other half of their gamer/customer base – ie: PC players who play the game on MICROSOFT Windows. Herp Derp, MS. Herp Derp.

  13. So funny to see PC users “boasting” about their mods and all. Well why did you whine in the first place. >.>

    • I don’t recall whining,… however, i do recall much gripe coming from Xbox users over not getting mods >.> i think you have it backwards.
      Either way, it’s alittle silly that either side feels a need to rub anything in.. bit childish.

      Besides, in the end PC users come out on top with everything and extras to boot. I personally feel it’s something like tossing xbox users a bone, showing them alittle love since they lose out on alot of(not all) what makes the series so great and most don’t even realize it.
      now, PS3 users, they got shafted bad, if anyone has a right to whine over anything, its them.

  14. Its great reading these comments tells you alot about humans this day and age and i’m looking forward to how this dlc will impact the the game world.

  15. I don’t mind waiting for Dawnguard but what ticks me off is that Pc gets creation kit Xbox get Dawnguard early and PS3 is left in the dark we don’t even have the 1.6 patch yet D:

  16. Can’t wait for the DLC! I’ve got work from 9-5 tomorrow but I’ll be downloading the content while I’m at work.

    The first play though has to be as a Dawnguard member!
    Good work Beth don’t let anyone on here talk trash about your work.

  17. Very good! officially released for the Xbox 360, is a matter of time for the PC. Half of 2012 already! Skyrim still receiving updates and now a oficial DLC.

    Keep the good job! thank you!

  18. Will Dawnguard add consequences or will NPC’s still act as if nothing has happened after killing Ulfric and saving the universe from total destruction at the hands of an idiot dragon?

    • ^ This

      But really, they prob don’t wanna repeat the most annoying aspect of completing morrowind… HAIL THE NEREVARINE! left right and center…
      but they coulda done SOMETHING, yes…

  19. It proborly comes out 1-2am pst 4-8est 27th or 28th for far eastern time zones(eastern europe/china/russia)Europe will proborly get it in the afternoon. Im guessing since bethesda is in est and microsoft is to… well i think then 4am est it will be released

    • Lets put it this way, for New Zealand it comes out at 9pm on the 26th and New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of Florida. Also we are 12 hours ahead of Europe area.

  20. And this is why consoles need to just fucking die already. Less of the money grubbing cockblockery of Sony and MS and more of the playing of games on the platform that is always improving: The PC.

  21. So the comments have been CLOSED on the Skyrim Kinect patch.
    Many fans playing in ENGLISH in Japan/Asia STILL haven’t got the Kinect patch.
    Bethesda won’t say why and Xbox support says they can’t help.
    There’s no sign of the 1.6 patch and you want my money for Dawnguard?

    Shove it up your fat arses

  22. Seen several daytime vampire attacks all over Skyrim’s outbacks – so the dlc clan must be some hillbillies who didn’t hear the ‘bang!’ yet 😀

    • Seriously, I feel like it should be out by now. At least no more than a couple more hours. I was really hoping for a midnight release.

  23. I can DL it right now off the marketplace, don’t know if that’s because I’m on the beta or not… anyone can confirm if its out on live yet who ISNT?

  24. Just downloaded the DLC. Now sneak is not working.



    In 3d person it looks like Im crouched, but the cross-hair does not show as sneaking, and enemies react as if not sneaking.

    Version Dawnguard (Xbox 360 Obviously)

    • Ok so, well, restarted the console and now sneak is working. Tried to load several save games first, was getting a bit upset

      So, if this happens to you. Do not freak out. Let that be a lesson to you all.

  25. Wew ok thanks John I was having the same problem though only for a few moments then I went for a cig break when I’m done I’ll try this I can’t wait to block out the sun and proceed in my quests of epic blood sucking and neck chewing

  26. So, What about the PLAYSTATION NATION of DOMINATION? I know you have to have an allotted time frame (for the graphics on a Blu-Ray), But no release date?¿?¿

  27. I just don’t care about the stupid discussion “my console is better”. I’m so disapointed in the attention Bethesda pays in a certain (not small) part of their audience.

    The DLC hits PC/PS3 a month later. Ok, microsoft pays more, so no discussion. But it comes late for other lenguages than english. What does it mean!? As a no english gamer who owns the PS3 version, have I to wait until 2015 to get that?

    A company should pay more attention to ALL the audience, the gamers spent the same ammount of money in the game no matter the platform, so they deserve the same rights. Otherwise a huge part of the people who invest in the product may feel left apart, which is what happened here because a ton of reasons. Great job Bethesda, great job, for sure I’m buying your next game, not only one, but two copies.

  28. Wow, PS3 has not even had the mounted combat updated and there’s still no confirmed date for DawnGuard. And now I have to listen to Xbox users boasting about how they get the DLC first. Not to mention having to dodge all the spoilers… I’m a bit annoyed.

  29. It’s frustrating to me that the makers of TES, which was originally a PC only game series, allowed themselves to be bribed into catering to a individual console…

  30. so, ps3 and pc players need to wait more than a month?

    geez, at this rate, you’ll be earning more from microsoft than from us consumers

  31. I have not heard that Dawnguard will even be released on PS3. Only Rumers. can anyone confirm with accurate information that PS3 will have Dawnguard? or will it Only release for Xbox and possibly PC? @ Bethesda. At least hint that PS3 will or will Not get the content. like I said Iv only heard Rumers, and only from people hoping it will release for them. Also, Please mention ANY and All issues with New updates and DLC. your experiences could be quite helpful to others. Thank you.

  32. We the players of Skyrim on PC/PS3 are not really mad about it being released late, we are mad because you will not communicate, we need to know when it will be released for PC/PS3, I am at the moment deciding between a great deal for a great game or waiting for Dawnguard and loosing this deal. In general we just want a release date, we feel as blind as the blind man in the cave (forgot his name but it’s something the blind I know that) You only have a few more days for me until I either get the game or wait for Dawnguard, but me alone will not make a big deal.

  33. I personally don’t enjoy the timed exclusive but maybe Bethesda can use the money Microsoft gave them to improve upcoming titles and ps3 exclusives. Maybe the money can go to Dishonored or the last of us. So we ps3 owners get a better exclusive experience.

    Just a idea.