Download Dawnguard today on Xbox LIVE

Bloodthirsty for new Skyrim content? Dawnguard, Skyrim’s first game add-on, is now available (!!) on Xbox LIVE in English for 1600 Microsoft Points.

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Reader Comments

  1. dawnguard is nice and all but I’d prefer not starting a dlc while the inventory is full of stuck quests items and journal full of broken quest entries.

  2. Wow that hurt to read. I am sorry you PS3 players are having so many problems. I play on the PC and yes I use mods but none of them are to fix bugs just add content that was not there before. Do I think they got lazy on werewolf and vamp in the pre Dawnguard version yes and that is why I got mods that make them more FUN for me (not fix them). I have over 60 mods but they are all mods that add armor, weapons, immersion (food,sleep,no fast travel, no HUD), economy changes, werewolf change with full moon, etc. Both before and after mods the only bug I EVER encountered was the one *spoiler* where the DB sanctuary is attacked and you have to use the night mothers coffin to escape and it locks up with you facing her.

    I fixed that with a set quest phase command though without looking the quest up so It did frustrate me for all of 1 hour of my almost 400 hours of play time, but yes that one needs to be fixed. Other than that the only bugs I have ever come across are ones you could find in just about any game made in the last 10 years or more, and those are simple glitches that are more funny and WTF was that for a moment than game/experience breaking.

    I have had more bugs caused by the mods I use than the game and the same goes for every Bethesda game I have ever played all the way back to Marrowind (and yes I have played almost all of their games since then)

    Skyrim received more than 200 game of the year awards, including awards from Spike TV, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, and the Game Developer’s Choice Awards (wiki). I am sure this would not be the case if the game was as broken for EVERYONE as it is for the people that have loud voices like D. Gemini however.

    Just because a bug is on the UESP dose not mean everyone has it. All that means is some one who experienced a bug on said quest added said bug to the list. They may be one out of 40 people that had that bug other bugs maybe 1 out of 1000, but that is still not EVERYONE. And even if a bug is listed there they can not just go oh ok lets fix that. They still have to attempt to repeat the bug and then debug the code which dose take time and if like you said there are 350 bugs (some of which I am sure are over reactions like the weather not being the same so what) than even though 1 kid in his mom’s basement can fix a bug in a week working every day after school; that is still at least 30 hours average on ONE bug that would be over 10k man hours (417 days) on over 350 bugs if each one took the same average time. So give them time the bug team is probably at most 3 guys which only brings it down to around 3500 hours of work (about 140 days), and that is if a fix dose not cause another unforeseen bug else ware.

    • i like people who dont complain about everything i congratulate you on your maturity especialy on not rubbing into peoples faces about how your mods make yours so much better than everyone you are starting to restore my faith in gamers

  3. Why is everyone so mad at them. not only do they need to fix the glitches that reside in Skyrim, they also need to work on development new games and fix other games on top of it. they dont have the time you think they do to work on this. Skyrim works well for me and I hope to see 1.6 soon on the ps3

  4. I’m not important enough, just cause I play Skyrim on ps3? Why does Bethsda hate the ps3 so much? I can’t help it being the only system I got. Can’t they be treated the same? They both make money. Give us ps3 user’s a break. We paid for the game just like everyone else.

    • its not that Bethesda hates ps3 players its that Microsoft was giving Bethesda a hard time on releasing their dlc.

    • even if they do hate us its stupid to hold the dlc release date. people that doesn’t look up the information expect on there official website will buy a different game from a different company and they wont have enough for the dlc. so Bethesda loses profit off of hate on ps3 player sooo…. I’m thinking of getting prototype 2 and I’m not gonna have enough left over to buy it

      • actually its unfair for the ps3 players because xbox get bouns maps on cod and we dont they get dawnguard now and we dont

        • not really cause us ps3 players get ac3 first and more its just exclusivity deals and microsoft paid more obviously

    • they dont they like us more because it wont be all buggy like on the 360 and it’s going to be out soon hopefully because the 30 day exclusive ends on the 26th

  5. The reason add-ons go to xbox first is bc they’re the test rats for glitchs, freezes, etc so when it comes to pc/ps3 it’ll run smoothly, plus mods and hacks are for those who cant play the game the way it was made to be played, I give thumbs up to those who can play and not mod to be a bad ass or glitch, my character is lvl 43 and I can go head on without god mod or what ever hackers waste money on, get a life or just sign up to create a game, I would. Besides ps3/pc/xbox are all good, just wait they might combine and thats when we get way better games, better graphics, etc, so stop bitching and be grateful for being able to play games, and not working like in the 50’s

  6. i have a ps3 and i have no problems waiting also i have no game breaking bugs just funny glitches like mammoths falling from the sky lol

    • i wish i had flying mammoths all i got was a dead chick not appering in game…excuze me while i quest for the legendary flying mammoth now

  7. Well I play Skyrim on the PC and i think Dawnguard is going to be pretty boss except for no automatic crossbow like Van Helsing’s

  8. From what i hear Dawnguard is pretty awesome if your not a spoiled brat i cant wait for the release on PS3 oh and before anyone sais it i don’t care about your mods PC users

  9. stop complaining they cant even release it sooner if they whant anyway and its not that they hate PS3 players its that they love microsofts monney more.
    microsoft Bribed them to discriminate against the PS3. so becase of microsoft we have to wait a month longer.
    i dont like companys that do stuf like that and its one of the reasons i have only 3 games for my Xbox360 and over 50 for my PS3.

  10. Microsoft why does Bethesda allow them to buy Dawnguard so everyone else has to wait. That’s it Microsoft I will no longer use any damn product from them I’d guess Microsoft doesn’t understand the error of what they are doing none will buy their console if they play unfair. So Microsoft please none likes you

  11. While I can see why Bethesda agreed to hold the dlc from ps3 and pc for a short time, it would be nice if they had released a date when the dlc would come to said systems. Hell at this point I haven’t even seen official confirmation if it’s even coming to ps3 and pc. (Though I’m 95% sure it will be on the pc soon.)

  12. Why is Bethesda being so secretive about this ps3 release date? It’s KILLING me
    I feel like Bethesda is trying to punish me for buying a ps3

    • Bethesda is Microsofts whore on this one i think they release it first for xbox and let everyone else pc/ps3 users sit in the dark

  13. years of version after version and still riddled with game breaking AND/OR quest killing flaws.


    and now they think they can pull off a feeding franzy, atering to a single brand… with a add-on, no less.

    ?and do i understand right…it can only be donloaded on xbox live?

    yet again, some ms exec gets blowed.

    does this mean, steam will son be offering to sell their surplus shyrim imaged knee pads?

    great game, lotsa bug though… and bathesda treatment of it’s user base sucks.

    very much like what ya get when you buy a used car.


  14. Wow i have been up all night & a month waiting for dawnguard but stupid xbox ruins everything. i c no diff in ps3 or xbox eceapt the controllers but i like ps3 controllers