Download Dawnguard today on Xbox LIVE

Bloodthirsty for new Skyrim content? Dawnguard, Skyrim’s first game add-on, is now available (!!) on Xbox LIVE in English for 1600 Microsoft Points.

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Reader Comments

    • We PC users aren’t suffering we have a nice thing called mods. πŸ˜‰ PS3 users on the other hand have nothing to kill the time.

        • But xbox players like me, have dawnguard, and dragons dogma, AND! the resident evil 6 demo is already out for us, oh the fun! ;]

      • I’m sorry, is this game not good enough for you? Do you feel that the only way you can have fun gaming is by making it surround you more than it already does and anybody who is having fun already is an idiot? And to the ps3 user remark, some of us have other games and some of us make multiple files. I’m sick of you PC jackass Nazis making gaming look like a bunch of stupid kids making an art become so damn childish. Nobody cares about your dumb mods and the more you rub it in, the more idiotic you look. Shut up and go fuck a cactus before I stick one in your ass personally.

      • they’ll bring it out for the PS3 πŸ™‚ just a matter of time thats all. anyway there, using u as ginny pigs so PS3 and PC dont have to suffer with the quotes and add’s for it

      • Acctualy the ps3 people are preparing them selfs for dawnguard so they are playing skyrim more now . But one thing the ps3 poeple dont care because its gonna come out on the end of the month so thats it

    • I think it’s cute when 360 players think they finally get a one-up on us PC players.

      Enjoy that one DLC, Dawnguard. My mod list is bashed and patched at over 60 mods right now. πŸ™‚

      • Suffering…hmm…why should i?Is just a game.
        I can always check the videos spoiling the content of DLC,wich by the way…is what i’m doing… πŸ™‚

        • I admire your take on this sir! Simply stated, seldom and few think along the same lines. PC players have had access to mods and patches, where xbox/ps3 players received it late or not at all, and then have the audacity to complain when we get thrown a biscuit. This is the only reason I take the childish notion to rub it in! πŸ™‚

    • I am not going to suffer unlike Todd Howard bioware made sure all platforms got mass effect 3 dlc if any Todd Howard will suffer in sales dumb ass

      • Meh, I already beat the crap outta ME3, watched the new endings on youtube.

        Still playing Skyrim though, 300 hours deep thanks to all these delicious mods, yum yum.

        Oh, Dawnguard has cloaks? I’ve had cloaks for three months.

        Seriously though, I’m a little jealous, very excited for when Dawnguard lands on PC.

        • Anyways,when does the Dawnguard DLC comes out for PC.I am just jealous,and I can’t wait for it but I think we have to wait 30 days or something like that.

        • Pretty much spot on, we here on the PC have our mods to keep us playing TES V:Skyrim until the DLC hits our completely modded games. I for one have have a few characters set aside for the impending DLC, mostly for humor’s sake. After all, what person in their own sadistic might wouldn’t want to run a semi-traditional Castlevania joke or two at Dawnguard?

    • your mean arent you imagine if it came last for xbox and nobody is suffering the ps3 are watching videos of dawnguard and the pc gamers have the mods.

  1. lol, YES!! play your mods, build something with your CK, you’re not fooling anyone though, the jealousy is SEETHING, and we know it! XD ::kisses::

    • lol, yes the jealously is killing me. All those bugs and glitches i have seen my friend get in the DLC, i want them too!!! T_T

      Should be a fun time to watch youtube for funny bugs and glitches.

    • oh yeah, i’m TOTALLY jealous of the funny glitches! We have the power of the console, whereas you consoletards don’t!
      I haven’t felt so happy with bethesda’s decisions since the release of morrowind!

    • … and that’s why you should have the pc, where u get access to the console πŸ˜€

      Am i the only pc player who is happy here?! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Honestly, the dlc is going well so far, five hours of play. No spoilers of course, but there are great content gained from this first DLC, really nice stuff.

  3. Can’t buy Dawnguard form the Marketplace here in Mexico because we only have 1500 cards, not 1600, and I don’t have enough money for the 4000 one… What the hell!

      • I still have about 400 points left over from when I bought the DLC for Fallout 3, thanks to that GFWL crapware Beth was using at the time.

        So glad they went with something else for the PC, and I can just pay for stuff and not deal with a stupid useless point system designed to rip off customers.

  4. I really hate that Zenimax allowed this. I am talking about the 30 day waiting period for PC/PS3. I understand they are a business and they have to make money but this is the kind of shit that pisses people off about the video game industry right now.

    We as gamers really need to start boycotting this shit and put an end to this. First it was same day as release “extra” content, now delayed release, next will be exclusive DLC all together.

    I happen to have Skyrim for both PC and Xbox 360 (bought them both on launch night) and I believe it is just wrong to exclude certain players for the sake of manipulating market-share. A Pandora’s box has been opened and it is up to us, the consumer, to use the great power that we have.

    Bethesda is hands down my favorite developer (I think your work is great) but I will not hesitate to organize a boycott the next time a decision like this is made. I understand the next DLC will also be a 30 day delay and that decision is already made but the next time this happens I won’t be buying any more Bethesda products.

    • your over dramatizing a bit i believe…. yes, the 30 day wait is a bit annoying,.. and I COMPLETELY agree that they shouldnt be feeding microsofts pet xbox(that should have died a long time ago, HUGE failure rate of system, plus they are holding back everyone else just so games can be made to an xbox as a standard)
      but you know what? It is bethesda’s game,.. not yours, not mine.. And hopefully the money made by deals like this help improve the quality of their games….

      Now that I think of it, this is the first time I remember bethesda EVER releasing content/features as part of their patches… I say this is nice progress they have been making, and the closer they reach the top the more of that rubs off on us.

      • Bethesda is a great company now. I saw dawnguard on Xbox and I can’t wait for the pc version. I hope that beth will fill up the gap in my heart which was bioware before DA2 πŸ™

      • Yeah but PC owns the consoles in every way anyway
        when microsoft needs to put out a whole new xbox, because their current visual drivers in the 360 aren’t up to par anymore, and we’ll still probably be able to play new games without changing a thing on our rigs
        win in my book

  5. Hey,.. i know you guys here don’t control the advertisements and whatnot… but thought I would let you know, i went on youtube to watch a dawnguard trailer, and youtubes choosen advertisement for me, before I could watch, was an advertisement for dawnguard……….. redundent much? lol, not that im complaining.

    • who called Todd that?
      who are you reffering to as giving disrespect?

      i don’t see what your talking about,.. are you trying to start something? I think so…

    • Huh? Todd Howard is dum on bass? How can that be? The Elder Scrolls has some of the most heavy bombastic bass in any rpg series πŸ˜€

      Its thanks to Todd Howard and Company that we are still enjoying one of a kind dreamlike experiances like the Elder Scrolls series. Thanks to Console users really making a unexpected surprising difference in the days of Morrowind one cant blame Bethesda for timed exclusives.

      Now if you dont mind i think i’ll go back to gazing at clouds at sunrise with the strangest shapes of Dovahkin and Fallout Boy gracing my sleepy eyes πŸ˜€

      • Now if you don’t mind,I did to get back to shooting people on BF3 on my PC while I wait for Dawnguard.

  6. I am having glitched achievements left and right here. I have only actually gotten two outta the 6 that I should have right now…achievements aren’t even hard to code. Its kinda sad.

  7. @ Brent “Skooma Head”:

    You mean that the already-existing 300+ hours of out-of-the-box “vanilla” content in Skyrim isn’t enough for you? I’m still busy playing through the game to worry about getting around to Dawnguard just yet.

    I can’t honestly see how someone would get all offended over this issue, when there’s already more hours of gameplay in this one title than any other eight non-Bethesda releases from this year combined.

    You shouldn’t be launching a boycott of Bethesda’s products when virtually every other major developer out there is also doing the exact same thing (re: cutting “timed-release” exclusivity deals).

    It’s something too big to stop now, and a good developer that deserves the money (Bethesda) is now going to have one less sale over an issue that is much, much bigger than simply themselves. Frankly, I don’t quite see how punishing Bethesda is going to fix the larger problem, especially when the content is as good as it actually is.

  8. Great dlc but i’m having a few problems my shield charge doesn’t work anymore it does the animation but doesn’t knock people over anymore and after spending 2 hours real time as werewolf i turned back finally and my third person camera is broken i can’t see my character properly it is always on over the shoulder view and i can’t spin the camera round to see behind me or see what my armor looks like so please fix that when you get round to it.

  9. i have no clue what is going on a i got home and have been trying to fix this for 3 hrs and i give up so i need help. when i got home i tried to load a save i had in the forgotten vale i was right beside a special someone… spoiler and when i hit continue and yes i froze and the unreadable disk pop up came and so i cleaned it and put it back in this time using the load game option and i froze right there. later found out it was the save so i created a new game and then loaded a save just b4 the 1 that was bugged and it was fine for about an hour, then i froze… again. so i was like w/e got back in and tried to load one of my auto saves cuz at the time all my manual saves just became corrupted instantly so i was going only off auto saves for the last hour. and again the unreadable pop up so i tried loading my other 2 auto saves and none worked so i started loading other saves dealing with the same char and none are working. i don’t care if i got to go back 5 hrs cuz 5 is better then having to create a new char and redo everything over again another 110 hrs but i don’t want to keep loading different saves if that is what is corrupting them. then i remembered i had downloaded my account cuz when i first got on to my Xbox it was not signing me into Xbox live but i was connected when i tested the connection. so i thought maybe i had to re-download the dlc. and that did not work either. so any suggestions?

  10. hey does anyone know if beth released the 1.6 patch to sony already for PS3 or if its a XBOX/PC exclusive i just really wanna know so i can keep/stop looking for it.

    P.S. cant wait for dawnguard on ps3 and yea im kinda upset over the 30day wait but i mean dont really matter i just hope you XBOX people upload on youtube so i can watch some gameplay. πŸ™‚

    • The 1.6 patch for the PS3 will be released a few days before Dawnguard hits the PSN so my guess is somewhere between mid july and end july.

    • I remember them saying on some post on their blog,(I can’t remember exactly which post it was), saying that they had already sent the patch to Sony. They were just waiting for the approval from Sony before it would become available. Something a lot of people don’t realize, is that Bethesda doesn’t completely control when the patches become available to the public. They actually sent the patches to Microsoft and Sony at the same time, not too long after the Beta versions became available to PC users, but for some reason it’s taken Sony a lot longer to give the approval, I guess there were too many problems. So it’s kind of a good thing in a way, at least when it does become available to PlayStation players it shouldn’t have any problems. At least it shouldn’t. I’d say Bethesda will make a post on the blog when it’s available for download, so I’d just keep an eye on the blog. Is there anyway to make your playstation automatically update when patches are released? I know with the XBox, when you first load up the game after patches are released it automatically offers for you to download them. I can’t remember, because I haven’t had a PS3 in such a long time, but it seems like there was some option in the settings to make games update automatically. You might want to check on that so that way you don’t have to worry about checking a million times.

  11. Dear God of RPG’s (Otherwise known as Bethesda),

    First of all, Kudos on Dawnguard, it was great. I was strangely and honestly so excited it was creepy when I first saw the ***SPOILER ALERT*** Snow Elf.***SPOILER ALERT*** I think all fans would agree with me that there really needs to be another expansion that is completely based on them. I won’t say what I would recommend for the story because I have nothing but complete faith in your talents. One thing though that I believe would be really interesting is to maybe involve the Dwemer in the story too. Maybe you could start the expansion out with you traveling back to Morrowind or something to investigate rumors of the last clan of Snow Elves. I just thought I’d let you know my opinion, because it’s probably the thing I would like to see more than anything else in the Elder Scrolls series. Also, Thank You so much just for putting the two Snow Elves in, That part was honestly my favorite part in the entire DLC. Keep up the amazing work and don’t worry about all of the people that post all the negative comments, because there are plenty of fans just like me that love everything y’all do for us and appreciate all of the hard work greatly. Hooray Bethesda!!!

  12. it’s great that Xbox360 has got the Dawnguard DLC, now when will PS3/PC users get it. and how long will PS3 users have to wait for the patch? it seems to me like Beth is avoiding answering these questions.

  13. This mod is great. However, Bethesda has quite a lot of bugs to patch. Repeated quests that are “incompletable”, enemies not appearing where they should, messed up dialogue (one of Ulfric’s generals called me “foreigner”, even though I was a nord, and I responded as such), and the black out sun (meant to be temporary, or permanent?) are among the bugs.

  14. When will you fix the damned shrouded armor and cowl you see shadows where straps are suspossed to be and males have no mask and it has potential to be the best looking assassin armor but nightingale is above because it actually renders correctly on all genders and races and you put brotherhood armor for avatars on the xbox that you can completely tell how its suspossed to look but you wont fix it in the game ive been asking for 7 god damn months to get that fixed dont even let me get started on linwes armor

  15. I love how everyone argues over whih platform is best. But in fact each has something that makes it superior to the others. And one game that I can think of that might have close to the same amount of gameplay is dmc hd edition

  16. pfft xbox may get skyrim dlc earlier but hey, ps3 users get more and better exclusives, id like to see xbox top little big planet, killzone, uncharted, journey, infamous, twisted metal, and not to mention the upcoming last of us and playstation allstars battle royale

  17. Just a head up bethseda, you have a bug/glitch in castle volkihor, vingalmo loops target’s that you’re suppose to turn…but have already turned. have to reload last save and hope he chooses a different target.

    also when you complete a side quest,and ask if there is anyway to help, you only get a name, and no quest marker to find them quickly.

  18. COOL! Finally a bug-ridden DLC that is almost impossible to even play as a vampire lord! This is what the game needed! Oh wait, never mind. The game needs to be fixed first me thinks. At least 50% of ALL QUESTS, whether they are main or misc., have bugs! Some are game breaking and some leave the quests incomplete, which grows the save file which causes more lag. This game is definitely the worst Elder Scrolls game ever made as far as intricacy, craftsmanship and it being a bug-ridden crash fest. Morrowind had more stuff going on but less bugs, and Oblivion is starting to seem more polished than Skyrim is and I stopped playing it and Fallout 3 from all the system crashes. No other game has made my PS3 crash ever except for PS Home. Oh wait, at least they have the decency to admit it’s in beta form, unlike Bethesda with a game that’s been out for 8 months!

    This game could have been great, but the way one has to play it is either on the PC with mods doing Bethesda’s work for them (like usual), or they have to go to UESP EVERY TIME THEY RECEIVE A NEW QUEST, to see what bugs are still there, so as to avoid them IF possible, which spoils every quest. Then often you find out later that something you did 10-20 hours ago in the game actually broke something else in the game later and made more quests broken. And let’s not forget how often this game locks up the PS3 (well over 50 times now for me with many new games and rebuilds and reinstalls of ALL DATA). And all you can say is go back to an earlier save or start a new game? Laughable. Last Bethesda game for me and many others I assure you.

    My IP address is banned from the Bethesda forums for speaking the truth and over and over having all my threads of my own bug reports completely deleted and called names by the moderators in local and in private messages, and soon I will be banned from this blog as well. Thanks for treating us like idiots. I guess it’s our own fault for believing all the lies you were spreading to get your money. DON’T BELIEVE BETHESDA OR TODD HOWARD PEOPLE! Thanks for listening. Now let’s hear it – I’m just whining right? Or this game is much too massive to NOT have OVER TWO HUNDRED BUGS? Please… This game was dumbed down from the start and many of these bugs can be fixed with a small team of people who know what they are doing, and of course who actually care, which is few on the Elder Scrolls payroll.

    • Maybe if you where more civil about how you express your concerns and complaints people wouldn’t mistake you for nothing but a raving lunatic. And yes that is exactly what you sound like to me. Everyone has had their fair share of frustration and disappointment with Bethesda, but most of us actually know how to express ourselves like adults so we’ll be took seriously.

    • I agree with you, Bethesda seems to have proved increasingly uninterested in pleasing some players. There BUGs that the players can fix it with commands or mods. Why can not Bethesda?
      I’m honestly afraid to buy Dishonored. Play Skyrim is becoming too boring, because we have to always play with the same spells, skills and equipment, I thought this would be resolved with the new DLC, but it seems not. They lost for example, the chance to create a circle of blood magic, but I have to admit that the new skills of vampire and werewolf will make more sense to have to play with them.
      This difference of patches and DLCs that exists between the platforms is a disrespect to the players, since we all pay our games also. I’m not sure just our suggestions or complaints here have the attention they deserve.
      Another disturbing issue is the fact of not being able to choose items of followers, this is very frustrating, something that could have been easily repaired, but was ignored.
      In conclusion, I will not buy other games from Bethesda for a while, I know that in their pockets will make no difference, but at the moment is what to do. I do not in any way offend the company, just make constructive criticism.

    • I disagree with you. The DLC was BETA tested… how much harder can they work? Skyrim is not an easy game to patch. Not only is there a good 300 hours of conent, and more in the game, but every time Bethesda patches things, they cant run through the whole entire game to make sure it didnt screw up anything else. Thats why we end up with these problems… not because bethesda dosnt care.

      Stop being an idiot and think about things.

      • If it’s so hard to patch, why can ONE young kid work 3-4 weeks and release bug fixes so easily as an “unofficial” patch or other such mods? Many such people completely fix the game for the company for the PC, while they remain in BETA form for console players? We saw this with Morrowind and Oblivion, and the only reason I bought Skyrim was all the lies Todd and others spouted at us in interviews saying how polished and how each console was getting special attention to make sure they run at optimal fps and such? Those were lies. Any beta tester who was playing Skyrim on the PS3 for example would have immediately found how much lag would creep in, or both console’s testers KNEW how many bugs there were. Despite what people say over and over again, it’s not that hard to fix almost every single bug in Skyrim, yet Bethesda chooses not to do it.

        I also know many people that couldn’t get past the 150 hours of play mark because of all the bugs and unfinished quests and system crashes. There is a bug still present that will overwrite a save block when starting a new game and many save files become corrupted where you can’t even load it without it freezing, having an infinite loading screen or lock up the console forcing a hard boot potentially damaging hardware. Numerous reports of Skyrim breaking “bricking” consoles where on their forums and within 4 hours usually those threads were locked and deleted.

        I love RPGs. I’ve been playing them since Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest 1) and Mystic Quest (Final Fantasy 1). I’ve thought about this A LOT. And Bethesda can work MUCH MUCH harder. But the fact is this next patch will probably be the last and it still doesn’t address HUNDREDS of bugs. EIGHT MONTHS isn’t long enough to work hard on fixing a broken product? I think not.

        And they don’t have to run through the entire game to find these bugs. Like I said before, all they have to do to EASILY fix most of these ridiculous bugs, is look at the bottom of the UESP page of a quest, see the bug reports, look into what is usually a screw up in their sloppy code and rewrite it. Voila! I’m sick of people who don’t know anything about scripting saying this game is too massive to be completed. I know It WILL be completed. In a few months it will be practically bug-free! But not on consoles, and it will be fixed by those single people at home who want the game to stop messing up and ruining their RPG experience by using the Creation Kit on PC, NOT BY BETHESDA! As far as I can tell they really don’t care. They are all very wealthy off this franchise and others, so why should they? Would you? It’s a question of integrity really? Right Mr. Howard? Where is yours?

        • Honestly I believe a group in Facebook should be created in order to protest against Bethesda, so they commit in repearing the whole game instead of releasing patches that don’t fix anything.

        • got bored of you moaning about half-way into your comment i for one have had very few bugs or gliches on my PS3 and certainly never crashed skyrim unlike oblivion whats more confusing is im still using the “unreliable” 40 gig PS3 that iv heard are suppose to have more problems running it than the slimlines just seams to me like your just lookin for things to moan about or your PS3 is causing the problems in all i think skyrim is THE best game ever keep up the good work was well worth the wait my only gripe is this forum dosnt have an English option for the languages πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

          • It doesn’t matter if YOU aren’t experiencing the bugs. It doesn’t matter if YOU aren’t experience frequent crashes playing Skyrim. You even said Oblivion made your PS3 crash a lot lol. Made by the same company on almost the same engine (regardless of Todd saying it was a brand new engine when they just built on the same one). The fact of the matter is the hundreds of bugs ARE in the same game you and I and everyone else are playing whatever console, even though some bugs/glitches are console specific (another fact). The point is, these bugs ARE there, there is well over 150 of them and I would guess more like 200. I don’t want to repeat anything since you get bored of me moaning.

            I’m glad you aren’t getting so many crashes and not noticing or running into as many bugs as me and many others are. I wish it were the same case with me. But, to me Oblivion crashed every 1-12 hours of playing it usually about 5-6 hours and sometimes depending on what I did. Some things would trigger a crash EVERY TIME. Then I bought Fallout 3 which crashed every 1-9 hours of play usually about 3-5 hours after loading my games. Then I didn’t even buy New Vegas since on the forums and elsewhere the reports of it’s bugs and crashes were more severe that FO3.

            Then, we were all lied to about Skyrim being a brand new engine and that the PS3 was getting special attention. It was like they were finally admitting they needed to do more work so the same thing wouldn’t happen. So I believed it and bought it. Well I started many new games on new characters (partly because one save stopped loading it would just hang on the loading screen and the other save got overwritten with the PS3 manual save overwrite bug where the first block it creates called Prisoner which can be manually used as a save from then on, would get overwritten when starting a new game. I wasn’t too far into the game on either so not too mad just disappointed in that. Never has their been a save file deletion bug in any game ever as far as I’m aware. That was just sloppy coding.

            What really pisses me off is that Skyrim crashes th entire system where the PS button doesn’t even do anything or would get stuck in a loading screen every 1-5 hours usually about 2-4 hours of playing. They are making games worse and worse and worse. The nlast two patches have helped with the crashing so much, but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening to many people. And it’s still a fact there are well over a hundred bugs, which should have been found since they are so easily found. UESP within a couple weeks of the game being out already found over one hundred. I work on that website as an editor since Oblivion.

            The bugs are there. They are still there. And it makes “role-playing” almost impossible. I will never buy a Bethesda game again, especially on the PS3. I could seriously list over 50 bugs that just I have personally ran into, and some weren’t even listed on the UESP. This game is the most sloppily beta game I’ve ever played and it’s still in Beta to many people experiencing crash after crash and all the bugs. I know more than most people about the facts. If anyone else has any questions I will be happy to answer until I also get banned from the BethBlog or this thread is locked, when I might warn people in a new one, which I have been doing with other angry PS3 players all over the internet. There is a reason the ratings for the PS3 version is worse than the 360. And there is a reason why there are so many used copies of the PS3 version out there to buy. People are fed up. I don’t like companies that release unfinished products.

          • hmmm me thinks they were quite busy perhaps making the DLC and combining many glitches into as little patches as possible to make it more convenient to players so maybe you should stop bitching about everything that i’m sure Bethesda is aware of and hopefully trying to fix besides its an awesome game and is probably my favorite sure sometimes having to start a new game is annoying because the patch works best if you havnt started the quest yet but its not the end of the world to me personally half the fun in games is finding the glitches and starting new games.

  19. Well, I understand what you’ve been saying, yes Skyrim isn’t perfect or bug proof, BUT these things don’t happen on all PC’s/PS3’s or Xbox’s and I can say that my PC Skyrim works without bugs or any crashes or glitches.
    And that Im writting in the Dawnguard replay’s I can say I have reconfigured a Dawnguard dlc for PC and I can say omfg how many bugs I had to fix, the only thing that works for now are the Lynca tree, the beggining quest but anything else, no, tried everything but couldn’t fix the crash that coused the teritory where the cave to the Fort Dawnguard was.
    So Bethesda could’ve ALREADY given this DLC to everyone PC/PS3 even now or ATLEAST in 7days period not after some 30days, and already fixed all of those other bugs that were harming PS3/Xbox and some/many PC player..

  20. I know this isn’t related to anything Dawnguard,but Beth where is announcement trailer for Fallout 4!!!!

  21. Am I ever glad I’m a pc gamer… I was going to buy this nice and legally to support the company that makes the games I like. But getting stabbed in the back like this? Really now wtf is this xbox only bullshit? Microsoft has a great big cock and bethesda among many others loves sucking it. Well as soon as it’s out on pc I’m gonna download it for free. Up yours bethesda. You got enough money from microsoft for this little bullshit stunt, youre not getting a cent out of me.

  22. I can’t believe PC players out of everyone are complaining right now, or anyone for that matter. It’s a 30 day wait…you can’t WAIT?!

    I actually waited until a month ago to get Skyrim simply because of all the bugs I KNEW would be in the game at launch and how it would ruin my experience. I was going to wait even longer if I hadn’t got a great deal on it for 35 dollars on Amazon. And yes exactly as I assumed there are still glitches and bugs in this game. One quest of mine is completely broken with no way of fixing until an update fixes it, another I have to wait a month long time in the game for more bandits to appear in a cave so I can get enough kills in that cave. It’s things like this…that really bother me.

    Otherwise great game, and I’ll be sure to get the DLC….in the GOTY Edition. Thanks Bethesda.

    • finaly i found someone who is actually using a brain to think jeez some people are just never happy and i happen to have the same cave problem i think XD but still an awesome game and im glad the X-box got it first they can find the bugs for me

  23. I came to see how you other system players are holding up seems pretty well for others however it does not take a day to load it takes less than 5 secs do your homework and stop hating i also have it for both pc and xbox and i play it on xbox more so i dont have to turn down settings to poop but i only play on pc for the okay mod’s

  24. I came to see how you other system players are holding up seems pretty well for others however it does not take a day to load it takes less than 5 secs do your homework and stop hating i also have it for both pc and xbox and i play it on xbox more so i dont have to turn down settings to poop but i only play on pc for the okay mod’s.

  25. I don’t know about you guys, but as a PS3 owner I’d even be fine with the wait if we could just receive some form of plain text indication that the DLC or patch ARE in fact coming to PS3 as well. So far I haven’t really seen any confirmation or denial, and that kinda stinks because I am sure as hell not going to buy a 360 just for one game DLC. Both 360 and PS3 are great systems and the differences between them are too minor for all this “mine’s better than yours by a LANDSLIDE!!!111!” talk.

  26. Bethesda and id software are completely out of my game choices, for sure.

    TES became a FPS shooter, a lazy rpg. probably the rpg structure, come back inside the MMO, less lame, with more customization for the player skills and so on.

    Anyway, for the rpg lovers, TES is the low point.

    Now, id software became a lazy fps developer. After the last interviews and attitudes, those guys are burned completely.

    • TES FPS shooter…i don’t know about you but i play Skyrim in third person and this is the best rpg I’ve ever played in my opinion but hey if its not for you you always got runescape i hear thats a great third person rpg

  27. Hey XBox users, thanks for beta testing for the rest of us! Its nice knowing they will get all the bugs out before releasing the game for PC and PS3 users.

  28. Ok so let me get this right your sick of waiting and extra 30 days for the content and if it happens again you not going to get the content at all? :S seems kinda stupid really an even if they lost you as a customer pretty sure they wouldn’t mind considering the billions of customers they already have.

  29. Since Dawnguard is exclusive to the Xbox 360 for 30 days, i’m hoping Bethesda spent that time fixing the lag and atomic nirnroots (among other things) on the PS3 version of Skyrim. πŸ™‚

    Might not happen given Bethesda’s track record on the PS3 but i can still hope…

    • Yeah me too. Or fix all the bugs in houses like some containers STILL not being safe and bookshelves breaking and objects floating on racks and Breezhome so you can enter it again if you joined Stormcloaks and run into the war bug that happens making the damage on the outside. Or the atomic wooden beams glitch that where the outside texture on one mesh glows and the other doesn’t load the final outside layer leaving only the glowing cinders texture. Or make all textures FULLT LOAD eventually instead of 5-15% randomly never fully loading. Or fix followers to path better and equip stuff you give them. Or fix the civil war quests where nobody shows up or when you’re supposed to clear a base and the captains are essential. Or fix all the many instances where items get stuck in your inventory which is very annoying. Or fix all the quests that can be started again even after completing them and then you can’t complete them again, or the ones that can’t be finished if you talk to people out of order or go somewhere to early which makes exploring pointless. Or bring back all the tree branches they removed on PS3 only to reduce lag. Or fix the collision boxes to many creatures and objects and fix the floating grass in Falkreath, Lund’s hut, all the grass up in the tree branches outside of Rorikstead to the south by the statue. Or the immortal hawks glitch where 100 arrows stuck in them and they still can’t dies, all my hawks are immortal now from any damage. Or the waterfall doppler sound glitch where the sound effect keeps getting lower and lower rumbling my speakers so I have to enter a building. Or let us play in first person on horseback like the PC can now do with mods. Or make it so we can actually SEE the sun instead of a huge glare in the sky. Or when you load a save and the sun and moons and weather will sometimes be completely different than the save file shows in the thumbnail.

      There’s many more serious bugs that still need to be fixed. They probably won’t fix them given their track record like you said and since it seems they don’t really care. especially about the PS3. I feel like over 8 months they should have been more fixes. I mean every 2 months we get like 20 small fixes? But new kill cams and DLC before the game is fixed? It’s stupid to many who keep running into bugs and keep having their console lock up forcing a hardboot potentially damaging the harddrive. I have crashed in Skyrim on the PS3 well over 80 times now at least and it’s just ridiculous. Auto-saves still off and I’ve reinstalled and followed all their advice. I think it’s very rude that usually they answer questions with load an older save or start a new game. That is getting extremely rude to keep saying. And after 200 hours of play for some people they still say to get the patches to work best we should start a new game??? Unbelievable and unprofessional!

      Mostly I will just say again like I always do – If they cared, they could just go to the UESP site (Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages), start clicking on quests, starting with main and common ones, and scroll to the bottom to see what bugs have been found by the players, aka beta testers, and fix them. Usually there is at least 4 bugs for every page. Meaning that there are HUNDREDS of bugs. I said probably about 200 but after thinking and looking some more, there is probably more like 350 bugs still present. What other game’s wiki do you know of that under 95% of EVERY quest and EVER NPC HAS A BUGS SECTION????? None. This is the buggiest game ever made. I like the fixes but they need to keep them coming. Put the work in and the few dozen thousand players that won’t be buying more Bethesda games might think twice. Get it Todd? You understand buddy? Relay the message Blog Mods. The End.

      • Dude, you have a deadly hatred by Bethesda. But I agree with you, I personally do not buy more of their games so far. My Skyrim presented a new BUG, some saves are in a dark image with a gray tint, shadows too dark. I’m increasingly disappointed with this company, had never seen a game with so many problems. Rather than fix the game, they release a new mod with more BUGs, the company simply does not show care for losing some customers.

  30. Just hope you don’t get glitches that are really bad. My dawnguard questline is broken because a certain vampire won’t follow me anymore πŸ™ I really hope Bethesda fixes this

  31. Well i’d say Bethesda is kinda dumb. First releasing it to XBox is going to lead to alot of walkthrough video’s on YouTube and those kind of things. Turning into that alot of player probably would consider to not buy it because they actually already saw all the new stuff and features. :/

    • well thats sorta the customers fault for watching videos of a game that they havnt played yet..i know i did that with portal 2…that game is boring if you know how to beat it before you play it. i know its very tempting to watch the youtube videos but just keep reminding yourself….your killing your own experiance

  32. Good job on Dawnguard bethesda! Don’t know if it was intentional but more mods work on 1.7/Dawnguard now thanks.

  33. Hi, I have a question. I Live in Italy and bought the game there. I chose to buy the special edition of Skyrim when I heard it contained the English version of the had as I’m not very done of translated games. Here’s my question. I realized I couldn’t buy Dawnguard the day it was released because it was not yet available for Italy. Once it’s available for my country (tomorrow) will I be able to download dawnguard and play it or not?
    Thank you in advance!

  34. Just would like to say… Thank youfor betraying you’re long standing fans on the platform the Eldar Scrolls started on i.e. the PC -_-” We really appriciate the fact you released it on another platform first and now have to wait like a bunch of morons whilst you push the release date back further, whilst Idiotic xbox players get to actually play it… Thanks a bunch.
    (Would like to mention don’t bother reply to this I’m not going to be checking back neither do I care what you have to say, just expressing most PC gamers annoyance at this)

  35. Hello from Germany….

    STILL waiting for the german DAWNGUARD Release!!!! Γ²Γ“
    ( Xbox360, germany)

    Teh f… is goin on??

  36. Yeah… all my NPCs are dropping like flies, I lost the merchants in riften to master vampires and a legendary dragon took riverwood residents off the map.

    i hope this comment posts