Stealth Answers From Arkane Studios

Raph and Harvey return to cover off on Dishonored’s stealth and save systems, while Game Designer/Associate Producer Dinga Bakaba sounds off on gameplay difficulty options.

Q: In the Dishonored gameplay videos Corvo seems capable of hiding from enemies who are very close, even when they’re looking in his direction. Is he cloaked or are cheats enabled for the demos? (from StealthAssassin)

A: In Dishonored, stealth is occlusion-based, meaning it’s mostly based on enemy view cone and hiding behind objects or architecture. (At a significant distance, lighting is also a factor.) What you might be describing is the Lean feature. If Corvo is hidden behind something, he can lean out to see ahead, eavesdrop, and observe the situation. As long as Corvo’s body is hidden, enemies up ahead will not see him. Dishonored also allows players to peep through keyholes, and the game has a Dark Vision power that can be obtained. Dark Vision displays enemies and their view cones through walls, and it features an abstract representation of the sounds the player makes.

Q: How will the save system work? Does the game have checkpoints or can I save everywhere I want? (Sebastien H.)

A: Both. You can’t save during combat, that is the only constraint.

Q: How is gameplay varied based on the difficulty level you choose? (Cory G.)

A: (courtesy of Game Designer/Associate Producer, Dinga Bakaba): Dishonored features four levels of difficulty, ranging from a casual experience to a demanding challenge. The main factors affected by difficulty are enemy perception, damage and responsiveness, as well as health and mana potion potency. Easy also causes part of your health to regenerate over time.

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Reader Comments

  1. When performing your abilities, it looks like the blue bar on the top right corner is depleted. How do you regain your ‘mana/powers’ abilities – is it a time thing, is it by defeating enemies non-lethally (like earning marks in splinter cell conviction) or is it through collectibles in the world?

  2. Why isn’t the game open world? Clearly the city you’ve built is incredible and to not be able to run around it and play around seems criminal.

  3. Are there ways to distract enemies or lure them? Also aside from playing a “level” differently what is the replayability of the game? Is there a carry-over save state that keeps all of your gear and abilities from your last game completion?

  4. Does the difficuly setting mean that the enemies take more damage or is it more realistic in the sense of real human damage will kill you as well as them? (ALA Call of Duty’s veteran difficulty)

  5. Can you talk a bit more about how the game will react to your style of playthrough and decisions? For example, if I invest time into dealing with each assassination nonviolently, what kinds of changes will I see in later levels, and to what degree?

  6. What about the pre-order bonuses? Why are there so many spread out over so many retailers? Are they actually exclusive to each or just early unlocks?

  7. Hello Gstaff, I got a problem with my forum account it wont let me post or view the forum at all, Do I talk to you about this or use the email on bethesda company site? Im unable to contact any mods because it wont even let me sign out.

  8. Will the game be separated by “levels” you will be able to choose from once you’ve completed them, like a campaign mode in FPS games?

  9. how big and open is Dunwall, and how much of it can be explored? after beating the game, is there a new game + feature, is there free roam, is there both, or does it simply end with the option of replaying seperate missions?

  10. Hey guys,

    The game looks great so far but will there be a demo for those of us still on the fence? Game rentals pretty much don’t exist anymore.