Skyrim Podcast #5: Dawnguard

The latest episode of the Bethesda Podcast goes behind the scenes with the team at Bethesda Game Studios to learn more about the latest DLC for Skyrim, Dawnguard.

Warning: minor story beats are discussed, so if you haven’t played Dawnguard and like to remain 100% fresh, bookmark for later listening.

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Reader Comments

  1. Hello Gstaff, Are you the community manager? I have been trying to get into contact with a mod. I have got unfairly banned on forums because no one told me that your not allowed to make a new account when you got suspended.

    Rohugh banned me and didnt even warn me before giving me an IP ban from the forums. Is there any way you can help? I broke no rules, Just was posting about how unhappy I was about dawnguard. Didnt realise giving an opinion warrented a ban.

    • Not the right way to go about getting your account reinstated. To open discussion about reinstating your account, use the Contact Us link from the boards to make contact.

    • Nothing against this poster or any other really, but I find it pretty amusingly sad that all these posts critical of Beth are making it through the “your comment is awaiting moderation” phase long before either of my comments simply asking for information.

  2. I hope I posted in right area, Should I contact bethesda twitter as well? I think its disgusting that you can get banned on forums for just giving an opinion. No wonder hardly anyone is posting on the dawnguard forums because of rohugh banning anyone whos unhappy with dawnguard.

    • Unless you are an important person…($$$$$$$$$$$)
      they don’t care 😉

      “Democracy is just the replacement of some corrupt by many incompetent.”

      by: “George Bernard Shaw”

  3. Great, very interesting and informative and makes me want Dawnguard even more. But can we please get an actual confirmation that Dawnguard is even coming to PS3 and PC? 30 Day timed exclusivity is one thing, it’s just that a large portion of gamers are left completely in the dark as to whether or not it’s even coming out for their system. Thanks!

    • Actually VS
      An Auriel is the proper name for Golden Saints.
      Likewise Mazken is the proper name for a Dark Seducer.
      Both of which are Daedra.
      Lore as far back (that I know of) as Morrowind state they’re Daedra, and in Oblivion DLC Shivering Isles they’re both a Daedric faction in the service of Sheogorath.

  4. To whichever staff member is assigned to maintaining the blog:

    Are you aware of the many complaint about how Dawnguard is a bug-ridden mess? 20 different threads in the official forums alone have been dedicated to a massive bug in which NPCs are constantly killed off by unpreventable vampire attacks, among many other game-breaking bugs. If all of these bugs were discovered during the beta, why wasn’t Dawnguard delayed in order to fix them?

    Here are a few of the bug lists compiled by players.

    Quite frankly, this DLC is worse off than Fallout 3’s The Pitt was when it was initially released, and a lot of fans are strongly considering a boycott against all of your future products if you do not show a greater commitment to ensuring that your games are released as bug-free as possible. Otherwise, customers like myself will have no choice but to find a developer who cares more about their customers than they care about their deadlines.

  5. Well, I’m glad a question of mine was finally answered, though I did not like the answer. It is unfortunate that the blotting out of Sun is not permanent :/.

  6. No i haven’t played Dawnguard yet because i have to wait another damn month for it to be on PS3. Seriously Bethesda, pull your heads out of your backsides and quit mistreating your loyal PS3 users. Yes, i realize Microsoft paid to get it early. You could at least give us the latest patch…

  7. Interesting point about that dwemer ruin quest – looks like most reviews managed to miss that addition entirely. Does it re-use an existing ruin or is it a new dungeon as well?

    Oh, and, ofc, when is it coming to pc and ps3? We want them vampires too, please.

  8. Looking forward to accessing Fort Dawnguard – all but finished the standard storyline – is this add-on a free download or do you need to purchase it?

  9. Oh well, hence air condition still isn’t standard for flats here I’ll have to wait for autmn / winter anyways – physical pc / game console meltdowns are only fun as subjet of a youtube video 😉

  10. I don’t know where to post my glitches so i’ll post here there is a certain someone you can summon from the soul place but i can’t doit because the quest learn first word didn’t complete even though i unlocked all words so i casn’t summon him to skyrim so yea please fix.

  11. I would also like to return to the Bethesda Forum, but i cant, because ive been Wringfully Banned on something i dident even do, i merely left an opinion about it.

    • I got banned too and im completely confused why. all i do is post constructivly somtimes i get into debates. But at least tell me why i was banned

  12. Bethesda, are you noticing how the public is gradually losing interest in your blog posts?

    Here’s a hint – it’s because you treat two-thirds of your audience like FILTH.

    Exclusives are one thing, but walls of silence and 7 months of ignoring bug reports and feedback are quite another.

      • “Steam’s game stats page showed the game breaking a five million user record by having 5,012,468 users logged in as recently as January 2, 2012” Yeaaaaaah….

    • At least they don’t discriminate- they treat XBOX users like filth too. What’s the point of having an open beta test when there’s no difference between the beta and the version that we buy from XBOX Live Marketplace?

  13. The silence can be:

    – We’re tracking a lot of bugs, fixing, be patient.
    – We are already working on another game.
    – There is no chance to fix everything, sorry.
    – Go to QuakeCon 2012.

    This year will have to give much love and emotion inside the quakecon, the gods itself are going down.. hugging the poor creatures. Nine months after thousands of headaches, with basically all games “top” of the house causing serious results, i wonder, is not time to some ad about Doom 4 or Fallout 4?

    God bless the fanboys! always smiling, always glad.

    • Fixing everything was never on the cards, but fixing the stuff that ONE MAN was able to fix inside a fortnight (UESP) … 9 months should’ve been enough to do that, yet they haven’t even scratched the surface.

      The game is a mess, full stop. Bethesda can keep their DLC, future games etc. I only pop back here now and then in the hope that they’ll do what Todd Howard promised and plug the major holes.

      • Bethesda has always been lazy about fixing bugs. They say it’s because making big games like theirs means that they have no way of finding and fixing every single bug; I say it’s because they won’t do the smart thing and abandon Gamebryo…I mean “Creation Engine” for a more stable game engine, or try to reduce the scope of their games to a more managable level. That’s not to say that I hate Bethesda, but the least they could do is acknowledge that the complaints exist and tell us what they are doing to fix them. “We’re working it” is no longer an acceptable answer at this point; we won’t believe they’re working on anything other than marketing unless we see some real fixes for all the bugs that they still haven’t fixed (not to mention the new bugs that Dawnguard introduced).

  14. How do I get past the dog/god glitch Plz anyone ive looked and looked and done Wat it said and still nothing. I downloaded all the dlcs at my girlfriends house last week and only dead money shows up and I get the three ppl to the fountain and get stuck this s*** really sucks I didn’t pay for six dlcs to get gun runners arsenal and the classic and other packs and all the way to where I have the three ppl at the fountai……………..

  15. Emile P. came up with the idea of blocking out the sun. MY MAN!

    That dude is my fav. video game person EVER!!!

  16. Hello bethesda, I’m enjoying Dawnguard. You guys are still keeping great job.But I got a some problem.

    TES series = First person RPG am I right?
    Why horse,werewolf,vampire lord,these are only third person?
    For me,third person view is useless.
    I always want to use first person view.

    Xbox&ps3 users can’t use MOD.
    Please make first person view for horse,werewolf,vampire lord.

  17. Dawnguard is great, love playing it and getting all the benifits from being a vampire hunterrrr. Hit me up on xbox for eveything SKYRIM —-> gamertag (xtc94x)

  18. Totally unfair! Why did Bethesda give exclusive rights to XBox for this DLC? I paid as much for the game as XBoxers and I should have the right to get this content as well!

    All players should be treated the SAME way Bethesda!

  19. Just finished the Dawnguard side , now I can’t wait to try the vampire storyline. Skyrim is my favorite game of all time, I have been playing video games for over 25 years and I haven’t felt this way about a game since Wonder boy in Monsterland for the Sega Master System. I play games for the fun of it and by no means am I a hardcore gamer, so maybe that’s why it’s so hard for me to understand all of the negativity posted in these blogs. I have encountered bugs in the game which are frustrating, but a very small price to pay for such an expansive masterpiece.
    I would just like to say thank you to Bethesda for making me feel like a kid again, best game ever. Just one married Father’s working man’s humble opinion.

  20. How about you announce the release date for PS3/PC. You already screwed PS3 players around with the Fallout 3 DLC so why don’t you make it up to us and actually communicate with the people who support your games.

  21. @Muh
    Im sorry but that sounds stupid. If 6.02 million copies were sold for Xbox360 alone then how are there only 6 million total?

  22. I encountered a rather annoying glitch in Dawnguard. *SPOILER* I had Sceolang and Serana traveling with me and the two started fighting (I guess Serana accidentally Frost Bolted Sceolang). I attempted to intervene in the fight and then all of the sudden it says I had become a vampire! (along those lines). Now, I was already a werewolf way before I started the Dawnguard questline so it’s kind like wtf? Vampire/werewolf. Nobody attacks me even though I’m a stage 4 Vampire though. Wondering if there is any fix to this as of yet. Thanks!

    P.S. I would still like to retain my werewolf abilities though.

  23. Hello bethesda i have a Big Problem with dawnguard i have in the German verson a invisible Bug i Cant See the New armor or the New Animals gargols or the dog the Skeletons the vapirer Lord pls a New update for the New Bug thx

  24. Hi there, I was just wondering why there is no PS3 support for Dawnguard???!!?! My copy of the game is useless now…

    Thanks a bunch,
    The Customer you lost..


  25. PS3 Dawnguard release date and news of the 1.6 patch for PS3 would be nice.

    Oblivion trophy patch for PS3 and Mehrunes’ Razor, The Fighter’s Stronghold, The Orrery, The Thieves Den, The Vile Lair and The Wizard’s Tower as DLC for the PS3 version of Oblivion would also be good too.

    Finally I would love to see the first 3 Elder Scroll games be released on both the PS3 and 360.