Steam-y Hot Summer Sale!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

There’s big, one-day savings today on Steam, including the following titles:

Looking for more deals? Between now and July 23rd, you can save 72% on the Bethesda Collection. For $49.99, you’ll get:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim
  • Brink + all DLC
  • Fallout: New Vegas + all DLC
  • Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

Other notable Summer Sale items include:

Reader Comments

  1. Get the Bethesda Collection, for that price it’s a steal, I would If I didn’t already have all the games on it.

  2. Great sale. Too bad I cannot actually buy Skyrim or Rage, because apparently there are borders on the internet and they are not available in my country.

    • Same here.Bethesda can you please make Skyrim and Rage available in my country? That would be great.And honestly that would increase sales more.
      Also can you please ad other games you published,available on steam like Star Trek: Legacy,The Terminator: Future Shock,Delta V,Sea Dogs,Pirates of the Caribbean,Zero Critical,etc.That would be much appreciated.

    • What country is that? Can’t you use an IP changing program to make it look like you’re in a country where you can buy them?

  3. are you kidding me!!!! 2 weeks of waiting for the dlc for skyrim on ps3 and this is what i get….. this dlc don’t come out soon I’m not gonna to buy it better the excitement is fading

  4. Anyone know the date we (ps3,pc) are suppose to get Dawnguard? I’m tired of seeing unconfirmed and all that other crap. I just want to know when are we getting it

    • @ player
      liar you know you will be on it like a fat boy with his twinkies *no offense ment to any fat guys with twinkies atm lol*
      but i know how you feel
      stupid microsoft deal makes them wait 30days after realeaseing it on xbox360 to realease it on any other system
      you know how those money grubbers are

  5. Eh.., have all of them, so don’t need to buy them XDDDD
    Except Dawnguard >:( I don’t understand will it be out after 9 days or after another month XDDD

    • The Xbox exclusive was 30 days. So likely a day or two after the 26th. I figure it will be out on the 31st as DLC always seems to come out on a Tuesday

  6. This package while awesome is an outrage as it is NOT available to Australia. Even though the Australia dollar buy 1.07 American dollars to the cents the Vegas ultimate is 49.95 and the lowest Skyrim has come down has been 59.95. That is complete crap that the amounts should be so high to purchase a digital download over the sea especially given the open trade laws with Australia. Your gouging Australia and I am sick of it. I am making an official complaint the the Australian Better Business Bureau, and the ACCC. IT’s got to stop the punishment of Australians just cause our economy hasn’t hit the dirt like America has.

    • Rage is not worth the 59 dollars from the day of release.
      Awful game, and get a long time with high prices, now less in some countries. But dont waste your money or time with this.

      Wait the next insult by id, Doom 4.

  7. Bethesda. You all will be in some deep crap if you do not release dawnguard on ps3 before September. Kids are going back to school, and if you take the excitement from them by waiting for no reason besides fixing some bugs, all their friends (and this goes for people who aren’t kids too) will be having a great time going home and playing dawnguard, while the rest of us get pissed off and don’t want to buy any more of your products. At least have the curtesy to tell us when dawnguard will come out for ps3/pc. We deserve that much. Maybe you guys pick favorites with Xbox because they fill your pockets or whatever, but come on!!! You won’t even release the 1.6 update on ps3!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? If I don’t start getting some new things coming up on my ps3 for skyrim VERY soon. You will have lost a customer with a big mouth. And I can guarantee you Im not the only customer you will lose.

  8. God sake I check this blog everyday to see if they announce the release date for Dawnguard for PS3 and PC and i don’t mean to sound like a dick but i’m getting a bit impatient and i’m sure i’m not the only one but I hope it comes out soon I bought Battlefield 3 and I don’t wanna turn into a fan boy D: