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Developers from Arkane Studios return with new answers to your burning questions.

Q: I would like to know if you can take out a target while controlling someone? I was also wondering if you take over the target can’t you make him jump from the balcony then blink out of him to avoid the fall ? or is the only way to push him over with the other ability? (Exocd)

Arkane: When possessing humans, control is rudimentary. You can walk, open doors and collect things, but not fight. Note that your speed is dependent on what you possessed (i.e possessing a wolfhound will let you move around pretty fast)

Q: Does anybody know, if PC version will have normal FOV? (Kethoth)

Arkane: On PC, you can adjust FOV options in the menus from 65 – 85 degrees. For more PC settings, check out this Bethesda Blog post.

Will the game have subtitles or it will be in other language? (Charlie Pacheco)

Arkane: You can always turn on subtitles. And, the game will also be fully voiced in multiple languages.

Q: Will the game be separated by “levels” you will be able to choose from once you’ve completed them, like a campaign mode in FPS games? (Will Y.)

Yes, the game is divided into missions, made up of multiple levels. After completing a mission, you can choose it from the main menu. It uses the very first save game from your play-through as a starting point.

Q: When performing your abilities, it looks like the blue bar on the top right corner is depleted. How do you regain your ‘mana/powers’ abilities – is it a time thing, is it by defeating enemies non-lethally (like earning marks in splinter cell conviction) or is it through collectibles in the world? (Matt)

A small portion of the mana bar recharges, making Blink and Dark Vision effectively free to use (if you wait for the recharges). You refill the mana bar with a potion called Piero’s Spiritual Remedy, one of the elixirs that people in the world use to prevent the plague.

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Reader Comments

    • I hope they really change the maximum FOV to 100 or else i will probably get motion sickness. I can live with a FOV of 90 but 85 ist just too low. 🙁

  1. Ugh, 65-85? I didn’t realize we were ACTUALLY living in the dark ages of technology. I use 90 in pretty much everything, and I have friends who always go higher.

  2. Since this is mission-based, any plans on publishing an editor for fans to make their own levels to plug into the game?

  3. So, when I push a target over an edge, will everyone in the world believe it was suicide? And can I go throughout the game making everyone think it was some spirit of vengeance who killed all of the targets, and no one, not even the targets, know I even exist?

  4. Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to present something back and aid others such as you helped me.

  5. I remember a developer mention something in the Golden Cat stealth walkthrough video about the player having the ability to do a side mission where he wouldn’t have to kill the assassination targets. If the player has done the side mission, does that mean that he/she would skip the whole Golden Cat segment?

  6. Anyway, very happy that the PC version is getting some solid attention, at least from what I can see. This is probably the only upcoming game in the foreseeable future that I plan on buying.