Gorgeous Skyrim Shots from Dead End Thrills

If you haven’t bookmarked Duncan Harris’ uber-awesome screenshot site, Dead End Thrills, we recommend you do so now. One of my personal favorites is the one above, titled Castle Rock, which he created uses the following method:

Tools and tricks: official HD texture patch, customised Cinematic Lighting ENB wrapper, antialiasing (injected FXAA w/ texture pre-sharpening), mods (Realistic Water Textures, Better Dynamic Snow, Vurts Flora Overhaul, Lush Trees, Lush Grass, customised RAN’s Type-A HeadMesh, Better Females by Bella, Director’s Tools, Xenius Character Enhancement, miscellaneous mesh work), free camera, time stop, time and weather control, custom FOV.

Not all of Duncan’s screens use tricks. Earlier in the year, Duncan captured Dishonored screenshots for us. He recounts the experience here on his site.

Reader Comments

  1. You guys just now finding out about dead end thrills? Skyrim with the proper ENB and texture mods looks better than Witcher 2 maxed out. Ive been playing with all the monster shader and textures .o. godly~

    • I haven’t heard of an ENB that doesn’t cause a significant framerate hit. Great for screenshots, not so great for playing the game.

  2. How about something useful? (As in a Dawnguard release date for PC?) Great SS though. I’ve got a few of a dragon attacking Windhelm but nowhere to put it.

    • Or confirmation of the 1.6 on PS3. Did you know that even though it was announced 7 weeks ago it still hasn’t released or even been confirmed for release? Don’t get me wrong, I disagree on the DLC exclusivity but patch exclusivity? That’s just wrong no matter which way you look at it.

    • Seems logical that the DLC would come out approx 30 days after it did for Xbox, due to it being a 30 day exclusive deal. I am guessing the 31st though as that would be the Tuesday that comes up right after the 30 day mark.

      The 1.6 patch is probably an issue with Sony and not Bethesda

  3. really hope bethesda release the 1.6 patch the same time as dawnguard, also really want the option to put a lot of harddrive space into making my ps3 graphics better.

  4. How about you tell us when the actual release date for dawnguard on pc/ps3 is? Instead of screenshots I could care less about, just saying.

  5. The issue for Sony is, that they haven’t received a patch.
    The main issue though, is Bethesda’s lack of communication.
    I have read nowhere that the 1.6 PS3 patch was submitted and if Sony had an issue with it, it’s the developers fault.
    Unless you believe Sony are delaying it, but why would they? It’s not their deal with Microsoft.
    Moral of the story? Connect with your audience, speak, communicate.
    “where’s 1.6? And why did the 360 receive it 18 days before Dawnguard release?”

    These screenshots are amazing though, truly inspiring. Art takes many forms.