Reader Comments

  1. I do not like them in the knee.
    I do not like them in a tree.
    I’d rather take a dragon’s claw.
    If you don’t like it, FUS RO DAH!

  2. A psychological masterpiece. Now all we need is Mr Alfred Hitchcock spinning yarns in the taverns on stormy Skyrim nights.

  3. Oh, the things that I’d do,
    All the visions so keen
    (And I’d share them with you)
    If I was Dovakiin.

    I would just go far
    To new vistas unseen,
    Shouting out “FUS DO RAH”
    If I was Dovakiin.

    I’d kill giants galore
    And need no magic bean,
    Mammoths felled by the score
    If I was Dovakiin.

    And the various trolls,
    Whether white, brown or green,
    Well, I’d capture their souls
    If I was Dovakiin.

    And the Draughr would drop
    Ancient blades bright and keen.
    All their shambling I’d stop
    If I was Dovakiin.

    I’d put up with the snarls
    Of the townsfolk so mean,
    ‘Cause I’d marry their Jarls
    If I was Dovakiin.

    At the end I would pounce
    On the dread Anduin
    (Is that how it’s pronounced?)
    If I was Dovakiin.

    Oh, the places you’ll go,
    Through your video screen
    When you plunk down your dough
    And become Dovakiin.