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  1. Wow, I’ve seen a lot of fake movie trailers; but this is actually quite well made. one critique though. I’m not sure if there are machine guns in Dishonored but in one of the clips there is some. Anyway good job there bloodrunclear.

  2. If dawnguard does not release on 7/26 for PC and PS3 I will not pay for it, and never buy anything from your company again if it is promoted with Xbox.

        • I don’t think that everyone will do it, unless Dawnguard for PC and PS3 will be even cra*yer and buggyer than on xbox then, yes everyone wouldn’t buy it :DDD

          • Before the release for PC and PS3,I hope they fix the “vampire attacks in cities”(wich sounds annoying,for what i hear) and to be able to marry “Serana” 😀

    • Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve never seen a DLC release on a Thursday. I can’t help thinking the 31st would be more likely.

      And honestly, I don’t have a problem with waiting because a company I really like wants to make some extra money. Personally I think Microsoft is kind of stupid doing the whole exclusive thing. I can’t see a whole lot of people going out to buy an Xbox over a 30 day exclusive.

    • You’re delusional if you think this will accomplish anything beyond somebody rolling their eyes at you.

      • I would expect nothing less, though I do hope, often in vain, people will realize that waiting a little longer for a DLC is not the end of the world XD Assuming your comment was directed at me of course.

        And the vid rocks. If this was real, I would definitely go see it

    • Wait the day first day of august to arguing again, 30 days remember? and july have 31, is close to end.

      And stop complain about the Microsoft, like Sony, they need exclusive titles. And for consoles, the more stable games are the exclusives developed for the hardware, not the multiplataform games, for the amount of trolls with the “impossibru to play” argument.

      Skyrim provide a good game, the dlc offers great content, with more things for the general gameplay. I leave a positive here, in middle the wave of trolls in the foruns, youtube channels, whatever.

      Today, people wait news for say bad things in the end.

  3. i agree to you Kevin the prototype is releasing soon if the dawnguard is going to delay i wont be able to buy this expansion anymore the darksider is also releasing soon also

  4. One problem I have is that most games are NOT developed by Bethesda. Its just published.

    In my experience the only games worth my time and money has to be DEVELOPED by Bethesda themselves. I can trust in Bethesda since apart from their epic RPG and storyline and Graphics, their games have like 200 hours Play time. Plenty bag for the buck.

    I just wished Bethesda made more games.

  5. I don’t mind waitting but making a contract for xbox even for money(which is needed alot these days 😀 ), I’m sorry but it’s just a fu**ed up console I’ve seen a 10 year old PC that works better than it. I would better buy a PS2 than it.

  6. Idc I just hope it releases this month over my friends tlking about it and I’m walk off because I don’t wanna hear the quest do it will all be a new and unknow to me but that just me
    The video was great looks nice made me think of assassins creed lol which is a great thing